I think the study program you have developed is fantastic. It is structured, streamlined, thorough & efficient - all without being overwhelming. I used no other test prep materials (except for a few flash cards from Grossman) & felt very well prepared for the exam.  You have distilled your materials down to what we REALLY need to know for the exam and give great tips on HOW to prepare & take it.  I felt confident about my ability to pass the exam throughout my prep time - and I did indeed pass on my first try! The exam was tough - tougher than I expected actually - and a race against the clock, even though I had no problem with time during any of my mock/practice exams. I can't imagine being better prepared than I was thanks to this program. Thank you!!

This program was exactly what I needed to prepare for the exam. As soon as I started to study using this program I felt that I would be prepared and that I could master the material. On test day, I knew that the reasoning taught in the program enabled me to pass.

Thanks so very much.  As I slogged through the exam, thinking, "I don't think I'm passing", I kept remembering Amanda saying, "You will not feel like you are passing while you are taking the exam."  It was amazingly helpful to remember that.  Kept me from despairing, kept me plugging away.  Thanks for all the good strategies.  Now, I'm gonna start on the studying for the second one.

I am so grateful to have found the Therapist Development Center's study materials. After using some of the materials from 2 of the other well-known testing companies, my head was spinning. I couldn't figure out how to manage so much content, and I was sure that had to be a more refined, more intelligent way to prepare. TDC's materials fit this bill. They help prepare you how to answer any question, not just cram you full of unnecessary data. I passed both exams on my first attempt and am certain that these materials helped make that happen. I highly recommend TDC!

So grateful not to have to read through hundreds of pages of review material. This program simplified the study process, focused on the essential knowledge, gave me the skills I needed to approach the questions successfully and also gave me some great practical test-taking tips. Excellent program - loved the price, compared to the other test companies, and have recommended it to many other interns. 

I purchased TDC on the recommendation of a friend, when I realized that I wasn't getting what I needed from my first prep company. As I listened to the workshops, I could feel my cloud of anxiety lifting. It was essential for me to be able to HEAR the material, boiled down to the most important details with great testing techniques based on Amanda's experience. It was so successful that I knew TDC was the only program I'd need for the Vignette exam. Thanks to TDC, I passed both exams on my first attempt.

I really appreciated your sane, humane, wellness outlook,  The clear emphasis on the reasoning process was really helpful.  It also mattered that you kept repeating that we would not feel like we were passing during the test. I remembered that as I kept feeling like I was not passing. Thank you, thank you.  Preparing for Test #2 feels less intimidating.

Great study tips. Questions were true to the exam. I felt very prepared and relaxed when taking the exam. The lesson/lectures were by far the most beneficial aspect.

I felt absolutely prepared by TDC's program. I used no other prep materials for both the Standard and the Vignette exams. The prep courses are efficient for time management, focusing on key issues, and preparing important prep strategies. The tools that were provided for the Vignette exam enabled me to stay focused on the test. THANK YOU - you made studying feel so productive. I am so grateful that I got to feel so prepared. You're so right that it's so much about the testing process and how one approaches the test, and you helped me so much with that. I have been raving about you to my colleagues.

I passed my Clinical Vignette exam with support from the Therapist Development Center study program.  I appreciate so many aspects of this program.  The way the program breaks the studying down into manageable study sessions helped me to make time for studying. The lectures were down to earth and clear, only covering the information needed to pass the exam.  I needed a few pep talks along the way and the coaches were so helpful and got right back to me.  If you are trying to find a program to help you study for licensure, this is it.

After researching from various exam prep companies and getting confused over which exam prep to go with, I finally made a call and talked to Amanda and made my decision to go with her study materials. I purchased TDC combo package on the same day after our phone conversation. I formed my study plan for only 2 months, not realizing some difficult personal issues came up for me within the 2 months, in which at times I didn't think I'd be ready for the exam. However, I still followed my study plan, put in a few hours each day within the 2 months, using only TDC materials. I passed the MFT SWE on the first attempt on 11/1! All I can say is that TDC is unbelievably thorough in terms of exam strategies, format of exam, contents presented on exam. I would strongly recommed TDC over any other exam prep.

