I wish I would have known about this program two years ago when I purchased the complete $900+ packet for AATBS.  The strategies and the recommendations of how to study the material are exactly the guidance that we need to pass.  I am so excited to finally be an LCSW and cannot say enough great things about the Therapist Development Center.

Thank you TDC!

I was using another company's materials and was frustrated that I "wasn't nailing it." I enjoyed your presentation;  taking a pre-test and then listening to the tape felt more personal. You also streamlined the materials...just what was needed to pass.  It feels great to have the test behind me.  Thanks for your help.

After having failed my clinical exam once before, I have finally passed! I believe that the Therapist Development Center definitely contributed greatly to my recent success. The program was relatively short yet very comprehensive. I think it was very well tailored to help people prepare for this exam without feeling too overwhelmed by all the content that the exam covers. One recommendation that I wish I had done before was to use the phone & e-mail consultations a lot more whenever having doubts regarding particliar question types. Bethany appears to be quite accessible and knowledegable.

Overall, I'd recommend this program to others with just very minor reservations...my real exam was particularly a lot more challenging than the mock exam in the study center, and even the mock exam purchased fom ASWB. So make sure to perfect the program before going in. I consistently got over plus 20 points over the passing score. And when I sat my real exam just passed it by 15 points. Scores aside, this program also helped me to develop more as a professional social worker.

This program really prepared me for the exam. The mock exam questions were very similar to the actual exam, so there weren't many surprises (if any) the day of the test. The test taking strategies were very valuable as well and made me feel confident throughout the test. The length of the program was just right and the material was well organized. I highly recommend this program to everyone!

I just passed the California LCSW Clinical Vignette exam using the Therapist Development Center's study system.  I tried to study using another program, but I stopped during the first practice exam because I did not agree with the rationale for diagnostic choices.  I was very frustrated and worried, but I researched online and found the Therapist Development Center.  This program does a great job of preparing you to take the exam, and the material is broken down in a way that makes sense. Amanda Rowan clearly explains what BBS wants to accomplish by structuring the test in this way.  She also showed me that I already had all of the clinical skills and knowledge I needed to pass this exam, but I just needed to know how to apply that on the test.  I really wish I'd found this program when I was studying for the Standard Written Exam; it would have saved me a lot of time and stress.  This was my first attempt (for both tests), and I studied for about a week and a half for the Clinical Vignette exam.

I definitely felt much more comfortable with the material and direction.  I bought some test books and some were too inclusive.  Even though there was definitely material that we didn't cover I knew how to get rid of some answers and break the question down to steps. I don't know what I got but I know I passed, thanks.

I was so nervous, studied on and off for 3 months, really kicked into gear the last two weeks and passed! The tips were great and the guides and mock exams really help prepare you and get your head in the right state of mind to pass this exam. Thanks!

I have already referred the program to all of my social work and MFT co-workers and friends! The study material was just right in regards to what I needed to know for the exams.  Not once did I feel overwhelmed with the amount of study material I was given.  My anxiety was high but I was definitely prepared to pass both exams! Thank you!

I am grateful for friends who recommended your program, and that I had the good sense to leave AATBS in the dust (I did one of their mock tests after learning your program, but I made the mistake of reading the rationales for my incorrect answers - my mama feared I would dash one of her glass water glasses in anger! It is SO contradictory!!) I am recommending your program to my UCLA cohort. I would love to send you a photo of my scratch paper template =)  THANK YOU TDC!

Thank you so much for this excellent program, it broke things down for me in a way that I was able to comprehend much more! I have recommended you to many of my colleagues. I could not have taken this test again, thank you for helping me pass!

Having the visual and auditory material made it easy to comprehend and retain the information.  Thank you, thank you.  Your prep talk and positive affirmations made a difference on my outlook with regards to test taking.  The material is especially helpful for anyone with test anxiety.

It finally hit me that I passed the LCSW test and it has been a year. I spent years failing the exam and it left me feeling unconfident, confused and a failure. I spent so much money and time with other test materials only to fail. I was referred to Amanda and my world changed even before the test. Amanda has this voice that calms you and builds your confidence. She reassures you that she is on your side and she knows the struggle, fear, and pain. I took that test over 5 times using $1000s of study material only to fail again, but with this program and the support I saw the word "PASSED." It just hit me today. THIS IS THE REAL DEAL. 

