I passed my written MFT exam this past weekend and want to say thank you. I was of course very nervous before the test but once I got started I felt confident and prepared. The study materials provided are so concise and engaging. I'm excited to start studying for the second part of the test. Thank you once again for a well devised, comprehensive study program.


I just passed the MFT Clinical Vignette Exam on my first try!  I am so grateful to TDC for being available to the mental health community and for being such a fantastic and qualified study program.  I began studying for the first MFT exam January, 2013.  After six months (and a whole lot of horrible practice test scores) I heard about TDC and bought it immediately. I studied intensely during the month of July and passed the first exam on my first try on July 29, 2013.  I took Amanda's advice and did not over study for the second exam.  I went in feeling calm and confident.  Thank you, TDC!!!

I am comfortable in the room as a therapist for a long time now, but taking the exam was at first a real challenge.I learned some of the best clinicians fail the exam at first. However, I wanted to pass this thing! I signed up with The Therapist Development Center because it seemed more relevant to actual learning of specific material. (I'm a former teacher). I also bought a coaching session that was worth it's weight in gold. These folks teach how to talk the walk and I passed! Do what she says! ;)

I passed my MFT written exam on the first try by using the Therapist Development Center study system.  The system was clear, user friendly, and empowering.  I felt well prepared for what I encountered in the exam.  There were no curve balls or items that I wasn't prepared to encounter.  As I gear up to study for the vignette exam I know the Therapist Development Center will help me prepare to pass.  It is a glorious feeling to pass this first exam.  Thank you for synthesizing the content and test taking strategies!!

I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude for your excellent study system and service. Your study material was awesome in the sense that you broke down the material to how the actual test was, the information was clear, cut and concise, and made me focus on what the question was asking. As I was taking my test, I could remember your tips in my head. I took about an hour and a half to finish my test and there was no looking back or second guessing myself with the frames and the strategies you suggested to utilize. I did not want to burn myself out because I actually studied only for 7 days and only took one mock exam which I scored an 80%, so I felt confident and comfortable to just pass the exam, which I did. I am very excited and appreciate your help.

I used only the TDC study program for both the SW and CV exams and passed for MFT licensure on my first try.  The study programs were beyond exceptional; the information was concise, I actually was learning content and the study sessions were very engaging.  Amanda did an amazing job on the lectures, as they were packed full of the necessary information while also her personality shined through making the lectures easy to listen.  I have recommended TDC to all my MFT and MSW friends, and also am so pleased with how TDC organizes and teaches information that I plan on purchasing their CEU courses when they become available.  TDC is a great company and definitely helped prepare me in passing these challenging exams; I highly recommend these study programs.

After much worry and studying, I am very happy to announce that I passed. Your study materials an essential part of my study process, and I felt very prepared. Your questions were most similar to the actual test. I will be ordering materials for the next test. Thank you very much

I took the first exam yesterday and passed. The TDC strategies for moving through the test and thinking through difficult questions was perfect! I felt prepared for the level of difficulty of the exam and had Amanda's voice in my head, helping me to the finish. Thank you! I am so grateful that I did not have to sit through the classes and overwhelming material of the other test prep courses!

This study system was not only extremely helpful it was fun and interesting to use.  I actually looked forward to study time.  I loved the step-by-step process and the mixture of written materials and audio.  The vignettes and the discussion of the answers were definitely way more helpful helpful than those offered by the two other companies I used.  I went to the Mock Exam workshops for two different companies and each time left more confused than I was when I started.  I'm grateful to my friends who told me about TDC.  It made all the difference in my confidence level.

After a 6 year journey collecting hours, life transistions and navigating various jobs/positions, I can finally say I am an LMFT thanks to Amanda and the TDC staff. The anxiety and insecurities I had prior to starting studying, as I had been out of school for so long, were intesified after I purchased a program from another company...needless to say this program collected dust for months, as the clock ticked on. Luckily, I heard about TDC from a colleague and received a call from Amanda when I had emailed her a question regarding the format--unheard of! She calmed my nerves and I felt so touched that she took time to explain how TDC would be a different experience. I passed both exams on the first try, studying 8 weeks for the Written Exam and 5 weeks for the CVE left me feeling comfortable and prepared. Amanda was always prompt in responding to questions I had via email or phone throughout the study process. I have recommended TDC to all future clinicians I know and cannot express my gratitude enough for the simplified, individualized, empathic and concise way information was presented. I am finally licensed because of TDC! Thanks, TDC!