I would highly recommend TDC! I have used AATBS, Grossman, and TDC during two different exam process. TDC was the only one that created a clear, calming, and confidence boosting process. I had Amanda's voice in my head and felt relaxed for once while TAKING the exam! She gives you what you really need to know; the others overwhelm you with too much info that is NOT relevant. You get lost in their mountain of material. I felt easily guided by the TDC program. I felt defeated especially using Grossman for the 2nd exam. I saved so much time and you will save money too using the TDC process. My studying felt so much more contained and did not allow me to obsesses or over study. Thank you TDC for making these materials and making this process so much more enjoyable!!!!

Therapist Development Center condenses the information needed to pass your exam to the bare essence. It is clear concise and straight to the point.  I applied every suggestion provided, leaned in, and walked away with a felt sense of passing…and I did!

I passed the MFT written and vignette on my first try due in no small assistance to your study program.  Have to admit I was anxious going in to the written, but after I took it and realized how well prepared you had helped me be, I was almost over-confident for the vignette and scheduled it one day after being notified I could take it because I felt ready.  Thanks for all you provided. Will definitely be recommending TDC to my intern colleagues.

Using TDC was extremely helpful and prepared me tremendously to pass both of my exams on the first try! The program was concise and focused on the material I needed to know to pass the exams. It was very well organized and I really appreciate that everything made sense! Thank you for helping me pass my exams!

When I started studying with another test prep company I was so overwhelmed at the amount of materials, handouts and books that I thought "this is going to take me forever. I'll never be ready to take the MFT Written Exam." There were people in my classes that had taken the MFT and LCSW exam twice and still were not passing it and now I know why. Feeling very stuck, a friend gave me a referral to TDC and I'm telling you I never ever looked back. Best decision I ever made. TDC helped me prep for both the MFT Written and CV exam and I passed both the first time. I have test taking anxiety, and when it was time to sit down infront of the computer to take it, I felt cool as a cucumber~that is not usually how it works for me. The written was almost easy because Amanda consolidates everything down to what we really need to know. I just can't say enough about how outstanding TDC is. There was consistency with the information, and nothing seemed "tricky" on the real exam because she had coached me through it just by listening to the lectures over and over. It will save you time, decrease stress, and increase confidence and make the whole process doable in a very reasonable amount of time. I feel so incredibly lucky to have found TDC and can't thank them enough.

Thank you TDC!!!! I am so grateful :) I started with AATBS and studied daily for 2 and a half months. Two and a half weeks prior to my test date I felt absolutely no confidence and was quite positive I was going to fail. I had read both TBS books thoroughly and continued to get several questions from the test wrong. My coworker had just passed the CVE with TDC and told me about it so I figured why not give it a try (the expense would pay off in the long run). I went through the full TDC program in two weeks and just passed my exam yesterday. The program was true to its word in that it taught me only what I needed to know and helped me understand how to take the test. AATBS did not come close to this! I'm looking forward to studying for the next one and while I'm naturally nervous I feel so much trust and confidence in the program. It is truly a shame that everyone does not know about this program as I believe it is the best one available. I will spread the word to all my friends who have yet to begin the process. Thank you again!

I am so relieved that the "Intern" part of my journey is now behind me. The TDC materials were instrumental in helping me pass this exam. I feel that the extra coaching was a perfect way to gain additional help and encouragement. My issues were anxiety management, and that is exactly what my coach helped me focus on. I'd recommend TDC to anyone! Thanks so much!

Why would anyone use any other study system?  I want to sing your praises!  Your program was ideally suited to the way I learn.  Of course I felt like I was failing when I took the test (but I'd been prepared to understand that this is normal), but I felt really confident and calm going in.  A friend gave me her testing materials from another company and I was overwhelmed just looking at the pile of information!  I know I would have had way more anxiety if I'd felt I needed to know all of that.  You gave me what I needed, and not a ton of extra information.  Thank you!  Now it's time to begin studying for the second exam...

I would like to share my gratitude to TDC for putting this beautiful program together. I have to share that I bought Gerry Grossman, AATBS and finally TDC. TDC was the best of all! Thanks.