This study program was so much more direct and beneficial than other programs I have studied with. It was helpful to me, especially for anxiety reduction and the strategies were extremely beneficial focusing exactly on what a person needs to do and be aware of to pass this test. So glad I found the Therapist Development Center!

I often over think preparation for tests, but with your system, I studied and reviewed on a schedule and with specific material which helped enormously. The exam is difficult, but with the preparation I felt confident and passed on my first try. My favorite aspect is the use of a personal coach, many thanks to Bethany!

Thank you so much for creating this amazing program! I waited two years after graduating to take the exam and I felt like it would be impossible to pass. Your lectures and worksheets helped me prepare in a way I could not have done on my own.

I passed my CA LCSW clinical vignette exam today!  I am grateful to TDC, and particularly Amanda, for giving me all the necessary tools to do well on both exams. When I heard of TDC, and how effective it was, I didn't even consider any other test prep companies. And I'm glad I didn't, because I would have spent a lot of time and money unnecessarily.  I feel that your course materials not only helped me to pass, but also to become a more competent practitioner. Big thank you again, and I am definitely recommending your program to my friends and colleagues, who are also in the process of becoming licensed.  I started recommending your program even before I took the first exam!

First of all, "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You"!!!!!  I just took the exam yesterday and PASSED. All of the tips, study materials, lectures, and practice questions were right on with what to experience with the test!

I studied for nine months prior to beginning the LCSW study program with TDC, and in all that time I never once felt fully prepared.  Now that I have taken the exam, I see that I could have saved myself countless hours pouring over various study materials if I had only used TDC. The Therapist Development Center gave me everything I needed to know with zero stress or hassle.  I felt prepared, ready, and confident after using TDC and my exam score is evidence that I put myself in good hands.

I passed both of the CA State LCSW (Clinical and vignette exams) on my first try! The program is amazing and prepares you quickly to take the test. My anxiety was low and I felt confident during both exams! What a wonderful program with great study tips!  Many of my friends were amazed at how confident I felt while testing and how quickly I was ready and took both exams.

I want to say thank you very much!  The second exam was quite difficult but when I found myself in a quagmire of uncertainty I was able to refocus and think about some of the tools that your training program provided.  This helped me move forward and finish the exam.  Your program, my praying and a few good guesses brought me a passing score.

Thank you so much for saving my professional future. I had tried taking the vignette exam earlier this year and I failed by one point after really studying. I did not understand. This morning when I took the exam again, everything was clearer. The vignettes in your study material were spot on and your reasons for selecting one answer over another made the exam understandable. I cannot thank you enough.

Becoming a LICSW has been a difficult journey, but I finally made it! I have always been a very anxious test taker for every test I have ever taken. This was no different and it took me 3 times to pass the LCSW exam.  When TDC states that they are  going to be with you until you pass, they really mean it.   Not like other  test programs, they don't charge extra for their services if you fail.  While taking TDC program, I decided to sign up for the 2 day NASW Test Prep Workshop because I felt that I was understudying using the TDC Program.   After I finished the 2 day course, I felt overwhelmed with all the  materials that I thought I needed to "memorize." I became more anxious after that  course.  I realized that I shouldn't have wasted my money and time and that  the materials that TDC provided was concise and informative.  I felt that this program has helped me not only pass the exam; but to be a  better social worker.  Another benefit of TDC is having a coach to consult with.  Bethany was my coach from the beginning. She was a great resource to consult with regarding concepts and test questions that I had.  To help me with my over thinking, she helped me recognize that I need to look at the questions as "Face Value" and not put meaning to the questions.

Best of luck to those who take the LCSW exam.  Don't let your fears  get in the way of getting your license because you can do it.  The Therapist Development Center is a great program to get you there and I am so lucky to have found TDC and Bethany.  They want you to succeed!  


I cannot thank you enough for the energy and time you put into your study materiel. I spent thousands on other materials and classes and they do not compare to yours.  I will tell everyone who is preparing to take the test that this is the  best investment for their future. Thank you for everything it made the difference for me to pass the test.

I am so thankful for this type of study material. I had definitely lost hope, but the Therapist Development Center brought it back!

