The TDC program is amazing! You were truly with me until I passed. After not passing last year and missing by 6 points, you graciously extended my program. The second time around I completely immersed myself in the lectures. I felt totally prepared yesterday. Thank you!

Fantastic program. I’m so grateful. It’s been a long time coming for me in this process and I had a genuine fear of the exam. Your program laid it out so clearly and simply that I had no problem understanding what was expected of me. I so appreciate the way you organize the materials and it’s helped me with the actual work of being a therapist. Thank you so much for all you do.

I used TDC for both Law and Ethics and the Clinical Exam. I will recommend it to all my friends taking the exam in the future. They update their material regularly and I felt competent about the material going into the test. I followed the protocol and I am so glad I did because without this course I doubt I would have passed this challenging exam. It IS a marathon for the brain, just like they said!!

This course helped me prepare for the Clinical exam. It was very thorough with all the information presented. I felt prepared with all the info I needed to pass! Thank you so very much for helping me on this journey!

I am incredibly grateful for the study prep y’all offer! Not passing previously was humbling to say the least, and building my confidence up took a good bit of time. The Therapist Development Center study prep really aided in my confidence building process. I went into my test fueled by prayer and grace and ready to attack! Seeing “congratulations, you passed” was such a treat! I can’t say enough how well I believe the study materials prepared me. They provided me with an entirely different way to approach the exam. I am a TDC fan for all time and will send all I know y’all’s way! Thank you!

I felt so prepared for this test thanks to the TDC study system. Many of the questions and concepts from the test were covered in the lectures and practice tests so it really helped me feel confident while taking the exam. I cannot recommend this program enough. I also used GGS a little to supplement because it comes automatically when you are enrolled at National University, but it did not do much to help me. There were way too many details that I didn't need to know and it doesn't teach you how to reason and select the right answer like your program does.

Thank you TDC and TDC support group for being by my side during my journey and in preparing me to pass this exam. The consistency of my study schedule along with study materials, audios, mock exams, blogs strengthened my skills to fully understand what each question was asking. Being present, focused and reminding myself to meet the client where he/she is at were the key to answering FIRST, NEXT questions with confidence. During times of uncertainty, I remained positive and attacked the exam by choosing the best answer and using Amanda's voice in the back of my mind to help me get clarity in the questions.

What helped me learn was the mix of audio and reading materials. I was able to listen/read at my own pace and use both learning methods. I also appreciated how clear the lectures were, the amount of mock exams I was able to practice with, and the quick studies. What questions I did have, Robin was able to reply promptly. Thank you TDC team!

The first 2 times I failed the exam; while the stats for passing were under 60%, I still felt like a total loser. I took a substantial break (months) in order to regroup, clear my mind, and get positive. I felt like I knew the material pretty well, I really needed to practice taking the exam and get the timing better. I did a coaching session with Robin and together we were able to specifically key in on a couple problem areas. Looking to 20 questions at a time really helped make it less overwhelming. I focused on getting the 20 done and then breathe and stand up if needed, and then go on to the next 20. Also, whenever I got stuck with 2 answers, I didn't keep trying to solve it, I just picked one and moved on. The 3rd time is a charm! I passed!!! Don't give up!!!!!!!

TDC really prepared me for this exam. It taught me how to quickly and accurately get the gist of the question, calm my anxiety about "the right one," pick an answer and move on. Heck, I was even sick when I took the exam but I still felt prepared. Even when the questions were worded or presented funny, I still relied on what TDC taught me and was able to refocus and move through it. Thanks to everyone at TDC for helping all of us get passed these hurdles and get on with our lives and careers.

I am 2 1/2 post Masters Degree. I took the exam once in June '17 and did not pass. I became really discouraged because I felt prepared, but the test proved that was wrong. Looking back now I think I knew a lot of the knowledge, but not how to read and answer the questions the way the test requires. I didn't take the test when I was eligible again in October because I didn't feel ready, and I don't have money to waste. I decided to make the sacrifice in January '18 to pay the money for the study material, studied consistently for 2 months and passed!!! I am encouraging those I encounter to keep working towards passing, and buy this study material!

If you are wondering whether or not to pull the trigger with TDC, DO IT!! Statistics don't lie and it was VERY helpful to be stuck in traffic daily and be able to take my testing materials with me. Also, it helped tremendously to have someone else help me time manage my study outline. I passed after my first try and it was actually fun to tweak out the wrong answers based on Amanda Rowan's insider tips:)

I felt truly supported by TDC! Robin was an amazing coach. She helped me prioritize the areas where I felt week in, and by the time I got to the test I felt fully confident to go into the test with the work we had done together. I would recommend TDC to everyone getting ready for the exams. I not only felt more prepared, I also feel like I am a better clinician after using the study system. Thanks TDC and Thanks Robin for being a great support going into the test!

Thank you TDC and Amanda!!! Your study materials and test strategies really helped me feel confident and ready to attack the MFT Clinical Exam. I highly recommend this program.

This program was current and thorough. I appreciate that is was not so much a memorization approach, but a process of critically thinking through legal and ethical situations and prioritizing for safety. I learned and retained useful analytical skills and knowledge. I passed the first time I took the exam!

I have used TDC to prepare for the California Law & Ethics exam and the California Clinical Exam for MFT licensure. I passed the first time for both exams. Following the TDC program to a T and utilizing the resources (reading relevant blogs and messaging coaches) make this program worth every penny. They did a fabulous job of preparing me emotionally and mentally because I hung on every word of advice and listened to the "pep talks" more than once. I can't stress how helpful and valuable this test prep program was for me. A big THANK YOU to the TDC team! You are doing a great job!

This course is fantastic, and besides the supervised experience, it is all one needs to prepare for the board exam. It is very comprehensive and takes into account many different facets necessary to prepare. I highly recommend it!

TDC helped me understand how to think for this exam. We are all different therapist in the room with our patients/clients and TDC helped hone in on what the BBS is looking for! Thank you, thank you!

TDC was all I needed for the test! The strategies and the content both were spot on!

I didn't believe it at first about the passing rate for those who use the program, but following the program, I felt very prepared and confident in taking the test. I am a believer!