I am incredibly grateful to God!!! Woo Hooo I passed my MFT SWE this Friday the 13th! Haha! :) :) :) I am also thankful to Amanda Rowen and TDC for their insight and guidance. I passed my exam the second time around after being more diligent with the material. I can honestly say this was a great learning experience that I utilized the coach and shared with the staff I supervise at work. I have also been able to share with peers in my field who are in the process of studying for the MFT Licensing Exam. I have encouraged them all to use TDC as their test prep. The test strategies and content of the material provided by TDC was awesome and set me up to pass! Thanks again TDC!!!

The Clinical Vignette was very challenging. The vignettes and questions were very similar to the test materials. The answer sets were vague and full of mumbo jumbo to use Amanda's words. This made the test challenging because I had to really think. The frames and that way of thinking about the answers is what let me pass the test. I don't believe I would have passed if I wouldn't have had this way of thinking about the questions.

I had a good experience utilizing AATBS before--they were personable and helpful and had extended my access to their tools with no additional fee and for that I will always be grateful to them.  However, the system that I will always recommend and encourage anyone to use is from you guys! I have several reasons why I will always recommend your system: 1) You excel at focusing on what is actually going to be tested, 2) when reviewing the mocks, the rationales (which I liked listening to vs just reading) always made sense, 3) the organization of the study material is simple and super easy to follow, 4) tips and important recommendations to follow before and while taking the exam are not even mentioned in the other study program. And finally, given the fact that I had failed in my first (CV) attempt, your ridiculously wonderful offer "we are with you until you pass" provided the extra-confidence I so much needed. Thank you and blessings to you TDC!  Namaste!

The TDC program really helped me organize the topics I needed to study. It was very easy to follow.  An additional coaching session gave me the extra confidence that ensured I pass. Thanks.

I had used AATBS for my written test and failed the first time so had to wait 6 months to retest, then passed. It was difficult. This time using your method was totally different, practical and ohhhh so helpful. I did use all the strategies in the vignette test yesterday and they worked beautifully! I will definitely share your program with a couple of friends, it's really so much better then AATBS. At first, I was worried about not practicing 1000 test questions, but once something clicked, I was clear I was ready to test. Thank you so much for creating this program. I will gladly recommend it.

I didn't use anything else to prepare for the standard MFT exam just your system. I thought it was great. For me it taught me how to think. When I researched other programs they seemed overwhelming to me. I commute from San Francisco to San Jose so I would listen one or two more times to the lectures either before or after a formal sit down. I bought the CV program yesterday as soon as I passed my standard exam and started to study. What is really great about your program is that I learned skills that will improve my clinical practice in the long run and not just a memorization to pass an exam. I loved your lectures and actually looked forward to studying because you provided a rationale for how to prep for studying and how to care for myself throughout the process. There are about 3 other interns in my clinic that I have encouraged to get your program. They have been studying for months with different programs and state they are overwhelmed and lost when they study. Can’t wait to let you know when I have passed CV!!

Since I passed the written exam with TDC on 9/12/13, I had no doubt in my mind that I would continue to study with TDC. It took me only one week to go over the program (about 2-3 hours on days I did go over the material) and reached a 70%, I continued to go over the program for a 2nd time, which I highly recommend, while following TDC's instructions. After that, my score quickly went up to 80%. The program is simple to follow, stress free and it was actually a joyful and healing experience. There are endless tips that TDC provides in their study material. Within little over 2 weeks I felt that I knew how to approach any given vignette and I took the exam and got my license. I hope you will save money and time by using only TDC. Good luck!!!

AMAZING!!!! I am so grateful for this program!!! I started studying a little last year after I purchased the Gerry Grossman Program. I submitted my 3000 hours in late March of this year, since the BBS was so behind on application approval I didn't really start studying till the Summer. I was really frustrated with the amount of information and mock exams in the Grossman Program. I actually went to 2 day course and it was elementary and basically useless! I purchased your program as a gift to myself since I had heard wonderful things about it and felt unprepared. I spent my healing time studying and it was so fun it was addicting!  I re-learned things from grad school in a whole new and CLEAR light!!!

