I took the Clinical Vignette yesterday 1/17 and PASSED!!! Thank you TDC so much for being with me all the way, from the SWE to the CVE, and for helping me to be absolutely prepared to go into the exams with confidence so as to pass both the first time around! I am now proud to be LICENSED MFT!

I am so happy to share that I passed both the SWE and CVE Exam and I feel that TDC was pertinent in helping me achieve my goal of licensure! What I appreciated the most was how TDC and the team updated the information when necessary to ensure that we had the most accurate information, as well as answered any and all questions. Thank you again!

This program is streamlined, easy to understand and straight forward! Thank you, thank you. What a breath of fresh air.

So I just passed the second test only a month and a week after passing the first test. Apparently you have to wait a month after you pass the first test. So excited I passed! This program helped me successfully pass both tests within almost a month of each other and I am so happy about that. I am a working mother of a 7 month old so finding the time to study was not easy and this system gave me the tools I needed to pass both tests quickly. I am so grateful for this program. I have already recommended this prep company to others as I feel it simplifies the tests, does not make you overwhelmed with too much extra things you do not need and gets you the results you want, fast.

TDC's study program is great. I just passed the MFT Clinical Vignette exam! I appreciated how TDC really streamlined the study program to the necessary test taking strategies. This test prep really eliminates unnecessary filler material that I found on another test prep I did for the Standard Written Exam. I am pleased with not only passing my licensing exams, but that I researched test prep companies and found this test prep! It allowed me to study on MY schedule from home and/or work without having to attend classes or join study groups. Thank you TDC!

I had originally studied with AATBS and was extremely disappointed and frustrated with their teaching methods. I failed the Vignette Written Exam 2x's after using AATBS both times. I was at my wits end until a colleague told me about your program. I followed along with your program and I PASSED! I will definitely recommend this program to a friend!!!

I so appreciated the organization of the material, and how I could pace myself and come back to sections I needed to.  I thought TDC's recommendations were very helpful, and I appreciated their realism and solidity.  I also appreciated how I could ask questions along the way and get a response. I'm quite grateful to all of you, thank you very much!

Thank you so much. Not only did I feel prepared for the exam, but I feel like a more confident clinician. Asya was amazing; she contained my anxiety, and validated my experience. I definitely took Amanda into the exam with me, which helped tremendously. Now on to the CVE!

TDC, you are awesome!  While I was super stressed about the whole process and leading up to the test, I followed your instructions and took a self care day the day before the exam and didn't study at all that day. I was intimidated about the study process but this program took a lot of the intimidation factor out of the process.  Thank you!!!

 I had heard many wonderful things about TDC's program from my colleagues at work.  All of which was said about the program was spot on as I found it simple and easy to understand.  I also found the staff readily accessible.  Thank you to both Amanda and Asya for your support in helping me pass the first portion of this rigorous process!  On to the Vignettes.

I graduated with my degree in Psych approximately 11 years ago.  I've since been employed as a civil service worker, but not doing any sort of therapy.  This practice material was the only study material I used, and I passed the first test the first time.  I used three hours and fifty-four minutes, kept my head, and passed. I didn't panic when I studied or when I tested.  In fact, some lady finished just before I took the exam, she was tearful because she passed, and she also said she studied with TDC's material.  That was inspiring.

This was the hardest test I have ever taken and I passed!!! I took Gerry Grossman too, and TDC is way better. 

I would have not passed if it was not for The Therapist Devemental Center. I spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars using AATABS and Grossman and failed the first time. Thank you Therapist Developmental Center. I am looking forward to using your material to pass the next step of the exam.

 Took the Standard Written Exam for the first time yesterday AND PASSED!!  So grateful to TDC for the organization, ease and confidence that they instill.  I used some test banks through Gerry Grossman which only seemed to confuse me more and decrease my confidence.  TDC makes listening to the lectures enjoyable and explains things in a way that makes sense.  So grateful for her tip in saying that during the exam "you won't feel like your passing."  This definitely helped me to stay focused and helped me to keep moving through the exam.  Asya, one of the TDC coaches was awesome in answering some questions I had as well!  So grateful and looking forward to studying with TDC for the Vignette.  Thank you!

Your program taught me how to think through the questions. The test-day strategies were very helpful. I have recommended your program to several colleagues. Thanks!

The licensing exam was REALLY hard... and if I hadn't used the Therapist Development Center I doubt I would have passed.

The licensing exam was REALLY hard... and if i hadn't taken Therapist Development Center I doubt I would have passed.

Understanding the actual question was the key to TDC success over the other programs. The other programs required a lot of memorization of material that was not on the exam and would have been a waste of time to focus on. 

I purchased the Gerry Grossman package for both the written and clinical exams.  I studied for 4 months for the written and passed.  I studied for 4 months for the vignettes and failed by 3.  The weak points were law and ethics and treatment planning.  I purchased the TDC for the vignettes. Amanda's way of presenting the material was excellent.   Because I had failed before, I got some extra coaching from Robin.  I passed the exam today and have to say "Thank you Amanda, Robin and TDC."

The Therapist Development Center's test prep was easy to understand and extremely well written - not to mention reliably up to date with law and ethics. I learned very quickly what the test formats were going to be like and how to use various effective test-taking strategies that reflected the actual exams. The lessons were devoted to understanding how to apply our inherent knowledge and therapeutic experiences to the test questions to arrive at the correct answer. This was essentially a process of bringing the true therapist out from within. 
I used TDC's materials for both MFT tests and passed on the first try each time. There was no real wait time in my case, which speaks to the efficiency and effectiveness of this exam prep program. I ordered the Standard Written Exam prep right after I finished my 3,000 hours, studied until the earliest exam date available (which at the time was about 3 months), ordered the Clinical Vignette Exam prep immediately after, and studied that only for 1 month before taking the 2nd test.