LMSW Exam Prep: ASWB Masters Level Exam
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Our LMSW Exam Study System prepares social workers to pass the ASWB Masters Level Exam. Our ASWB Masters Level Exam Study Guide includes everything you need to pass your exam with confidence. Our online study system includes access to:

  • An organized, step-by-step study plan designed by experts in social work - we are the only program with a 10-step system that gives you clear tasks to prepare for the ASWB Masters Level Exam. This makes your studying efficient and effective.
  • Audio lectures with printable handouts – listen and learn at your convenience. When you attend a workshop, you only get to hear that information once.  Real learning requires repetition. With our lectures, you can listen and take notes as many times as you need.
  • A thorough review of all essential content areas on the 2020 LMSW exam - we took the ASWB Masters Level Handbook and organized our course in a way that makes all the information accessible and covers it in a way that will actually be tested on the ASWB Masters level exam.
  • Multiple, effective study tools - we learn best when the material is presented in different formats.  Our program does just that. We review the Top 50 Topics tested, provide multiple handouts, lectures, and quizzes to reinforce concepts.
  • Our clinical examples from professional social workers help you learn instead of just memorize the information, which is essential for successfully answering the reasoning-based questions that make up the majority of the exam.
  • Clear test-taking strategies and anxiety management you will use on exam day.
  • 600+ ASWB Masters Exam practice questions with audio or written rationales
  • Experienced LMSW exam prep coaches available via email for questions and support - our coaches have passed the ASWB Masters Level Exam with a score of 90% or higher!  They know the LMSW exam and will always email you back to you within two days (if not sooner!). We want to help you pass with our LMSW exam study guide program.

This ASWB Exam Prep program takes 50 hours of study time to complete once. We recommend studying 2-12 weeks for the ASWB Master Exam. Access to the program expires after 4 months, but extensions are FREE. We mean it when we say that we are with you until you PASS!

Still unsure if our ASWB Masters Level Exam Study Guide is right for you?

For many social workers, taking the ASWB Masters Level Exam can be very intimidating, and that is understandable. The ASWB Masters Level Exam covers a massive amount of content. With so many options - books, workshops, apps, and other online options, finding the right ASWB Masters Level Exam Study Guide can be daunting.

It has been our experience that many social workers come to us after using other ASWB Masters Level Exam Study Guides and failing.  Frustrated and defeated, they worry that they won’t ever be able to pass the exam. Many students report that they were overwhelmed with books or the app that they bought were nothing like the ASWB Masters Level Exam.  We totally get it. That’s exactly why we created this LMSW licensing exam training and exam study guide program for the ASWB Masters level exam. As social workers who have actually successfully passed the ASWB Masters Level Exam Study Guide who had seen the other study guides out there, we knew there was a very real need for a better program for test-takers. That is why we created a robust, but concise study system that provides a clear plan and multiple learning methods so your brain can truly learn and absorb the material. When it comes to passing the ASWB Masters Level Exam, you are in good hands with the Therapist Development Center team.  We look forward to helping you pass!

(Please note that for the Michigan LMSW exam, you want to sign up for our Clinical LCSW program, as this is the study system that will prepare you for the Michigan LMSW exam. Our LMSW exam prep is for a Masters level exam that is NOT required in the state of Michigan.)

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Course Reviews

I roughly followed TDC because the pandemic made it difficult for me to stay motivated. The lectures along with the PDF files made it super helpful to follow along. I took my test 2 months after purchasing and passed the first time!

The first time I took the exam I missed it by two points. A colleague suggested TDC, so I purchased the program. Since I only missed it by two points I thought that I needed to just brush up on a few things and decided not to complete the entire program. I was wrong to think that memorizing a few things would be all I needed. After taking the exam a second time and failing by one point, I decided to follow the program to the letter. I followed all of the instructions Amanda suggested. I'm happy to say today I became a LMSW and I have TDC to thank. I recommend this program and will surely use it again for my LCSW exam.

TDC has been a great help! I feel like the information is provided at a deeper level than other study material out there. I believe that this program helped tremendously with my knowledge gaps and gave me successful tips and strategies to use when taking the exam.

I have used other study systems, but I believe TDC prepared me the best. The quick studies, the audio discussions, and the practice exams helped tremdously. I also appreciate the extension as needed. Thank You so much. I have taken this exam 4 times and with the help of TDC, I finally passed! Thank You!

