Understanding Character Styles
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"We all have characteristic embodied styles of living, and with each style, there are clusters of attitudes, expectations, behaviors, and emotional processes that shape our possibilities and limits. This 4 part lecture series will look at how these styles emerge from the interplay of our various vulnerabilities and adaptive adjustments, and how they are dynamically interconnected with foundational themes, with self-protective patterns, with longings and with imaginative and creative capacities. We will also explore the implications of this orienting process in therapy." -Lynne Jacobs

In this CE course, users will:

  • Listen to a 4-part lecture series taken from a LIVE training with Lynne Jacobs, PhD, a Gestalt therapist, and psychoanalyst.
  • Gain an understanding of 6 major character styles and the way in which each character style may present in individuals.
  • Be exposed to case examples that illustrate each character style and how therapists might approach issues that arise in treatment.
  • Take a post-test to consolidate knowledge and understanding.
  • Receive 7 hours of CE upon receiving an 80% on the post-test.

CE Creidts - 7 Hours

In order to purchase this course, users must agree to listen to the recordings in a reasonably private setting, due to the sensitive nature of the case examples provided.

**Please note that due to the nature of the recordings (taken from a LIVE event) there are at times audience questions or comments that are difficult to hear.

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