LMSW Exam Prep: ASWB Masters Level Exam
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Our LMSW Exam Study System prepares social workers to pass the ASWB Masters Level Exam. Our ASWB Masters Level Exam Study Guide includes everything you need to pass your exam with confidence. Our online study system includes access to:

  • An organized, step-by-step study plan designed by experts in social work - we are the only program with a 10-step system that gives you clear tasks to prepare for the ASWB Masters Level Exam. This makes your studying efficient and effective.
  • Audio lectures with printable handouts – listen and learn at your convenience. When you attend a workshop, you only get to hear that information once.  Real learning requires repetition. With our lectures, you can listen and take notes as many times as you need.
  • A thorough review of all essential content areas on the 2021 LMSW exam - we took the ASWB Masters Level Handbook and organized our course in a way that makes all the information accessible and covers it in a way that will actually be tested on the ASWB Masters level exam.
  • Multiple, effective study tools - we learn best when the material is presented in different formats.  Our program does just that. We review the Top 50 Topics tested, provide multiple handouts, lectures, and quizzes to reinforce concepts.
  • Our clinical examples from professional social workers help you learn instead of just memorize the information, which is essential for successfully answering the reasoning-based questions that make up the majority of the exam.
  • Clear test-taking strategies and anxiety management you will use on exam day.
  • 600+ ASWB Masters Exam practice questions with audio or written rationales
  • Experienced LMSW exam prep coaches available via email for questions and support - our coaches have passed the ASWB Masters Level Exam with a score of 90% or higher!  They know the LMSW exam and will always email you back to you within two days (if not sooner!). We want to help you pass with our LMSW exam study guide program.

This ASWB Exam Prep program takes 50 hours of study time to complete once. We recommend studying 2-12 weeks for the ASWB Master Exam. Access to the program expires after 4 months, but extensions are FREE. We mean it when we say that we are with you until you PASS!

Still unsure if our social work ASWB Masters Level Exam Study Guide is right for you?

For many social workers, taking the ASWB Masters Level Exam can be very intimidating, and that is understandable. The ASWB Masters Level Exam covers a massive amount of content. With so many options - books, workshops, apps, and other online options, finding the right social work ASWB Masters Level Exam Study Guide can be daunting.

It has been our experience that many social workers come to us after using other social work ASWB Masters Level Exam Study Guides and failing.  Frustrated and defeated, they worry that they won’t ever be able to pass the exam. Many students report that they were overwhelmed with books or the app that they bought were nothing like the ASWB Masters Level Exam.  We totally get it. That’s exactly why we created this LMSW licensing exam training and exam study guide program for the ASWB Masters level exam. As social workers who have actually successfully passed the ASWB Masters Level Exam Study Guide who had seen the other study guides out there, we knew there was a very real need for a better program for test-takers. That is why we created a robust, but concise study system that provides a clear plan and multiple learning methods so your brain can truly learn and absorb the material. When it comes to passing the ASWB Masters Level Exam, you are in good hands with the Therapist Development Center team.  We look forward to helping you pass!

(Please note that for the Michigan LMSW exam, you want to sign up for our Clinical LCSW program, as this is the study system that will prepare you for the Michigan LMSW exam. Our LMSW exam prep is for a Masters level exam that is NOT required in the state of Michigan.)

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Course Reviews

I was on my second attempt when I purchased TDC. I felt TDC was more complete than the other programs I had purchased in the past. I felt TDC really broke down the concepts for better understanding. What really stood out about TDC is the motto: "we are with you until you pass". That really stood out to me. No other program gives you that kind of reassurance. Thank you again to TDC creators and Emily for being an excellent coach!

I only study for a week and half for the LMSW exam and TDC really was effective in putting the material into digestible parts. I have not used any other ways to study and only used materials provided to me by TDC. I needed a 98 to pass and answered 116 questions correctly. I truly believe that with the time I had to study (1.5 to 2 weeks) without TDC, I would not have passed. Thank you all so much! I will be utilizing this program when it is time for me to take the LCSW exam.

I started Studying in Feb 2019. I am an auditory learner and I knew I needed a program that would cater to my learning needs. I took my time and reviewed the material more than once. I felt confident going into the test, and on questions where I wasn't sure, I was able to make educated guesses based on what I had learned. The questions that didn't make sense really stood out. I needed a 99 to pass and I received a score of 109 :). I completed self-talk throughout the whole exam and only changed about 5 questions that I flagged.

The Therapist Development Centered assisted me in reframing my study approach. I was once unorganized in how I structured my study time but with the strategic format that TDC provided I felt confident and prepared throughout the process. TDC is worth the investment! Thank you for your services!

I took the ASWB for the first time in February 2019 and failed by 14 points. A friend told me about this program and how she passed her second time. I just took the exam and passed with a score of 107 out of 99 I scored 8 point higher than needed to pass all thanks to this amazing program. I now have more job opportunities and things are going great ! I will be back for my clinical in three years : )

Thank you so much, TDC family, for your guidance and support in helping me pass the exam. Listening to lectures and taking notes was such a great way to study. This is truly the best program I have ever used. Thanks again for everything you all did to help me succeed!

