I am so grateful for the great preparation I received from TDC. The strategies, lectures and tests were engaging and filled with important details. I think the framing strategy helped me the most in identifying the answers with more confidence. Thank you TDC for all of your support.

Not only did I feel extremely confident going into the exam, I felt the material I learned via Amanda and TDC helped me become a better clinician. Thank you!!

I graduated from my Masters degree program in 1996 and had only begun working toward licensure the last couple of years.  Because of the gap between my academic program and the test, I knew I needed to update myself on the test materials.  A colleague had used TDC and highly recommended it.  Now that I've passed the written exam I feel very comfortable passing along that recommendation to my colleagues preparing for the exam.  My experience with TDC could not have been more positive.

This program helped me to manage what seemed like an overwhelming amount of material, to focus on the most important study areas, and to get my thinking process aimed in the right direction.

I took my written exam and passed. I was not as anxious and I was able to use tools that TDC provided unlike the other programs I used first time I took exam.

I just passed my Clinical Vignette Exam (9/27) it has been a long gruely process to say the least. I was very nervous at the beginning of the test and remembered to breath and use the techniques I learned. I felt like the techniques TDC taught were essential to figuring out what the heck they were asking. Thank you Amanda and Asya for the coaching session I felt that was very helpful-Thank you so much.

Thank you so much! Your prep system made taking this exam relatively stress-free. I felt more than prepared entering the test, and found that the test was very much as expected. I could not imaging preparing for it any other way.

Thank you for equipping me with the tools to pass the MFT Vignette Exam on the first time!  I began my studying process with another test prep company and, after countless hours of studying with it, was left feeling so confused.  Your program is to the point (exactly what a mom of a 1 and 3 year old needs!) and provided me with strategies that helped tremendously in identifying the correct answer in a timely manner.  Thank you SO MUCH for giving me an understanding of this exam and hope in my ability to pass!

I had purchased AATBS materials for five months got nowhere and just felt overwhelmed. By the third day of using this course material I signed up for the test and felt good about taking it. Thank you it really addressed my learning style and needs.

Thank you TDC for helping me pass this exam. I love this program I am looking forward in purchasing the material for the second exam this has been the best investment I have made so far!!!!!

I found the Therapist Development Center materials were excellently suited to my learning style. I prepared for both California exams by using these study materials exclusively and passed both exams the first time. A couple years later I also used TDC to prepare for the national MFT exam and also passed the first time. For CA I did take advantage of an hour of individual TDC coaching and that too was terrific and helped me to narrow my study focus as the vignette test was approaching. I'll admit that I felt nervous though prepared going into each exam but as the exams began I felt increasingly confident while taking the tests. I would recommend this study material to anyone. Thank you!

As both a mom and a full time MFT intern, finding a program that I could listen to on my way into work and that helped me save time overall was invaluable. Thank you for developing a great study system!

TDC's material is an excellent way to prepare for the test. The course goes far beyond memorization and actually taught me HOW to think during the exam. Without that knowledge, the test would have been much more difficult. If I can pass on the first try, anybody can. Yay TDC!

I just want to say thank you so much to the Therapist Development Center I just passed my MFT vignette exam and I know it was made easier by this program! I am recommending it to all my friends who still need to pass. It kept the information concise so as NOT to overwhelm the examinee (like some other programs). I can't sing your praises enough. Much thanks!

I wish I could go back before I took the Standard Written Exam and use this prep course for both tests! It would have saved me months and months of needless memorization of textbooks.

If there's one piece of advice I would give to someone about to start out on this journey it would be to use this testing system and no other, then follow her advice to the letter, trust in your preparation it will not do you wrong, and just take it one question at a time. You do this and it really isn't that hard. When I finished the Clinical Vignette earlier today and I pushed that exit button I knew I had nailed it. Thanks, Therapist Development Center, for giving me that confidence!

This program was my saving grace.  To be honest I am not sure whether I would have passed without this program.  The preparation that TDC gives is all that you need to pass! Thanks!  I am now officially a MFT!

The materials and methods from The Therapist Development Center helped to calm my test anxiety and reassure me that I knew what I was doing.  I felt that Amanda was sitting with me during the exam, guiding me and keeping me focused which was exactly what I needed.  The materials were amazingly clear, complete, and concise: so much different from the other materials that I had tried which only increased my frustration and anxiety.  I have recommended this course already to others who are also on the path towards licensure. Thank you so much for helping me and guiding me through this process!

I passed this exam 2 hours ago.  Thanks Amanda and Asya.  I thought the exam questions were like your vignette questions, unlike the other questions.  I don't think I would have passed if I hadn't taken you course.

I have used both other test materials prior to signing up with TDC. I have taken the Exam 3 times prior. I felt overwhelmed and insure with my knowledge of the material. Once I signed up with TDC, I started to feel more confident, support (by audio), and comfortable with the materials. It made sense! I felt the material and strategies were right on!

The other test prep programs overwhelmed me with information most of which was NOT on the exam. After taking Amanda's final mock exam, I felt confident that I would pass...and I DID! I'm actually excited to study for the vignette exam and know TDC will not only prepare me for the exam but will instill confidence in my clinical abilities.