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The TDC program was just what I needed. I couldn't stand studying for 3-4 months with other programs so this program worked very well with my schedule. I studied 5 days a week for 3-4 hrs a day and studied for less than 2 months and felt ready. Even though I was scoring in the 60-70s on my mocks, which was discouraging, I knew I felt ready and I knew the material very well. By the time I took the actual exam, it felt much easier than the TDC mocks! The strategies I learned with this program were what really helped separate this from the other programs. Thank you so much!!! I couldn't have done it without you and your support to stay with me until I passed!!!!!!

I felt that TDC narrowed the scope of material down to the most important material. I think I failed the first time, because the other agency I used incorporated too much information. My brain was on overload. With TDC, I felt that there was a nice balance of information, and the audios make it great for me to review material during lunch, while driving, or from anywhere I had a moment. Also, I enjoyed all of the practice exams, because I felt very prepared during the actual exam.

I found TDC to be great. I would just recommend to give yourself plenty of time to absorb and learn the material because it's a lot of material. Thank you for your support.

I studied for about 5 months, 10-12 hours per week and it was worth every minute. The audios were great! I have a long commute to work so it was perfect study time. The cheat cheats were my BFF's, we hang out every night for 2 hours after my husband and kids went to bed. Robin was of great support and answered all my questions and concerns in a timely manner. Followed the plan step by step and now I'm licensed!

I passed both the Law and Ethics and Clinical exam on the first try. The material was very well explained and the mocks were extremely helpful. Thanks TDC!!

This program not only refreshed me, it provided me with the knowledge that I did not receive in my graduate program. I was surprised how much information I did not know about the different theoretical therapies as well as law and ethics. The information was comprehensive, thorough and organized. Before purchasing this program, I attempted to study on my own using old text books, the internet and other materials. I was so lost and unmotivated. With TDC, you know exactly what, when and how much to study. Wow... I learned so much and enjoyed each session. I looked forward to my study time especially listening to Amanda on the audios; her voice is clear, calm and direct. Thank you so much for developing this excellent program.

I used other test material in my first 2 attempts and passed this time around using only TDC.

This program is amazing!!! If you want to pass look no further... this is it!

I'm so thankful to TDC for preparing me to pass this exam on my first try. I followed the program exactly, and I went through the whole thing twice. I also took advantage of the included coaching from Robin, and I purchased two hour-long sessions with her to go through some of my questions from the mock exams. I also practiced with the free practice questions on the blog. I appreciated the anxiety-management tips and recordings as well. The test was hard, but I felt well-prepared and am now thrilled to have it behind me! Thank you, TDC!

I heard Amanda's voice in my head and it was helpful. I felt prepared and confident. I knew I passed the test when I hit finish.

I was referred to TDC by all of my grad school classmates (literally, all) and chose because after 6+ years I wanted to give myself the best chance of passing the first time. TDC's auditory-heavy model is contrary to how I have been groomed to study (memorizing masses of material) and when I felt anxious I did crave lists to memorize. By the third mock, I found myself internalizing Amanda's thought process almost naturally and it definitely reduced my anxiety. My mocks were 76%, 76%, 83%, and 76%. I am grateful and would recommend TDC to others.

TDC really provided a solid structure and materials to help me stay focused, paced, and prepared for the exam. I have testing anxiety and the reassurance through out the curriculum and availability of online coaches was super helpful. Thank you TDC!

TDC really helped prepare me for the Law and Ethics and Clinical exams. I felt confident going into the exam and remembered how to process and eliminate questions. I took Amanda in the testing room and imagined what she would be saying. Robin Gluck also really helped when I had certain questions and answered me promptly through email, which I really appreciated! I would overall really recommend this program!

I took my Law and Ethics last year and Clinical this year and passed both tests on my first attempt using TDC. It was worth the little buck I spent!

The TDC program is amazing! You were truly with me until I passed. After not passing last year and missing by 6 points, you graciously extended my program. The second time around I completely immersed myself in the lectures. I felt totally prepared yesterday. Thank you!

Fantastic program. I’m so grateful. It’s been a long time coming for me in this process and I had a genuine fear of the exam. Your program laid it out so clearly and simply that I had no problem understanding what was expected of me. I so appreciate the way you organize the materials and it’s helped me with the actual work of being a therapist. Thank you so much for all you do.

I used TDC for both Law and Ethics and the Clinical Exam. I will recommend it to all my friends taking the exam in the future. They update their material regularly and I felt competent about the material going into the test. I followed the protocol and I am so glad I did because without this course I doubt I would have passed this challenging exam. It IS a marathon for the brain, just like they said!!

This course helped me prepare for the Clinical exam. It was very thorough with all the information presented. I felt prepared with all the info I needed to pass! Thank you so very much for helping me on this journey!

I am incredibly grateful for the study prep y’all offer! Not passing previously was humbling to say the least, and building my confidence up took a good bit of time. The Therapist Development Center study prep really aided in my confidence building process. I went into my test fueled by prayer and grace and ready to attack! Seeing “congratulations, you passed” was such a treat! I can’t say enough how well I believe the study materials prepared me. They provided me with an entirely different way to approach the exam. I am a TDC fan for all time and will send all I know y’all’s way! Thank you!

I felt so prepared for this test thanks to the TDC study system. Many of the questions and concepts from the test were covered in the lectures and practice tests so it really helped me feel confident while taking the exam. I cannot recommend this program enough. I also used GGS a little to supplement because it comes automatically when you are enrolled at National University, but it did not do much to help me. There were way too many details that I didn't need to know and it doesn't teach you how to reason and select the right answer like your program does.