Your program is amazing, the content clear and organized and Amanda's voice is "easy on the ears!" I did as she suggested and took her into the exam with me. That is how I passed! Half way through the exam my neck goes out, my arm gets numb and I begin to have a panic attack! YEP, right there. I can't really explain how I got through the next 70 questions except that my brain took over and most if not all must have been very close to your mock and practice tests. So, you guys are that good! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have already called or emailed all my fellow interns to let them know that your program is THE BEST!!!  I am getting another spine surgery next week and plan to take the 2nd exam in January!!!  Much love and appreciation.

Using a different study system, I felt incredibly anxious and ungrounded.  It seemed more like a guessing game than an examination of my actual knowledge and experience.  With the Therapist Development Center I found my footing again.  It made sense.  It was logical.  I was able to go into the exam feeling confident and prepared.  I'm so thankful I switched systems.

Absolutely the best prep time, it does not waste your time and actually teaches the material and gives you tools to take test in the correct manner.   Please don't waste your money on other test banks!!!

I had heard a few horror stories about the Clinical Vignette Exam being too overwhelming and difficult for some people. TDC thoroughly prepared me and taught me how to think on the exam. I felt extremely confident throughout the majority of the exam. As I approached the end of the exam, I knew that I was going to pass. That was such an amazing feeling! I owe so much to TDC! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I studied with Gerry Grossman for my first attempt at the MFT vignette test, studied for about 5 and a half months with them, and did not pass. I felt so unprepared even after all that time studying. Then hearing about TDC, I felt like I had something new to put hope in, in preparing to re-take the exam. I felt like I had such a better handle on the questions, and my confidence going in was like night and day. I am very thankful that I heard about this program. The coach that helped me was great. Overall, I am very happy!

Thanks for all your help. It really helped that TDC emphasized that we approach this material with the attitude that the BBS was not trying to trick us, but wanted to make sure we knew how to approach issues we might face as clinicians. Remembering that drawing on our intuition was important and that it was more important to understand the underlying philosophy of the therapeutic approaches than the phases or every aspect of the particular techniques. So I didn't waste a lot of time learning useless, mind cluttering things. I'm so glad to be done with it, and so appreciative of your help and attitude that inspired confidence and emphasized staying calm throughout the studying and aggressive on the test.

It was great using your system. I saw other friends use the other materials and they seemed to suffer. This is straight forward and I listened to the lectures and rationals in as many different settings as possible; working in the yard, folding clothes, cooking dinner, and of course at the computer. Everything was understandable and straight forward. Thanks for helping me PASS!

I found your strategies immensely helpful. Thank you so so much for your invaluable help. I seriously do not know how I would have passed it without you.

I seriously would not have passed without these materials. I'm so glad a friend recommended them. I jokingly say I have 'classroom ADD', where I have a hard time paying attention for a long time, and this program addressed that perfectly (although this is not something they advertise for). The studying time frames worked perfectly for me because of this. This system was uncomplicated and straightforward, unlike other popular systems. Thank you Therapist Development Center!

I can say without a doubt that there is no other study material out there that will prepare you as well as this material.  I tell everyone I know not to waste their time or mental health with other stuff...go with the clear winner!  I do not believe I would have passed this test if I did not use The Therapist Development Center!

TDC helped me to feel confident and ready for the Clinical Vignette Exam. Thank you, TDC for your knowledge, clarity and wisdom. Took the test today and completed it in less than two hours. I highly recommend TDC. 

Fantastic study system. Everything discussed as far as strategies, the way the questions were written, and tips to keep in mind to reduce test anxiety on exam day were completely accurate. I felt prepared, confident and was ecstatic to see the "PASS" on the screen. Thank you for preparing a great study system that was easy to follow, not overwhelming, and flexible to the needs of my job and family!

Thank you so much TDC for helping me pass my 1st exam in 5-6 weeks on my first try! I'm am beyong pleased with the teaching module and felt very prepared for the exam.  I have already recommended you guys to several of my collegues and friends.  Going to sign up for the 2nd exam prep materials right now. Again, a million thank yous, and all your advice and practice questions were spot on; just passed test on 11/14/13-woo-hoo!!