The exam prep materials were spot on and the test questions were very similar to the kinds of questions on the actual exam. Thank you so much for the system you put together as well as the ongoing support for any questions along the way. :)

I passed my LCSW exam today with flying colors on the first try! I want to say thank you so much for creating this system. I also would like to thank Bethany for taking the time to help me udnderstand questions I found difficult. I followed every step of this study system to the T! This is by far the best study system. I have and will continue to recommend this system to anyone that need to study for their LSW and LCSW exam. Thanks Again! 

This program is excellent!! The program broke down topics and information was explained in a way that was understandable and easy to retain. I liked that you have the option to go back and repeat lectures and have the quick studies available to take on the go! I am very impressed with this study system and would highly recommend it to anyone planning on taking the LMSW exam. I hope to use this study system when I am ready to take my LCSW exam.  Thanks TDC!!!

I am so thankful for your program. While preparing to study for the LCSW exam, I was so overwhelmed. I thank God that I found this program. The program was instrumental with helping to guide me through the many topics covered on the LCSW exam. I strongly recommend this program! I passed the LCSW exam the first time!

This program was short and to the point.  This was my second time taking the vignette test and I felt far more confident taking the test this time around than I did with the other study material I had purchased.  I have already recommended this program to various friends.

After taking the test the first time, I thought I felt well prepared. I studied the material the ASWB  offered and assumed that was enough to get my the passing status. Unfortunately, that was not the case.  When I discovered this program, I knew I had to use a different type of study material to get me to pass.  I felt so prepared after completing this program. Some information I didn't even learn in graduate school. I highly recommend this study program who feels the least bit anxious about taking the exam. You will pass with flying colors! Thank you to The Therapist Development Center!

After looking at the available test prep companies out there, I found that the Therapist Development Center was the absolute best system and approach for me.  I definitely doubt that I would have passed if I had gone with another company.  The audio lecture format, study handouts, helpful quizzes along the way, and all of the super-useful, practical tips about how to study and how to take this exam were what made this exam prep course a great fit for me. Looking forward to passing Clinical Vignettes now using TDC.

I passed!!! Thank you so much for your help and the materials included, ESPECIALLY for the words of encouragement along the way.  I did take the LMSW (non-clinical) exam several years ago a couple times and was discouraged that I didn't pass then, but then had some practical experience in the meantime and used the TDC methods for the past 2 months and went into the LCSW exam confident with the support of prayer and "Eye Of The Tiger" song by Survivor blasting at 7:30 in the morning in my car.  I was not anxious, I didn't go back and change my answers, which I sometimes do, and saved the marked unanswered questions for review at the end with some to time to spare. When I got into my car, the song "Overcomer" by Mandisa was playing on K-Love, and I just know God was with me through it all.  Thanks again, I will definitely recommend your program.

I passed today on my first try! Thank you so much for creating the most organized study system and for always getting back to me quickly when I had questions! I had a lot of test anxiety and your tips really prepared me to get though it! The fruit and juice also helped immensely, it was like recharging my brain power. I'm definitely going to purchase the vignette exam study materials from TDC. Thank you!!!

Thank you for providing me with the comprehensive study materials I needed to pass the exam.  Your materials were excellent and gave me confidence in my skills and knowledge.  I will recommended your program to others.

Thanks so much! I could not have passed without the Therapist Development Center Prep course. I greatly appreciated this excellent course. I will HIGHLY recommend this to all I know in the SW field who are struggling to pass this exam.

I used AATBS and TDC and found TDC to very user friendly!  Definitely alleviates a lot of anxiety as everything is very well organized! I appreciate having frequent access to the lectures and most importantly the rationaels! TDC's strategies were very useful while test taking!

I almost had an panic attack as I was handed the paper that indicated if I passed the LCSW standard written exam. That was one of the most difficult 4 hours of my life. I was very uncertain of how I did; as you mentioned that would be a normal feeling. I had a huge sense of relief when I saw the words CONGRATULATIONS! Thanks for helping me overcome this personal goal of mine. I am looking forward to the next test with my new confidence.

I have been out of Graduate School for 17 years.  I am so glad I found your system. It kept me focused and organized.  It also helped me to identify my weak areas so I could focus on those. The mock exams helped me to practice taking the real test and the recommendations for taking the test really helped.  Thank you!

On 4/18/14 I officially became a social worker, what a great feeling. I would like to thank Emily and Amanda for the development, execution, and support that this program offers. I was confident and well prepared. The importance of this program can not be overstated. I can honestly say that I feel I have learned more in the last 3 months, than I did in 2 years of grad school. It has actually inspired me to continue to pursue the learning process that this program has started. I only I wish I knew about this 4 years ago. I will HIGHLY recommend this to anyone and everyone that I meet in my future social work career. Thank you again, and I look forward to subscribing again for my LCSW.

I found the thinking that TDC put into designing the program for the Written Exam fabulous. TDC's ability to put together behavioral and neuroscientific information was very creative, helpful and in the end, effective.  I found that the program's emphasis on using relaxation and imagery coupled with the hammering home of this test being mostly an exam on reasoning and picking the "best answer" not the "right answer" extremely helpful. I look forward to now studying for Part II - the Clinical Vignette and passing.

I passed my LCSW exam today!  On my first try too!  TDC prepared me for the exam and I went in feeling confident.  There were no surprises on the exam and I felt well prepared for the exam.  I can't thank TDC enough for helping me lower my anxiety about the exam and helping to focus my studying on the material that was important.  I completed the program in 3 weeks. Thanks again, I couldn't have done this without you!

I used another study guide three years ago when I took the LSW exam. I passed then but I didn't felt confident going into the exam. I looked for something else to prepare me for the LCSW exam and stumbled upon TDC. I loved how the course was broken down into specific learning areas and how it was a mixture of online practice exams, audio lectures, study sheets, and lectures. I carried the study sheets with me as .pdf files on my smart phone. I also listened to the lectures on my phone as I drove and when I was sitting in traffic. Since my phone is always with me, so were my study tools! I sometimes slip into a mild state of test anxiety where I find myself in the middle of a test thinking that I must be bombing the test so I just start buzzing through the rest of the exam thinking "what's the point." Amanda's pep talk lecture reminded me to stay focused and "attack the test." When I found myself starting to slump back in my seat, Amanda's words rang in my head and I sat up, leaned forward, and said, "I can do this...I am prepared."  I was.  I passed by a good margin and am so thankful. I highly endorse the TDC study course!

I passed my LCSW exam 1 week ago. I studied other program materials and failed. I stumbled on TDC's website and what a blessing it was. I loved that it was organized, increased my social work knowledge, and taught exactly what I needed to know to pass the exam. I have been recommending this program to others as I truly feel it works. Thanks also to my coaches and I hope this program helps many others as it helped me.

I just want to thank you and your amazing study system.  I passed my LCSW exam this afternoon (4/12/14) in Virginia.  I failed it in January by just a few points and was so bummed out.  I did not give up and you all graciously gave me an extension with your program.  After I had failed, I put all of my study things away for a few months and picked it back up.  Your program organizes the broad scope of data into a managable and conceivable format to study. I know it is because of the Therapist Development Center that I passed this afternoon!!! Thanks! Well worth it!