LMSW Exam Prep: ASWB Masters Level Exam
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Our LMSW Exam Study System prepares social workers to pass the ASWB Masters Level Exam. Our ASWB Masters Level Exam Study Guide includes everything you need to pass your exam with confidence. Our online study system includes access to:

  • An organized, step-by-step study plan designed by experts in social work - we are the only program with a 10-step system that gives you clear tasks to prepare for the ASWB Masters Level Exam. This makes your studying efficient and effective.
  • Audio lectures with printable handouts – listen and learn at your convenience. When you attend a workshop, you only get to hear that information once.  Real learning requires repetition. With our lectures, you can listen and take notes as many times as you need.
  • A thorough review of all essential content areas on the 2021 LMSW exam - we took the ASWB Masters Level Handbook and organized our course in a way that makes all the information accessible and covers it in a way that will actually be tested on the ASWB Masters level exam.
  • Multiple, effective study tools - we learn best when the material is presented in different formats.  Our program does just that. We review the Top 50 Topics tested, provide multiple handouts, lectures, and quizzes to reinforce concepts.
  • Our clinical examples from professional social workers help you learn instead of just memorize the information, which is essential for successfully answering the reasoning-based questions that make up the majority of the exam.
  • Clear test-taking strategies and anxiety management you will use on exam day.
  • 600+ ASWB Masters Exam practice questions with audio or written rationales
  • Experienced LMSW exam prep coaches available via email for questions and support - our coaches have passed the ASWB Masters Level Exam with a score of 90% or higher!  They know the LMSW exam and will always email you back to you within two days (if not sooner!). We want to help you pass with our LMSW exam study guide program.

This ASWB Exam Prep program takes 50 hours of study time to complete once. We recommend studying 2-12 weeks for the ASWB Master Exam. Access to the program expires after 4 months, but extensions are FREE. We mean it when we say that we are with you until you PASS!

Still unsure if our social work ASWB Masters Level Exam Study Guide is right for you?

For many social workers, taking the ASWB Masters Level Exam can be very intimidating, and that is understandable. The ASWB Masters Level Exam covers a massive amount of content. With so many options - books, workshops, apps, and other online options, finding the right social work ASWB Masters Level Exam Study Guide can be daunting.

It has been our experience that many social workers come to us after using other social work ASWB Masters Level Exam Study Guides and failing.  Frustrated and defeated, they worry that they won’t ever be able to pass the exam. Many students report that they were overwhelmed with books or the app that they bought were nothing like the ASWB Masters Level Exam.  We totally get it. That’s exactly why we created this LMSW licensing exam training and exam study guide program for the ASWB Masters level exam. As social workers who have actually successfully passed the ASWB Masters Level Exam Study Guide who had seen the other study guides out there, we knew there was a very real need for a better program for test-takers. That is why we created a robust, but concise study system that provides a clear plan and multiple learning methods so your brain can truly learn and absorb the material. When it comes to passing the ASWB Masters Level Exam, you are in good hands with the Therapist Development Center team.  We look forward to helping you pass!

(Please note that for the Michigan LMSW exam, you want to sign up for our Clinical LCSW program, as this is the study system that will prepare you for the Michigan LMSW exam. Our LMSW exam prep is for a Masters level exam that is NOT required in the state of Michigan.)

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Course Reviews

TDC is the best! This program is worth the investment. My baseline scores based on practice tests I took improved the further I got into the program. There's something about TDC I can't properly describe with words. It really helps you think the way you should to answer the questions correctly on the actual exam. This was money well spent.

I went through the course three times, but only scored in the mid 70s. I thought I was not going to make it, but I wound up in the high seventies on the exam. I attribute that to this course. Thank you for an excellent study guide.

The TDC study content was so helpful in helping me getting familiar with the formats of the questions on the ASWB exam. I really appreciate how organized the study content was and the tests and mock exam were very helpful

Thank you so much for creating this study program. I needed a 98 to pass and scored a 118!!! Studying those quick studies every day definitely helped me so much and it organized everything perfectly.

