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I'm grateful for the guidance and information provided by TDC which helped me pass my Law and Ethics exam! I appreciated getting to study at my own pace, which was so necessary balancing work, family, and other responsibilities.


I cannot tell you with words how much I am grateful for your program! I could not have passed my Law and Ethics Exam without TDC!!!! I had taken the test once and that was the first time I had ever failed something, so I was very disappointed. English is my second language and part of me and my supervisors attributed some of my not passing to that, and I had little faith after that experience. After today I have faith in myself to take my Clinical MFT exam in the early Summer!!!!  Muchas Gracias TDC!!!!


 This is a great program which did a good job preparing me for the test. I felt like I was able to learn Law & Ethics almost all over again so it gave me the foundation I needed.


Thank you for the great support and the amazing training! I really appreciated being able to send you a message and getting fast answers to better guide me! Thanks to you, I passed the exam!


I highly recommend using TDC's study program for the MFT Law and Ethics exam. I felt prepared and ready to sit for the exam.


TDC is awesome! Thank you for preparing me for this exam! I walked in and killed it!


I really had a great experience using Therapist Development Center. TDC doesn't just offer practice tests, mock exams, and quizzes. The program is audio and so you can literally take it on the road. Visual aids are also available to supplement the audio. TDC offers test taking skills and gives you explanations for answers throughout the practice exams. I did not pass the exam last year by 1 point, but I think I would've done so much worse without TDC. I stuck with the program and went through it again step by step. I recommend TDC to anyone that wants something easy to follow and will stick with you throughout the process. I particularly recommend it to those who feel that test taking is not their strength.


I am so grateful to TDC to help bridge the missing link of testing taking strategies and knowledge! I had taken this exam twice before and was missing the key to understanding the exam. This program was skillfully designed to help me feel confident and strong in my abilities, have the MFT knowledge, and my game plan. I laugh now, but one my biggest take aways was "eat a snack half way through the exam!" Oh my goodness, how simple is that trick but absolutely necessary for a passing score! I had not done that the other 2 times I had taken this exam! THANK YOU, TDC for being part of the reason for my success! I am so grateful for your heart to help prepare us for this exam!


Thanks to TDC I passed my licensure. TDC was awesome! I felt prepared and the test anxiety preparation was key! I will definitely recommend this program to all of my colleagues.


Thank you TDC, for your support. I passed the Law and Ethics exam and could not of been able to do it without this study course. Thanks for allowing me to continue with the program after not passing the first attempt because now I was "successful" and passed.


Finally! I passed the L&E Exam. I have to thank TCD and Amanda for preparing me to take this exam and for Amanda's encouraging words at the end of the material. If I could give advice to someone who is preparing to take this exam it would be to be aware of your state of mind while studying and taking the test. The information is there, you have to be open to let all this knowledge in your brain. Thanks TDC!!!!


TDC is truly comprehensive in its coverage of the material using down-to-earth audio lectures and easy-to-understand study sheets. Amanda is sensitive to the difficulties of needing to absorb the vast material and be prepared emotionally and physically for the endurance that is required to pass the exam. If you follow her direction and invest the time, you will pass. After following the program you'll feel you're actually taking her into the test with you. You can hear her approach to solving the clinical problems given in the vignettes and weed through all the choices in the answer sets to pick the best one. I am happy and grateful to have passed... and what's nice is that if I didn't, I knew I could have extended my subscription until I did.


I have taken other courses and this has by far been the best. This program was great and saved me time and money. I'd like to thank Amanda for creating this program and also Robin for being a great coach. Also many thanks Asya. Although we were physically far apart, I always felt the support of everyone by my side. This was especially valuable to me since I was not in a great physical condition when I was studying. Thank you again, and I will recommend this program to everyone. I also look forward to taking the course for the clinical exam.


I want to start by saying that I feel proud and humbled at the same time to know that I have accomplished this last step towards my licensure. Proud because I did it, and humbled because not every time when we try our hardest do we get the desired result. I feel thankful. My journey towards licensure stretched from 2011 to 2017 and in between that time, I put myself through graduate school (I loved every bit of it!), did my internship, got married in between, had a baby, was diagnosed with a chronic Lyme disease, and started my battle with that going to numerous doctor appointments and trying various treatments. I kept working as an intern at one of the agencies the whole time, minus the maternity leave, and I studied hard after putting the baby to bed. I think both of the tests were great and designed to prepare us to be better clinicians. As in real life, the presenting problem and the treatment course is not a simple answer. I found the test very comprehensive and dynamic. And long! TDC practice tests helped me a lot to strategize my approach to better understand what the question really asks and pick out the important aspects from the presenting vignette. In addition, I relied on the knowledge from grad school and the work in the field. All of it helped. All of it prepared me to feel confident. Good luck everyone and best wishes! Thank you TDC!!


I passed the MFT Clinical Exam on my first attempt using TDC!  You can never be too sure going in to the test but I felt VERY confident within the first few minutes of the exam. I felt that the questions on the TDC Mocks prepared me well! I took "Amanda" with me and we PASSED!


I used TDC for both California MFT exams and passed both the first time. As Amanda recommended, my greatest challenges on the clinical were to SLOW down and read words one by one. Had I learned that lesson earlier in my study process my mock scores might have been higher! Also, I recommend taking the 'How to Test' portion of her lectures VERY seriously as that information greatly assisted me. On the exam I used the "frame" for every question that was longer than one sentence. Life saver. Thank you!


This program made studying so much easier and got me in the mindset of thinking as I would when taking the test. Amanda was great at explaining things and telling me what to look for on the test. I feel that this program not only helped me to pass the exam, but it made me a better clinician in my work with clients.


I had my doubts about this program as I get a little nervous when I take a test, but I'm a believer! It really helped to take Amanda into the test with me. Thanks a ton!


I'm super excited! I took the exam in April which I probably shouldn't have. I had just had a big surgery and even being on all the meds and being extremely anxious, I only missed by 4 points then. I share because the program works and is right on point. Look how close I was then and I didn't answer 12 questions because I ran out of time in April. So my reason for not passing that was my own medical and mental factors. I took the exam again today and passed! I went in completely healed from surgery and completely confident. I had very little anxiety and walked out there completely ready to take another exam! Great program and I think I was overly prepared which is a great feeling!


The Therapist Development Center was incredibly helpful. I found that the program is user friendly, to the point, and accurate. I would highly suggest utilizing their charts to help separate legal, ethical, and legal and ethical.  This was most helpful because all the questions are broken down in legal, ethical, and legal and ethical. Had I not spent so much time compartmentalizing which are which, I would have failed the test. The Therapist Development Center helped me stay focus, lean into the test, and really read each word to make sure I was answering the question appropriately. The test is beyond more difficult than I anticipated.


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