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I had been studying for about a week before I purchased this program and felt that I needed extra material to be prepared for the actual exam. I purchased the program 4 days prior to my exam date. I had taken time off of work so all my focus was on studying and I was able to complete the program. I loved the way the program was organized especially the audio parts. Listening to rationales were very helpful and understanding the thought process instead of just knowing facts. I passed my MFT Law and Ethics exam the first time! I will definitely use this program for the Clinical exam. Thank you so much!

Great program! Everything I needed to learn was covered. I felt very prepared when I took the test and passed.

I passed my exam for MFT licensure. My first try! The pep talk really helped! I reviewed and read all the material twice over a leisurely 7 month period. I got more serious 3 weeks before my test date and started studying in earnest and the week before the exam. I took several days off work and devoted myself to intense studying and review. I truly didn't think I had passed when I hit the submit button but remembered almost everyone feels that way when they take this test. Thank you! 

This prep program is the best out there in terms of thoroughness, depth of knowledge, friendliness, multiple media approaches, and ease of use. I also love Amanda and Robin's voices which helped immensely as I imagined them talking to me and discussing the options throughout the test. And finally, the Top 30 & Top 50 Topics were very instrumental to my success in passing. I also strongly recommend booking coaching sessions; the gems I received were priceless.

Thank you so much! Your system works. I followed it down to the letter and passed my Clinical MFT exam. Excellent program. I felt so prepared. You were right Amanda, there were questions that made no sense. I just checked an answer and kept on moving. I heard you say, "Check it Linda and kept on moving." Thank You!

TDC really helped not only with what I needed to know, but how to approach the exam and how to hold some of the uncomfortable feelings that come up during the exam. Don't skip the final pep talk! I listened to it the morning of the exam, and it really helped. Also, the Top 50 section was a goldmine for last minute review. Thank you!

I was very unsure of myself and my ability to pass this exam, but TDC prepped me, and helped me to have more confidence. I love how structured the material was, because it helped to ease a lot of my anxiety by having a study plan. The best skill that TDC helped me on developing was not only to know the right answer, but to understand why the other answers were wrong. I was able to narrow down most of the questions to two answers because I learned how to eliminate wrong answers. The advice of "Attacking the Test" was so inspiring that I wrote that on my scratch paper before I started the exam. I highly recommend TDC, and could not have passed this test without such great prep material!

What was so instrumental in getting me to pass this test was the rationals provided along the way. The audio segments were critical in helping me learn, hear the inner voice during test taking, and provide valuable tools for success. I had failed the test twice using another study program which obviously was not yielding results. Other programs cram so much information in a few days of training which leaves no room for assimilation and provide little support along the way. I also felt that this program tapped into the feminine mind which was critical for me. In addition, chunking the material in bite sizes was equally beneficial as it allowed me to truly remember the material along the way. A big thank you!

I know I would not have studied everything that was in this program if I’d just tired to study on my own. This program showed me where I was weak, so I could concentrate on those areas. I loved the organization and the ease of using this program. I had to concentrate it into six weeks, but I could see the value of taking longer and going through the material more than once.

The strategies shared about how to frame the questions and to eliminate answers, plus the practice exams and explanations, helped so much in preparing for the MFT clinical exam. In addition, it was so helpful to have all the information we need to know consolidated in one place, plus a structured program within which to study it.

I had taken the LMFT clinical exam last year and used Gerry Grossman's study material and I did not pass the exam by 7 points. There were many questions on this exam that I was unable to answer (i.e. reality theory, self-psychology, etc.) because Gerry Grossman does not provide study material for additional theories. My friend told me about TDC, so I figured I give it a try. I like how the speaker puts everything into perspective by giving real life examples. Plus, the material is structured and easy to study. The TDC mock exam was very similar to the actual exam since the LMFT exam phrased things like "What action step would a therapist take?" compared to Gerry Grossman mock exams, which most of the treatment questions had a specific theory. The LMFT exam only had about 13-15 questions related to a specific theory while the rest of the treatment questions asked "what a systems therapist would do?" I felt more prepared this time around to take the LMFT exam after using TDC study material.

I used TDC for both my Law and Ethics and Clinical exam. I loved having both the audio and worksheets to use. I was over prepared for both the exams and passed on my first attempt both times. Thank you so much!!

Without TDC I never would have passed the LMFT Clinical Exam on my first attempt... or my second or third. This is a tough exam. As many can probably attest to, the BBS dragged their feet and made me jump through hoops to approve my hours, and TDC graciously extended their services three times to accommodate the bureaucracy. By the time I asked for my third extension, I jokingly wrote to Lindsay that I wish I'd discovered this program before I wasted so much money on grad school. In all seriousness, this program not only covers everything you need to know, but also provides many opportunities - practices quizzes, rationales, tests, DSM comparisons - to practice what you learn along the way. I believe that if you put the time in and follow their suggestions, you will feel as grateful as I do today.

Your program definitely prepared me in all areas tested! It gave me the information necessary to eliminate wrong answers and tips to pick out clues from the vignette that helped me in answering the question.

I believe that your program is very good. I am specifically thankful to Ms. Robin, who patiently responded to my questions. I believe that she is a good asset for your program. I was going through a lot of anxiety, and stress and she showed a remarkable amount of genuine empathy, and kindness. Her tips were good, and her resources were quite helpful. Big THANK YOU to you, and greatest HUG and thank you to Ms. Robin.

I am so excited that I passed and pleased with my experience with TDC!  I actually believed that my study with TDC not only helped me to pass the test the first time, but more importantly, helped me to become a better therapist.

I believe if it was not for TDC, I would have not passed the exam. I was extremely nervous on the day of my exam and thought there is no way I will have time to take a break or snack. Surprisingly enough, I did have time and I had some juice and a little bit of banana. Somehow I was on time! This was my second time taking this exam and the first time, I did not have time to answer approximately 30(!) questions. This time, I felt some questions were easier on the examination than on TDC program, which is great! That is how it should be! :) It takes the edge off during the actual exam once you realize you are well prepared! Thank you to Amanda, Robin and to all the TDC team.

TDC material certainly helped get me exposed to how the exam would be given and what sorts of things to know, both specifically and generally. I very much appreciated the flexibility that TDC had with me because I had to push my exam back several times and therefore also needed several extensions on the study material due to the unpredictable nature of my work schedule. Their flexibility and support is what comforted me most when studying for this very important exam! Thankfully I was well prepared and passed!

Based on my previous experience with using the TDC exam prep for the Law & Ethics exam, which I passed the first time and with time to spare, I felt confident that TDC would prepare me for the clinical exam, which would be a longer test and more complex. I just passed the clinical exam with time to spare yesterday. Now with the test behind me, I can say that Amanda is spot on with her prep format. In fact, I thought some of her mock exams questions were much more difficult then what I experienced during the actual BBS exam. Although I do not have any other programs to compare TDC to, I would not hesitate to recommend others to TDC. Metta!

I was pretty sure I wouldn't pass the LMLE today because I was consistently getting 57-64% after the first run mock exams. When I re-took the mock exams I would get in the high 90's.  I think I passed today because TDC is very comprehensive and more difficult than the actual exam. Putting the quality time into the work is definitely worth the it!! The PEP TALK was imperative! I heard you in that room and I PASSED!!! Thank YOU Amanda!!