I was lucky to come across TDC. I have a newborn and my deadline to take my first exam was June 28, 2013. I failed it last year and I felt so stressed and anxious about having to do it again and this time WITH a newborn. I studied for three weeks and reviewed the program twice for my first exam and I PASSED! I passed my second exam on August 19. So I took a total of 2 1/2 months using TDC's program to take both of exams and I PASSED! TDC's audio helped me so much! Amanda is so much fun to listen to and I love how she helps me with theories (which is the weakest area for me). Every time I would also ask a question online I would get a response the next day, from Asya. Asya was so helpful, patient and she is very smart! :-)

I HIGHLY recommend this program to anyone studying to get their license. I used GG for my first exam and I failed it the first time because it felt like I didn't know how to organize myself with their program and they made you memorize things that they do not even ask you on the test. I studied for 8 months using GG just for the first exam and I still failed. (They tell you that you are supposed to study for at least 6 months to be really prepared for this exam and that is NOT true!) I studied 3 weeks for the first exam using the TDC and I passed! Thank you TDC, Amanda and Asya!

I was SO nervous about taking this exam and rightfully so. It's not an easy exam by any means, however with TDC's guidance I was able to decipher even the toughest questions. They taught me to trust my x's and really narrow down each question to the right answer. Thanks TDC!

"Psyched" doesn't do justice to how great I feel having just passed the California MFT Clinical Vignette exam, and mailing the BBS the last piece of documentation required to be issued a license.  The severity of the stressors I encountered en route to licensure sometimes made me feel like a victim of BBS induced PTSD- after being licensed in another state and nationally certified, I ended up having to document 3,000 supervised hours 2 separate times. So, success tastes particularly sweet to this survivor of the "licensing process."

As to my thank you to the Therapist Development Center.  I couldn't have landed at a better place to assist me in jumping through the final hurdle.  The MFT Clinical Vignette is a difficult and quirky test- but if I can pass it the first time, believe me so can you. Amanda's down to earth teaching style and effective test preparation methods were absolutely instrumental in getting me there. 

Thank you, thank you to Amanda and the TDC.

The CV was easy. There, I really said it, and I know this is due to the fantastic training I got from TDC. I had an 8-week break between my two tests, but all the training for both exams made sitting for the CV like riding a bike again, it was all programmed and ready to go. Your training set my mind on a track that simply couldn't fail. No wonder your pass rates are so high! I had heard so many stories about how awful this exam was that I had procrastinated taking my test for a very long time(I'm not even going to say how long!). Your approach vanquished my fears and made my future possible! Thank you so much!

Before starting this program, I was completely overwhelmed with the idea of the test. But after starting the test prep with TDC, I knew I'd pass. The prep was easy to understand and convenient. I have recommended it to all my friends and coworkers. And I'm proof-passed both tests on the first try.

Using TDC's exam prep I was very confident and thoroughly prepared for both exams and passed on my first tries. My initial focus was on learning how to PASS the exams, and this program gave me strategies and know-how to succeed. What surprised me in this process was how much the learning has informed and improved my actual work as a therapist.  I would go so far as to say that TDC's program has made me a thoroughly informed, competent, confident and LICENSED Marriage and Family Therapist!

Thank you SO much!  This program gave me structure, confidence and practical tools to help me to pass. I followed every suggestion and kept to the plan, I will absolutely use this program for the clinical vignettes!

I used TDC material exclusively to prepare for both of my California MFT exams and passed both on my first attempt, only needing an extra 3-4 weeks after approval to take each exam. Prior to signing up I was skeptical, especially about how little time they recommended to study. But I'm a real believer now. I would typically have devoted all my time to studying for an exam like this, but TDC helped me keep my sanity, health, and relationships (and they address all those things too!). The team is dedicated and responsive--real clinicians who know what they are talking about. And to top it off, their material and coaching provided me with a confidence that took my licensed colleagues by surprise, especially for the clinical vignette exam. I couldn't endorse them more highly!

Thank you for the excellent study materials! I started to study for the MFT clinical vignette exam with another study prep company but soon felt lost and unsupported. I found The Therapist Development Center on Yelp and was impressed by all the positive reviews. I am so grateful I bought the program because after the first audio workshop I instantly felt better and focused. Now that I passed I am convinced it was because of TDC structured study program. I am so thrilled to be a licensed marriage and family therapist!

As someone with a history of test anxiety, I found TDC's program (both SWE and CVE) very accessible and helpful. I had briefly reviewed some other test prep materials and felt quickly overwhelmed. TDC has done a stellar job of distilling and synthesizing the relevant material for the written exam; and their strategies for the CVE were invaluable for sorting through the clinical vignettes. I really liked the structure of each program; the audio lectures made me feel as if Amanda were talking directly to me. Finally, I really appreciated their emphasis on balance and self-care throughout the studying process.

Thanks to TDC, I felt confident and calm throughout my exams. I finished the SWE with 45 minutes left and the CVE with about 20 minutes to go, passing both the first time!