Thank "GOD" for TDC! I finally passed MSW exam! I must admit that prior to finding out about TDC, in spite of all the study materials that I was using to study, I was not confident at all. The materials that I started out with included just about everything that I learned in school. I knew that it would take me at least six months to get through everything and still not feel confident to pass. Thanks to TDC, I listened to the seven audios, studied the Main 50 Topics, and took the quizzes, Mock Exams, and Final Mock exams all within 9 days and passed! I definitely recommend this program to those who want to pass their LMSW Exam! Thanks TDC!

Amanda, I took your advice and took you with me to the exam. Whenever I found myself stuck, I said, "How would Amanda answer this question?" I exceeded the points required!

Thank you TDC—I took my exam today and scored 128. I know I would not have been ready without the skills you taught me. I struggled for a month and a half with a popular prep book but there was too much material to digest and few memory recall questions on the exam. Your emphasis on breaking questions apart, using SW values, and practical reasoning skills propelled me to succeed! Thank you and I will be back for the LCSS prep!!

I would recommend this course to everyone! I did not pass my first time and someone told me about this course. I can tell you whole heartedly that I would not have passed today without this course. Thank you so much.

I was frustrated, disappointed, and unsure where to turn after I took the LMSW exam the first time as I though I was very prepared for it. I went to a training course and they expressed how the book was all I needed to pass the exam. Well they were wrong! What I need was The Therapist Development Center (TDC) as the tapes, Quizes, Mock Exams and email support all helped me be successful my second time around on the exam. I highly recommend investing in this program and have already encouraged others who didn't do so well the first time to purchase this program too. I will absolutely be using TDC for the LICSW (LCSW) exam.
Thank you so much to Amanda, Emily, and the rest of the team. I am very excited to say I PASSED!!

I'm an LMSW! I was SO overwhelmed with all of the different study programs out there, but I had heard such good things about TDC that I just knew I had to try it. I was literally one of those people reading all the testimonials hoping that would soon be me!! TDC is incredible, and I 100% recommend it - especially if you're someone like me who needed to pass the first try! I had a job offer contingent on it, and thanks to TDC I felt so prepared going in. I received mid 70's on the mock exams, and passed the exam with flying colors. I needed 99 to pass, and I scored 116.

I LOVED how comprehensive, yet simple TDC makes it. I love how they include all types of learning - the audio was great for me since I'm constantly in the car. Emily was great too, she answered my emails super quick, when I had been panicking about not fully understanding a concept. Can't recommend this program enough!!! I will definitely come back and use the LCSW study prep later down the road. Thank you TDC!!

Thank you for providing me the professional support I needed to be successful...

I used TDC mainly to help me get organized with what to study. When I first started studying for the exam, the amount of material felt overwhelming and I found myself trying to study everything all at once, and feeling guilty and anxious anytime I wasn't studying. TDC helped break the information into manageable sections and topics so that I could effectively utilize my time. Although I previously felt that I was a visual learner, listening to the audio recordings and hearing someone else explain a concept was one of the most helpful parts for me, and I listened to most of them several times. I ended up passing the exam with 30 more points than I needed, which is pretty close to the percentage I got on the TDC mock final exam. I definitely feel TDC helped prepare me, and I will likely utilize it again when it's time for my LCSW. Thanks! :)

I highly recommend this program, I followed the steps as written and studied regularly. I could not take the test as originally planned due to Covid-19 and once test centers started opening the only test time I could get was a Friday at 6:00 p.m. I had to wear a mask and this only added to my anxiety. Despite the late test time and mask situation, I passed! I am so grateful to this program and plan to use it again to prepare for my clinical test. Gina R.

Wow.... thank you thank you thank you TDC!!! Before TDC, I failed the master's exam and felt defeated. It was such a horrible experience. I began studying during the beginning of May, with my test scheduled for the middle of June, approximately 5 weeks of studying and it worked out so well! I loved the audio lectures, the quizzes, practice tests, and mock exams with rationales - it helped me focus on problem-solving and allowed to me think like a critical thinker... I'm a HORRIBLE test taker and wow did this program help me feel CONFIDENT and READY. Also, I loved that I was able to talk to a coach and ask specific questions on subjects that I was having trouble understanding. And guess what, questions relating to those subjects were on the exam and I was so thankful to have had a coach to walk me through step by step... please utilize that part of TDC if you decide to purchase the program.

