This is the only program that I used, after hearing amazing things about it from friends and colleagues who had taken both the LCSW and Marriage and Family Therapy test preps. I could not have felt more prepared for the exam in every way possible, and when I was in doubt I had Amanda's encouraging words in my head. I am so grateful!

I couldn't be happier for the support I received from this system. I used it for the written exam on my second time (didn't pass first time using AATBS) and passed it as well. I feel that this system really prepares you on how to approach the test, and provides you with the tools and strategies on how to answer. I felt that the real clinical vignette exam was really hard, however I stood firm w/ utilizing what TDC had taught me. I have already recommended this system to all my coworkers who are getting ready to take their first test. Thank you, I am so glad I came across this system!

I am so thankful I found this study program before re-taking my exam. All the materials - quizzes, lectures, quick studies - were clear and relevant. All the information was pertinent to the test, and our profession, there was no "fluff" or unnecessary information mixed in. The mock exams left me feeling confident and listening to the lectures helped me understand the frame of thinking I had to embrace to understand how to take and pass the exam. I would highly recommend this program to anyone, especially those with test anxiety.

I really like the TDC program. The materials were easy to follow and the CV frames and rating system really helped me to feel more competent and less overwhelmed by the questions and materials. Thank you!

Again...I passed!!!  This program was recommended to me by a friend who passed after using it, but was unsuccessful with other programs. I only used this program and passed the first time on both the written and vignette exams.  I am so excited and relieved that this part of my journey is complete, thanks to the direction of this program.  It is well put together, encouraged me to relax and continue enjoying my life and added me back on track to self-care and exercise on a regular basis.  Thanks again and I have definitely recommended it to others!!!

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to the TDC family, especially Emily Pellegrino. I took the LMSW exam today and passed on my first try. I needed to answer 97 questions correct to pass, but I answered 121 correct, which was well over what was required. Thank you so much and I will be purchasing your program again once it's time for me to prepare for the LCSW.

Everything Amanda warned us about this exam was true.  It helped me focus on the strategies necessary to zero in on the best choice.  The pep-talks were also very important. All the information Amanda provided was utilized. Thanks so much!  I am gratefully indebted.  You are doing valuable work.

This program was great for me. It helped me stay organized, and I appreciate that the program is with you until you pass. I loved the lectures and practice exams!!! Practice as many times as you can!! They were super helpful and decreased my test anxiety. I will definitely use this program when it is time to sit for my LCSW-C. Thank you for taking the time to create this. See you again soon!

I PASSED my exam today. just want to say thank you for developing this test prep. I have taken the test twice and became discouraged about passing the third time. I tried other test materials, like study books and went to a test prep that was one day. I felt like I was cramming everything in and not retaining anything on the study material I bought previously. As I was about to give up, I came across your site and took another chance for help with preparing for this exam. I must say, I am very glad I did because I felt well prepared and understood how to take the test. I think that was the missing link for me, I did not know how to answer the questions. Your material was very concise and to the point  and the quizzes were fantastic. I really appreciated the audio explanations as well. I am going to recommend this program to my fellow co-workers who have yet to take the exam.

This is a very helpful and beneficial website for anyone taking the LCSW exam.  It definitely prepared me very well for the exam and I will definitely recommend it to friends and colleagues who are taking the exam!

I am so thankful for The Therapist development Center for helping me prepare for The LCSW Standard Written Exam.  Thanks to TDC's amazing coaching skills and the organized nature of the program, I passed my test today! I'm very pleased and look forward to using this program to study for the LCSW Vignette exam.

I have been out of graduate school 30 years and my professional goal even though it is not required for my job was to get the LCSW. I decided to use your program and it was awesome!  I found the audios especially beneficial.  I remembered what Amanda suggested about attacking the exam and how she advised selecting answers to the questions.  The practice questions were right on and the 4 hour exam really helped prepare me too.  I even ate some fruit before the exam as she suggested. I highly recommend your program and even suggested it to a friend yesterday who is preparing to take the exam. Thank you!

