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After seven failed attempts, sometimes just points away, I passed today.  I am indebted to Amanda and her team.  I was about to get fired over this.  The key benefits your preparation offers is keeping the material manageable, learning to focus on what is important and most of all, the tips.  I followed every tip from beginning to end on sleeping well, eating before exam and taking at least two breaks.  I also liked the pep talk at the end.  It was very helpful. Thank you all.  This meant a great deal to me.

The test was very difficult in the sense that often i did not know what they were looking for in the questions and used what I learned in this program and made my best guess.  Thank god I passed!   I did not like the vibe of the other study systems....What I liked about this study system was that it helped me to focus my time and prioritize the information, all encouraging me to be a better therapist....not JUST pass the test. Thanks TDC for creating this system!! I will totally tell my friends!

I would highly recommend this program over any other program out there. I personally had originally purchased another program but I didn't even use it to study for this exam as I found it confusing and really anxiety provoking. This program was awesome and I went in to take the exam feeling very confident after I studied with this program.

I was very unsure of myself, but came through great!  I felt I knew most of the questions' answers, I was happy I had a snack for half way, and just well prepared.  I scored 122 and was finished in just over 2 hours.

The Therapist Development Center workshops on-line taught me well:  they helped clarify my thinking and gave me tools, to narrow my answers. Both the written and the CVE questions can be very subtle.

Amanda was always very positive, encouraging, approachable and human. She is to be commended for her unselfish and ethical approach to helping people become licensed.

Thank you so much Amanda for TDC its a great program. I reviewed once and I felt ready. I am so ready to listen to the written clinical vignette study material. I know that I will past the 2nd part by using TDC. Thanks again for the wonderful program.

Just wanted to let you know that I PASSED!!!!! the LCSW California standard written exam!!! Im so excited and it took me a while to let it sink in.  I followed all the strategies that Amanda stated exactly and I got to say that it totally helped me this time...I cant express how happy I am that I finally got past this huge hurdle. After failing before and feeling discouraged and confused with previous study materials from another company, I had major doubts in myself...however after reading the reviews and deciding to give the therapist development center a chance, I slowly realized that it was a perfect fit for my learning style. I really liked the structure and the lectures of the program and it made me understand HOW to take the test instead of just going into it thinking that I knew what to expect but in reality not being prepared the way I should have. I really appreciated having the support from the coaches Amanda, Angie and Emily.  Amanda was very personable over the phone and made me feel like she really cared about my success.  Angie was so helpful and encouraging during our conversation over the phone and Emily was quick to respond over email with questions that I had.  I am going to continue utilizing TDC to prepare me for my clinical vignette exam and I hope that soon I can finally be licensed! Thank You, Thank You so much!!!! There is hope out there and now I believe that anything is possible!

Thank you so much for sticking with me through my exam! Studying seemed so overwhelming, but I really felt like you broke all the topics down so they were actually manageable. The thing that helped me the most was understanding how to read the questions and what it was actually asking. I think it saved me several times! Thanks more test to go!

I was nearing the end of my 5-year provisional licensure status. In those years, I'd changed jobs, had two children and moved, so I didn't have much time to prepare for my clinical exam. I noticed an advertisement for the Therapist Development Center in an NASW publication and checked them out online. I purchased the National LCSW Exam Prep program and studied for less than 2 weeks ... all while working full-time and caring for our young children. I passed with a 90% on my first try! Thanks so much to TDC ... they were wonderful!

Thank you to the Therapist Development Center for this amazing study tool!  I passed the test on my first attempt.  I put off taking the test for years because of anxiety around how to organize myself and study properly.  I finally decided I had to stop procrastinating and found the Therapist Development Center online.  This was the best money I have ever spent!  The audio lectures combined with the printed materials were exactly what I needed to get motivated and stay focused.  Thank you to TDC and their team for putting together such a fantastic tool!  I would recommend this to anyone planning on taking the test.

Thank you TDC. Your tips, suggestions, materials and support definitely prepared me to pass this exam.  I'll recommend your program to others.

I want to say thank you to the Therapist Development Center for giving me the skills to pass the LCSW Clinical Vignette Exam.  I took the test for the first time (10-11-2013) and passed. I would definitely recommended this program to others.  Thank you TDC for all your help and material.

I passed the first time!! I tried another testing company and was overwhelmed by all the material and minimal guidance, eventually becoming demoralized and ready to give up.  Then I found TDC upon recommendation from another social worker and it was amazing!!  Far superior to other programs.  Amanda's confident and reassuring voice makes the whole process more personal.

I purchased other study materials prior to taking the test the first time, and it was definitely  a waste of money.  I am so grateful that I came across TDC, and purchased the material, it was worth every penny. I had a lot of confidence when  I took my exam this morning.  I highly recommend and will continue to recommend this site to master level and clinical level social workers. Thank you for showing me a different way to study.

Thank you!  I have been licensed in California since 2000 (back when we had to pass both oral and written examinations.) Having just moved to a new state, and eager to open my private practice, I searched for exam preparation materials which would expedite and organize my review.  After paying for one other system and being absolutely overwhelmed by way too much (and very disorganized) content, I found your system. What I appreciated about your study system was its clarity, organization and ease of use. You both helped me review material that I learned a long time ago, and kept the presentation interesting and engaging. The combination of oral and written materials met my learning needs and was portable. Your system taught me how to think and analyze the questions carefully, and as a fast reader, I learned I had to slow down to make sure I knew what was being asked. So thank you, I truly appreciate the hard work your put in to make my exam preparation easy!

The workshops are very organized and easy to follow. I tend to have test anxiety but felt extremely confident going into the exam, which I attribute to TDC's test strategies and final prep talk. I have recommended this program to everyone at my agency and will continue to do so!

As a mother of a 2.5 yr old and a newborn I felt I had no time or possibility to pass but once I began this program, I was EMPOWERED! Amanda does an amazing job at helping you put into perspective knowledge that you ALREADY have and use it to your advantage when taking the exams. I absolutely loved this experience and can proudly say I passed both exams on the first try!!!

Before I even picked up one piece of study material, I felt overwhelmed and stressed out by all the hype surrounding the exam.  I had fellow social workers tell me that they had spent years studying for the Standard Written Exam and that they spent over $1000 on study materials. Luckily a co-worker suggested using the TDC study materials.  I found the structure of the program to be incredibly helpful in making the exam studying feel manageable and achievable. I appreciated that none of the lectures were longer then 90 minutes and were able to hold my attention.  I am so grateful to TDC for helping me pass the first exam and I'm confident that their materials will help me pass the second exam as well!

Thank you so much for all your help!  I took the test yesterday and passed with more than enough points.  There were so many questions that I knew with certainty, from listening to Amanda and Emily on the tapes.  Everything came together for me, and I was surprised by how many questions were covered by you guys.  I am so happy to be able to take the next step in my professional career, now that I can put this test behind me. I will recommend your program to my co-workers.  I had researched all the test-prep programs and really believe you guys have the best to offer. 

AATBS was totally overwhelming and confusing! TDC's materials were spot on and provided the most essential information needed for the exam!

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