Now that I have passed the masters level exam, I will be using TDC for the LCSW exam. I cannot thank this program enough. Wow. A game-changer!!! Thank you, TDC!

The TDC prep program introduces the study material in a format that is manageable and equips you with study skills that almost guarantee a passing score on the exam. I will continue to inform others about the TDC website and revisit it for career development opportunities! Thank you!

This is my testimony!! This has been nearly a 20 year journey! I last took LSW exam in 2001. I took the test 2 times and missed them by 6 and 2 points, respectively. I was very broken and swore I would never take it again cause my emotions were wrecked! I was too afraid to take the test again. I am a nervous test taker and was afraid of repeating the same thing.
Then my life changed dramatically in Sept 2019, so I faced my test again. This time I was determined to face this giant and watch my fear go away. I am a Christian and I prayed, praised, worshipped and asked for prayers from my family and friends as I faced this test again. This time I got the TDC program along with another curriculum book. For me, the combination of both materials worked so well together. TDC made all the info make sense and understanding how Amanda thought about each question and how to get to the answer.
I was scheduled to take my LMSW in March 2020, but it was cancelled due to the Coronavirus and my assigned Pearson Vue closed. I was so determined to take it and was heartbroken that it had to be cancelled. I wrote TDC and asked for an extension and it was immediately granted. So, I got back in the saddle and my test was rescheduled for June 12th.
My mom and I went to find the testing site on June 5th- one week before my test and we parked in the 2nd spot. The day of the test I had my quiet time, devotional, prayer, praise time and a great breakfast. I had my recommend banana and juice with me for the snack after question 85. Before I left my home, my mom prayed with me.. The traffic was great! When I got to the site for the test, I got the exact same 2nd spot from the week before!! Everyone at the site was so nice and professional. So, I sat down at my computer and said a prayer and started the test. I wrote down some things to remember- Erickson (I remembered what Amanda said to recall the first word of the each developmental stage), community org, program evaluation and development (which was amazing to learn with TDC), Maslow, Piaget, etc. along with lines from Christian songs and verses from the Bible.
When I ended the test and saw PASS. I started to shaking and was just overjoyed!! I noticed that I needed 100 and got 122 questions correct!! This long post is to be an encouragement to everyone to not give up on a goal or yourself. You can do this!! Involve your family and friends to support and pray. If you are person of faith, keep asking God for help. If you are not a person of faith, keep telling yourself that you will be pass and I promise you it will happen.
Now, as I wait for the Board to review all my paperwork- I plan to begin studying for the Clinical Exam. Until Jan 2021, NJ is allowing candidates to sit for the exam without their hours completed!!
So, this is my new goal. I plan to use the TDC LCSW program. It worked so well for my learning style for my LSW exam. Many thanks to TDC, my family, friends, and the Lord for keeping me strong and helping me to achieve this goal!!

I have previously taken this test twice and missed it by 4 points. I had such huge test anxiety and did not feel prepared at all. I learned about this course and thought I would give it a try since they used different methods for studying other than reading a book. I am so happy I chose to invest in this and I ended up increasing my score 17 points!

I was anxious to take exam because I got my degree 4 years ago, was all set to go and it was rescheduled twice due to Covid. Passed today with over 20 points to spare! Thank TDC for the many extensions and great program :)

I’m really happy I followed this course through to my test date. With all of the uncertainty in 2020, I appreciate how the program approached studying through steps. The more I passed practice tests and quizzes, the more confident I became in my ability to tackle the exam...and that confidence was a huge piece in my passing, that I don’t think I would have had using other study materials on my own.

I found TDC via a LMSW/LCSW Facebook group and used it to help me study for my LMSW exam. I first attempted the exam in 2019 and failed by 2 points. TDC reset my program as I used it to study for my second attempt. I made sure I not only learned the material but processed it so I could apply it in everyday life. I took my second attempt at the LMSW 06/13/20 and passed!

This program was easy to follow and took the anxiety out of testing!! It worked for me and I passed the ASWB Master exam on the first try!!