I am so grateful to TDC for putting together such a dynamic and thoughtful on-line study program to deal with a very difficult Clinical Vignette exam.  TDC's creation of a meticulously organized and strategically developed program enabled me to deal with a very difficult exam and pass - the first time! I would also like to thank the excellent coaching team for being so responsive in answering questions and reducing my test anxiety.  Finally, I learned a great deal studying for this exam and feel that I am better prepared as a clinician to start a private practice.  Thank you TDC.

I have passed my exam and I wanted to thank you for your excellent study guide.  I relocated from another state and was required to take the exam again even though I had been practicing for 15 years.  Because it had been so long since I've taken the exam (although I had taken the national exam previously) I was very nervous about passing. Your study guide not only helped me to prepare but also to take the exam with confidence.  I can't thank you enough and I'm very grateful to have had your study guide as a resource!

I only tried one other study guide, which was essentially a 400 page abbreviated text book that was far too intimidating to use as a study tool.  The five audio cds that came with it mentioned nothing of study techniques, and gave no insight into the test content.  Your system is a revelation compared to that.  I found your emphasis on following a study system to be very helpful.  The study guides provided were invaluable and allowed me to focus on a predetermined amount of information rather than 400 pages of information. The testing in between was also invaluable.  I will recommend this system to everyone I meet who is looking for a good study program. Many thanks to your helpful system.  I'll be back in two years when I need to study for the final licensing exam.

After attempting to pass the clinical vignette exam twice using another company's study material and not being successful, I decided to give The Therapist Development Center a try. After reading the numerous reviews of other customers' success with this program, I was doubtful but decided to try it out. I am excited and extremely proud to say that I passed the LCSW Clinical vignette Exam after only 1 month of studying with this program. I am now a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and I have The Therapist Development Center to thank.

All I have to say is: "What a great program." Thanks go out to Bethany especially, for all her help identifying the 'question behind the question.' I especially appreciated the focused content-reviewing lectures. It seemed as though you-all were right there at my side. All the best to any one reading this and considering this program. Go for it!

I am very pleased with this study program!  I have been an MSW for 16 years and have worked in very rewarding Social Work jobs.  I moved into management early in my career and while I am not proud of it, I simply never stopped to become licensed because it wasn't a requirement of my jobs.  I now see licensure in a very different way and I am proud that I have finally acquired my LMSW!  Because it had been so many years since I have studied or taken a test, I was EXTREMELY nervous!  I considered myself pretty knowledgeable about professional practices because it had just become a part of what I do and who I am.  However, testing this knowledge became an entirely different ballgame and the reality is I learned and refreshed so much information through your study guide which will ultimately make me a better Social Worker in the future.  I did not know or remember as much as I thought! LOL! Your tips on HOW to test were priceless!!!  Your detailed and focus study on content kept me from attempting to store more than I needed!  I cannot say enough!  I have heard so many horror stories about failing and I put a lot of pressure on myself not to fail on this first try.  I simply didn't have time or money to repeat the test over and over again.  However, a fourth of the way into the test, I knew that I had a great shot at passing and the investment I made into your program was well worth it!  I still can't believe I passed on the first try!!  Thank you so much!

Like Amanda said, I did not have a felt sense of passing while taking the test. But I trusted my clinical judgement and used the way of thinking about the questions that TDC suggests, and that guided me through. There is literally not enough time to "think through" answers, so I had to cue in immediately on what was being asked. I could not have passed this if I had not been taught how to look for what the question was asking! Also, I cannot imagine passing had I not gone through the program twice. After taking the quizzes and mocks, I found that re-listening to the lectures "cemented in" the information that had glided over me on the first listening. I trusted the program and did not supplement my preparation with any other test banks or systems, and it not only worked, but it also let me have a life. Very grateful and happy!

This course was concise, specific and enjoyable.  I really appreciated Amanda's perspective and experience, the practice exams and accompanying discussions, as well as the orientation to how to tackle the test questions. Approaching the exam prep like an athlete preparing for a marathon was a apt analogy and it worked for me. I'll be back for vignette prep, as well.