Not only did I pass my exam, but I feel as though I am a more astute clinician after using your materials. I am also looking forward to the upcoming continuing education offerings from your company. I consider this to be money well spent, thanks so much!!

I passed the LCSW exam yesterday. Thank you for your fantastic study system! I’m so impressed with how well prepared I felt while taking the exam. You’ve created an organized, streamlined, and thorough program that gets right to the heart of what you need to know to pass this test. I will definitely recommend TDC to anyone I know taking the exam! Many, many thanks.

What a joyful day to announce that I passed the exam! I am thankful to have access to great tools through the Therapist Development Center to help with the process in a practical way. Listening to the audio and having the organized quick studies at my finger tips, were a tremendous help and the practice tests is one aspect that really took the mind into test mode. THANK you so much!!!! I recommend this to anyone in a position to take this exam in order to progress in your social work career.

Thank you so much for a comprehensive, organized, clear study system which helped me pass my exam.  You really helped me focus and learn all the pertinent info and test-taking strategies in a way that was refreshing and enjoyable...

I passed my clinical vignette exam yesterday! Although I was extremely anxious during the exam, I felt prepared and confident & knew that the answers I selected were correct. This is the only test prep I chose to use because it was highly recommended (over the others), and I am so happy I made that choice! Not only does TDC cover everything presented in the exam, you can't beat the price! I will definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants to guarantee they pass the exam the 1st time around! Thank you for all your help!

I wanted to say thank you again for your materials and email support.  I used your materials for the Written Exam and passed the first time. Yesterday, I passed my Clinical Vignette Exam on the first try.  Your tips helped me manage my anxiety and attack the test with strategy to demonstrate my knowledge.  I took both of your CV exams and scored very high but because of worry, I took additional tests from two other test banks.  Those tests shook my confidence and they were so different from your program.  When I finally took the real CV exam, I was thankful that I decided after taking those tests to instead refocus on what your program had taught me.  The real exam was nothing like the other test banks.  I wish I had heard about your program sooner.  Thanks so much!

I researched quite a few online prep companies after scouring old textbooks and realizing I was quickly getting overwhelmed at not having an organized curriculum from which to study.  Once I found TDC I called Amanda, and found her to be really in touch with a student like myself who’d been out of school for years and had a lot of text anxiety.  Our phone discussion ‘sealed the deal’ for me because I found Amanda to be reassuring and clear in her explanation as to what makes TDC unique among so many test prep companies.
I was immediately drawn to the idea of a streamlined, efficient approach that taught not only the specific concepts needed, but also offered very specific test taking strategies that addressed the reasoning emphasis of this multiple choice test.  I also loved the one-on-one support from Bethany, who was so responsive in quickly emailing back to answer all of my questions.  I’m a learner who benefits from both the visual materials as well as audio lectures, and I never tired of re-reading and listening to the curriculum repeatedly.  Having Amanda’s voice in my head the day of the test was an added comfort.

I cannot imagine having had the success I had passing this exam on the first attempt and being so test phobic after so many years out of school had I not used the TDC materials.  I totally agree with TDC that the key to success in this exam is to be careful not to study unnecessary information that overwhelms you or emphasizes pure memorization while ignoring the critical factor of test strategy.  The test is testing knowledge from a very specific vantage point, and students need to prep for success by having the advantage of a curriculum that offers tools and strategies in a user-friendly and efficient way that directs your learning towards the ASWB expectations.

Therapist Development Center (TDC) puts the simplicity that's needed into studying for licensing exams.  After having failed the CA LCSW Vignette Exam by 1 question after having used another company's material, I was afraid that I would not be able to pass at all because I felt like there was always too much to remember.  TDC changed that by helping me focus on only the things that will show up on the test rather than feeling like I'm going through grad school all over again with all the material other company's make you review.  Their strategies were based on people who had actually taken the tests and the types of questions presented in the course materials were exactly what showed up on the exam.  The way that things are explained are simple, straightforward and practical with no fluff.  Thank you TDC for helping me overcome a major hurdle in my path to grow as a social worker.