TDC, words cannot express how relieved I was after using your program for a few study sessions.  I had previously studied for MONTHS with another company's study materials and felt lost, even worse, I started to doubt my intellectual ability to pass the SWE.  I found TDC through a Facebook group called MFT Guide. Initially I was skeptical of everyone's praise for your program, but once I began using your reasoning strategies, my scores on the testbank I was using began to improve.  Best of all, I regained a sense of hope that I could pass this test and I did!  On to the CVE!

The Therapist Development Center was a great help. They provided excellent mock tests and easy to absorb materials. The National Exam for MFT's is super hard to pass because it covers a wide range of topics with often complicated questions that get confusing. But the TDC study guides prepared me well for it. Most thankful to TDC and especially, Asya for her help. I highly recommend the the service! 

THANK YOU TDC!! I passed my 1st AND 2nd exams on my first tries thanks to you guys.  I passed my 2nd exam after studying for 3-4 weeks tops which is amazing given my collegues are still studying using another prep course.  I'm so happy and forever grateful I stumbled across TDC as their study strategies were on point and invaluable.  Simply put, TDC is the best prep course and worth even double the cost! :-)

I took the CVE last August and missed it by 1. I spoke with TDC and they helped me realize that I was going to pass the next time without a doubt and assured me that I still had full access to the program until I passed. A few days before I took the CVE I had a coaching session with Robin and she helped me realize important steps that I was missing when taking the exam. It was worth EVERY penny and because of that I PASSED the CVE yesterday!! TDC was 100% the reason for my success!!

I would highly recommend the Therapist Development Center prep course. Amanda utilizes her education in the neuroscience of learning to teach you how to study.  Since it's all online you can study at your own pace and don't have to commit to all day seminars.  You can review the material as often as you like.  To manage my own anxiety I also purchased test banks from another organization but after taking the test, I'm not sure it helped me all that much.  And so much of what is covered in the other test banks is not even on the test.  Way too much info!  I'm glad that's over and look forward to studying for the Vignette exam.

I passed both exams my first time!!! Your guys' website is great. The tests were still extremely difficult for me... but i passed. I'm one of the people that felt that i was failing them, but somehow passed. I still can't believe I passed both parts! Thanks guys!

Your program was so helpful!  I passed both exams the first time.  Thank you!

TDC made the difference for me between Passing and Failing, no doubt. I had used AATBS materials the first time around, and was completely unprepared and had studied so much information I did not even need. This, indeed, was the hardest exam I have ever taken so thank you for helping me through it.

TDC made a grueling process bearable. This system covers all you'll need to pass both licensing exams with competence and confidence. I wouldn't bother at all with any other prep system. Thanks TDC for getting me through this!

This program came highly recommended by other MFTs that had passed the exam and I have recommended it to many other MFTis. It increased my confidence and conceptual understanding of everything needed. The additional information provided about how to think about the exam and how to study was awesome and really eased my anxiety. I actually enjoyed studying with this program. From what I hear from friends that have purchased other programs this program is much more streamlined and helps us use the common sense and actual job experience we have developed in the years as an Intern.

I'm so happy! I just passed the Vignette Exam today. I tried two others and I am fully convinced that it was your study program that got me through it. I recommend your program to everyone I know studying for these exams. Thank you so much for your wonderful program!

I cannot thank you enough!  I am particularly appreciative that you are so diligent in keeping this training program up to date.  The frames were very helpful when I got a bit stressed about some of the muddled questions, but I also found that using the comment button to justify my answers was helpful.

The frames this method uses really made the exam more managable and helped me stay focused on the vignette when trying to determine the answer.  They were absolutely essential in keeping me from getting lost in the complicated wording of the exam!

Both your courses are incredible. I am forever grateful.

It was so helpful having TDC's personal coaching tips alongside the regular course material. Thank you!

I passed my SWE yesterday thanks to the TDC. I absolutely loved this study system. I would recommend the TDC to anyone in the process of licensure. I also found the coaching session was really helpful in managing my anxiety and the tips I received for test day. Thank you Asya!

The strategies discussed in TDC's CV preparation allowed me to feel confident in approaching the MFT CV exam, which I passed on first attempt. The course recommends you approach the exam with an active and engaged way of thinking that is far more empowering and satisfying than the more memorization-based and erratic materials than I found in Grossman.

I passed on my first attempt using the TDC system. The test was difficult, but I had the tools to pass. Thanks so much

Your material zeroed in on just what I needed to know for test taking strategies and information to pass the test.  Your philosophy/style of learning made sense and helped me with the tough questions to weed through and omitt wrong answers, completing the test in a timely matter.  Your material is simple and basic, giving only the information needed to pass the test without overwhelming with too much information!  Not to mention reasonably priced. Thank you very much for your all of your help! I will recommend Therapist Development Center to all my friends!

I want to share with you that this program made it possible for passing the Vignatte exam. I noticed that they work as a team to help you pass, no joke, they truly do and they are there all the way.  I passed the 1st time, and it is like Amanda explains in this program, it is a reading comprehension exam and the strategies that she teaches are absolutely priceless!!!!! Also Robin (I had an coaching session) was great!! Thank you all!