6 weeks ago I was reading reviews like the one I'm about to write. I'm here to tell you that if I passed this test (LMSW), anyone can. I've been totally out of the field for (ready...) more than TEN years! That's right...due to a million reasons (namely life), I left social work. I graduated with my MSW in 2007 and got hired right out of school. I foolishly delayed taking the test. When I did take it in 2009, I failed, which sealed the deal for me going a different way on the career path. During the past 10 years I always regretted that choice. I knew where my heart was and was so mad at myself for giving up. I had half heartedly researched the issue (being out of school for so long and endeavoring to take the test) and didn't get good feedback. I just didn't think it was possible to relearn my entire two year program so many years later to try to conquer this test. WELL! Enter TCD. First of all, it just felt right, like they spoke my language... so I gave it a shot. When I took the very first 50 question exam...I got 46%. That's right, I got more than half of the questions wrong. This was a mere six weeks ago. I thought i was doomed. But the minute I started the lectures (by far my favorite part of the program) and taking notes and remembering the style of the test...it all started to (pretty easily) come back to me. This is the ONLY system that doesn't try to scare you with a RIDICULOUS amount of memorization. Instead, it is calmly covered in a very systematic, non-threatening way. I went through the course in two weeks, then did it all over again in another two weeks. That test I got a 46% on? I got a 90% the second time around. I listened to Amanda's tips (imperative) for attacking the exam again and again. Well...today, 10 years after my first attempt, I passed with flying colors!! It feels like one of the greatest accomplishments of my life to date, especially because I let it intimidate me for a decade. I'm telling you...all you have to do is follow the program exactly as it is prescribed and you will see for yourself. THANK YOU AMANDA and everyone at TDC!!

When I started studying for the LMSW I was a little overwhelmed at the amount of material and not knowing exactly how to manage it all. I was reminded of TDC by a former professor and I am so glad I reached out for the study material. The online material - study outline, Top 50 topics, quizzes, audio, and mock exams really helped to put everything in perspective. Listening to the audio and having someone explain everything was especially helpful. I only had one month to study and I could not have passed without TDC. I would strongly recommend this study system to others.

Although I did not really use Therapist Development Center for the third time, all of my review and thinking was devoted to this when I was studying for my test for the second time. Thank you for outlining all of the information and continuing to encourage me to get that passing score!

The program created a good foundation for understanding the test and how to mentally prepare for it.

I graduated with my MSSW in 2013, from an Administration track and so I did not have a solid grasp of the clinical aspect of Social Work. Also,I worked for 5 years in Program Management and Evaluation, so I did not have much professional experience in clinical social work. I decided now to take my LMSW exam considering that I was planning to move out of New York very soon, and had already been granted approval by NYS to sit for the exam. I didn't want to have to restart the process of getting approval in another state. I knew that this was a very sensitive situation, I needed to pass on my first attempt, and so I needed a system with a high success rate. After reading many positive reviews about TDC, I went ahead and purchased the study system, and drove right in. I studied through the entire system once, and then went over several areas multiple times. I took my exam nearly two months after starting the study system, needed a 98 to pass, and I scored 120.

I felt so lost on what to study before I found your program. This helped me focus on what I needed to know. The quick studies and quizzes were the best! Thank you!!

Great program. I felt well prepared after going through the program as prescribed...the online lectures, notes, quizzes,and quick study sheets were great and made the program manageable and comprehensive.

TDC is honestly the greatest study program for tackling the Social Work Master Level Exam. It really brings out the clinician in you and gives you a better perspective on how to answer each question. I definitely recommend this program. Thank you TDC!

I passed my LMSW exam on the second try(first time using TDC) The program was very well structured, and allowed me to gain the confidence needed to pass the exam. My score improved significantly from the first time thanks to TDC! I highly recommend this program. I plan to come back when preparing for my LCSW. Thank you TDC!

TDC literally saved me!

I was so overwhelmed with an overload of study material - bootcamp files, prep books, practice tests, random audio files - you name it, I had it all. It got to a point where I realized that I was gathering materials more than doing much studying. And even if I DID try studying, I didn't know where to start or how to organize myself.

A friend told me about TDC and it was exactly what I needed: clear, organized steps that allowed you to approach the studying with confidence and pace yourself however it works for you. I passed on my first try with only a few weeks of the program. The lectures and quick studies were a game changer for me and when it came to the test day, my nerves quickly subsided when I realized that the questions had a strong familiarity to me.

I'll be back in a few years for the clinical exam!!

Three months ago I failed my first attempt to pass the LMSW exam. My friend recommended "Therapist Development Center" to help me prepare for my second attempt. Today, 5/21/2019, I successfully passed the LMSW exam. The audio section of this course made it easier for me to learn the material. The several quizzes and exams were challenging, but they push me to focus on areas I needed to improve on. Thank you for this course. (-:

My experience with TDC was great. The material and audio recordings really helped me review for the exam at my own pace. Amanda and Emily do a great job of explaining and walking you through the subjects. I'm so glad I used TDC to study for the exam.

I am very proud that I passed the exam. I took the exam several times in the past and used several different study materials but was unsuccessful. I would highly recommend this program to someone who graduated years ago like myself and the material is not fresh. The program was like all my graduate school information compiled into a course. I am very thankful to the therapist who responded to every question that I e-mailed. Thank you Again.

T. Anderson, LMSW : )

TDC program is an amazing program! The material is already structured for you- so they take the work out of planning and schedule study time, what to study and where to start! I was initially apprehensive due to being so busy with finishing up grad school that I didn't feel that I gave myself enough dedicated study time. Nonetheless, I was able to multi-task within the 3 months of my last semester of grad school and study! YIKES :D I think the program structuring made ALL the difference! I'll definitely use the program for my next phase of licensure! People have already been asking what program I used and I proudly tell them TDC! I also see from time to time some people are cautious of the program due to cost, but all I can say is- You get what you pay for!!!! Huge THANKS TDC!!!!