I studied for three months for about two hours every day. I went over all of the quizzes multiple times, read through the quick studies and made flashcards, listened to the audio tutorials, took the practice test, mock exams, and repeated as suggested. I listened to the audio lessons whenever I was driving, cooking, or going for walks. This allowed me to focus and really listen to what I missed previously. By the time the exam day came, I felt confident I would pass the test. That was my attitude. I will pass on the first try and I did. I listened to the pep talk in the car the day of the exam. I was not allowed food, only a beverage, and I took a bottle of orange juice with me. I had a filling breakfast and ate a candy bar right before I went in. I took a quick break at question 85, sipped some orange juice, and finished strong. I utilized the process of how to eliminate, prioritize, and pick the best answers and did not need to go back and review the exam because I knew I passed. Thank you for this wonderful study system that was very structured, organized, and detailed with great explanations to question answers and information.

The exam was tough but I felt the course prepared me. I don't believe I would have passed the licensure exam without using the study system. Thank You!

Today, I passed the LMSW exam! I began studying in February 2021 and schedule was somewhat consistent. Within the last 2 weeks of the exam, I studied 4 hours everyday. I felt very prepared going into it. I believe I could have passed by more but I second guessed myself. Either way, I passed and I have to thank TDC for all the help. If I had questions, I received an email quickly and the answers were very thorough. Thank you for this guide and helping me pass my test!

I appreciated that TDC held me accountable by having me create a schedule and follow it. Also, I was surprised that the simple things like "attacking the test", drinking juice, and exercising helped me so much more than I expected. I was able to print out all of my materials, review them, organize them in a binder, and even made flashcards from them. It was so helpful to have a study system that was organized and broken up into bite-sized pieces. Whereas the normal review textbooks are so daunting and overwhelming that it's hard to know where to start and feel motivated to continue. I recommend this program to all of my friends! I am so glad I invested my time and money into this program.

I was really skeptical about the program at first. It was really expensive, and I was worried about investing so much money and not passing. However, with this program, I was able to find my weaknesses and focus on them. I am really thankful for all of the lectures, mock exams, tips, and the final pep talk. I was so nervous going into the exam, but I took advantage of the test taking tips provided in the program. I prayed and studied with TDC for about four months and passed on my first attempt!

I found this study program extremely helpful. The ‘top 50 topics’ helped me to recognize important things to focus in on, and the mock quizzes and exam helped me to really get into the testing mode. I had trouble reading through a textbook, and the audios made studying more enjoyable. I would recommend this program to anyone who needs help studying for the exam!

This program helped me get ready take my exam. I recommend you use this along with another program. I passed my exam first try. I would recommend this to anyone who is taking the LMSW exam.

This study system was above and beyond my expectations. I have rejoined the workforce after being home with kids for ~16 years and basically starting over like a graduate student. Once holding my CSW, I felt defeated and embarrassed when I could not pass the LSW. This study guide perfectly broke down each area and provided great test taking tips. I felt very confident going into the exam...and passed!

I had taken LMSW twice before and failed by 1 point the first time and 2 points the second time. I was very discouraged, until I heard about TDC. I studied three months straight with the TDC study plan and I passed my exam by 11 points. The study materials made it easy to digest.

TDC was very helpful in providing study materials to prepare for the LMSW exam. I loved the fact that you can study at your own pace. They provide outline templates for you to follow and guide you week by week until its test time. I waited a full year after receiving my Masters degree before taking the exam and it was very relieving to have such thorough study guides and lectures. I would definitely recommend this to anyone preparing to take their LMSW exam and I will use these same tools for my LCSW exam in the future.

Definitely worth the money. I passed on my first time taking the LSW Exam.

I was super nervous about taking the LSW exam! I studied all of the audios and did the practice tests daily. I truly believe I passed thanks to this program! Super helpful and will use again for my LCSW!

Using TDC was a big help in providing me the knowledge and patience to pass on the first time! All topics are covered in such a way that makes you think outside the box and assist in providing real world examples. I Def recommend.

I just can't believe I wanted SOO long to use TDC! It has helped me out tremendously in preparing for this exam. Not only did I feel confident before and during the exam, I feel extremely PREPARED which was extremely important for me! I ONLY used TDC, because I wanted to follow it to a "T". THANK YOU LADIES for helping me pass my exam!!! I will be back when it is time for my clinical exam.

Your material is what allowed me to properly prepare for the exam. Your practice exams were extremely well done. Thank you for producing a quality product for us to use. As a military veteran, I also want to express my gratitude for the financial assistance with the cost of the program. Thank you again for supporting new therapists as well as veterans.

I took the LMSW 3 times before taking TDC course. I was finally able to pass with the support from TDC!