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I felt the program was very thorough and I even learned from the test prep program. I have recommended it to several friends who are preparing for their MFT exam.


TDC provided a straightforward and comprehensive preparation for the exam. I was able to understand how the questions were structured and how to arrive to the best answer. What resonated with me was what Amanda mentioned about feeling like you were failing, even early on in the exam, but I kept going. I kept track of my time and finished with time to spare after reviewing the questions I marked. I definitely felt nervous going into the exam but seeing "PASS" on my print out made my day and I realized how prepared I really was! Thank you!


TDC was very helpful. I was able to study while waiting for my hours to be approved. The clinical test was very challenging but I felt like TDC prepared me to use critical thinking and clinical judgement to tackle the questions and answers. I was able to pass the exam on my first try!


I was very skeptical about signing up for an online course, but this was the absolute best decision I could have made! I purchased the combination Law and Ethics/ Clinical Exam Prep package for the MFT licensure. I graduated and finished my supervised hours years ago, so I knew I needed a refresher course to help prepare me for the exam. And I was thoroughly prepared for both exams! I especially loved the flexibility of the online materials. I was able to study in my car, the gym, at my desk. The hand-outs were accurate and up to date with all the changes to the DSM and the new Law and Ethics requirements. I felt confident when I walked into the exam with Amanda's voice reading the questions with me in my head. And I passed both exams on the first try! I absolutely recommend this course to anyone who wants to feel confident and well prepared for both exams. Thank you for having this product available to students. Now I am a licensed therapist!


Thank you TDC for teaching me how to think and how to prepare around the questions!


I used TDC for both Law and Ethics, and the CCE and passed both on the first sitting. TDC Exam Prep is THE BEST investment you can make in order to prepare for this exam. No other program offers what they do, and they certainly are with you all the way. If you want to pass on the first sitting, purchase this program and follow it to the letter. You will pass it!!


TDC is all I needed to pass both my Law & Ethics and Clinical Licensing Exams, both on the first attempt. The sample tests are very similar to the actual exam, and gave me confidence to know I was ready! TDC taught me to make a plan and work the plan. It worked!


TDC was amazing! I completed all steps and all mocks and I felt very well prepared. I was confident through the test and some questions were almost identical to TDC. If you put in the time and really study it will pay off!


I found this program to be exceptionally helpful in preparing me for the MFT Clinical Exam. The materials covered all of the materials that were on the exam. The practice tests and overview of the answers really helped as the exam text questions were just like the practice exam, so I felt very comfortable. I was able to pass the exam on the first try, and I have already recommended this program to other clinicians, both for the law and ethics exam and the clinical exam.


I would like to extend my gratitude to the TDC team for assisting me to prepare for the LMFT Law and Ethics exam. I truly appreciate the support and encouragement that was provided to me in the process of my preparation. I was not fortunate to pass on my first try due to situations that were taking place in my personal life during the times I had to take the exam. However, the unconditional support I received from the TDC staff was incredible and encouraging. Thank you again for helping us through our journey!!! I now look forward to start my preparation for the clinical exam!


I am 52 yrs old and received my Master's degree in 1997. After 20 years away from academia and failing the exam twice, I was definitely doubting my ability to pass. This approach was far more instructive, engaging and prepared me far beyond any previous study program. It showed me that 'how' I take the test was as important as the content. My score went up 11% as a result. I also recommend the coaching. Asya gave me the confidence and courage to work through strategy which paid off greatly. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


I am so please that TDC is here and a part of this learning process. I took the exam the first time and did not pass, but after my friends/colleagues informed me of this program... well as you can see it made all of the difference. I passed using the study material the first time!


I thought your program was easy to follow, comprehensive, and very helpful.


I had always had test anxiety and believed that passing this test was going to be impossible for me. I just believed that I wasn't smart enough, but I followed all the advice given and studied so hard, and I am still in shock that I was able to do what I thought was impossible for me. I am so blessed. I did it all with two small kids too! Thank you so very much! I will recommend this program to all my MFT friends!


I could not have passed without you, Amanda. You were right there in the room with me and taught me exactly how to think for the exam. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


This program is nothing short of fabulous. I was nervous going into the test, but was able to utilize all the strategies Amanda reviewed in the course for a successful outcome on my first attempt. The information in the program is up-to-date and I found myself saying "oh, this question is just like one I saw in the practice exams" multiple times on exam day. I will be using this company again for the clinical exam prep and recommended it to many colleagues. Do not hesitate to purchase this program; you will walk in on exam day more than prepared to ace the exam.


This exam was brutal! But I couldn't have imagined a better way to help prepare. Thank you for your help!


It took me 3 months of studying about 4 days week for 2-3 hours a day and 1 month of studying about 12-15 hours a week with this program and I passed the clinical exam the first time I took the exam. It was a great program to prepare me for the exam. The questions in the actual exam were very similar to the Mock Exams in this program. Thank you TDC for helping me pass this very hard exam in one shot! I recommend this program to everybody.


I felt organized preparing for test with this program and adequately prepared. I would definitely recommend this course to other peers preparing for licensure!


So glad I signed up with TDC. Looking forward to enrolling with TDC for the Clinical Exam prep.


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