Thank you so much. I don't believe I could have passed this thing without this particular course. It is a very tricky process to understand how to analyze these questions. I have 20 years of practice, was already licensed as an LCSW in another state and I found the test very challenging. I made it though - thanks to this program. It is the only one I would recommend. I recommend it highly.

I got a good direction of the test from the TDC study material and was pretty confidnent before the test. I was not even sure if I would pass or not before clicking the finish button. I made it any how. Hooray! Now I am an LCSW. Thank you so much for all your help and advice. I'll spead words of mouth here in N. California.

I'm kinda surprised I passed. I'm not usually very good with standardized tests and honestly, I hate studying. However, I am so glad I purchased this program. I was hesitant at first because it is much cheaper than other programs and it made me wonder why. I was also not used to studying with an audio format and I wasn't sure if this was gonna work. Well it totally did. This program somehow managed to teach me how to understand what was being asked and which choice was the best answer - without investing weeks and weeks of time in studying.   I feel like I could really understand why I was choosing the right answer and be confident with my choice. I was so relieved during the test to see that the things I studied in this program were exactly the questions on the test. It feels so good to know that I had focused on the right topics and not overloaded on what I didn't need. Amanda had great advice for test day and her analogy of the test being a "marathon" was spot on. I kept that thought in my head during the test to keep me focused and not become delirious. I am so relieved to have passed. I have already recommended the program to two friends. Thank you!

Thank you again TDC for developing such a great study prep program.  I have used both your study preps for the Standard Written and the Clinical Vignette and it was the best money ever spent!  I feel like a much more confident and skilled clinician after your program and lectures. I procrastinated for years because I did not know where to begin with other study prep programs and though they had a plethora of information and materials - I was so overwhelmed by all of it, I decided to just pass on going after my license.  A friend of mine told me about TDC.  TDC made sense of everything I needed to know to pass both exams.  I too will share this with others who are preparing to write these exams.  Yay!!!  I'm a LCSW :)

I just wanted to share with you that I passed my exam the FIRST time a few weeks ago using your study method and I just want to say THANK YOU!! While, I am not going to make it seem like it was an easy exam, because it was not, I can HONESTLY say, that by using your study method, I felt VERY prepared.  I was amazed by your study method, I felt as if it was concise, informative and I felt well prepared for the exam.  Thank you also for creating a study method where I did not feel as if I needed 6 months to study.  I listened to you daily, in my car, at work, in the gym, in waiting rooms, shopping, and I believed it was valuable to my success. You are amazing, and a warm THANK YOU to Emily as well, I experienced a death during my studying and she was more than willing to provide me with an extension in a very timely manner.  Your study method far exceeded my expectation and I am pumping you up everywhere I go, to all I know, if you need a study system, TDC is the way to go!!! Keep Helping People Pass!

Thank you so much TDC, for your coaching services and materials.  Today I passed the LCSW-CV exam! (after taking it 5 times previously using others study systems).  Your approach, the rationales and especially the 'frames' were what made the difference for me. Honestly, when I finished the last question and the time ran out, I did not know whether I had passed.  The joy I currently feel in finally achieving such a significant hurdle in my professional development is awesome.  Your system is the best out there!- I know because I have tried all the others!  Thank you very much for creating this successful system and for simplifying the licensing exam approach.  I will recommend your program exclusively to others who are in the licensing exam process because of your clarity, 'succinctness', and for not overloading me with unnecessary information.  I am proud being a newly licensed clinical social worker!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I felt very prepared for the exam after failing the first time by 2 points and AATBS prep. I experienced support, guidance and confidence as I navigated the pragamatic and interesting study materials. I was fully ready to take on the exam on test day July 31st. I felt as if Amanda Rowan was right there next to me saying "Absolutely! " whenever I recognized a correct answer. TDC truly has unlocked the logic of the Clinical Vignette exam. I can easily and enthusiastically recommend the Therapist Development Center.

I wanted to let you know that I passed the LMSW exam on August 8th!  I am thrilled.  I really appreciate the study program, it gave me a structured framework for studying, gave me confidence that I could pass the exam and I learned a lot as well.  I think the material is well organized and by following the study program exactly as suggested I passed with 131 out of 150 and I needed only 96 point to pass.

I also appreciated the phone call with my coach which was great to help me feel connected and confident moving forward. Thanks so much.