LMSW Exam Prep: ASWB Masters Level Exam

LMSW Exam Prep: ASWB Masters Level Exam
Price: $275.00

Our LMSW Exam Study System prepares social workers to pass the ASWB Masters Level Exam. Our ASWB Masters Level Exam Study Guide includes everything you need to pass your exam with confidence. Our online study system includes access to:

  • An organized, step-by-step study plan designed by experts in social work - we are the only program with a 10-step system that gives you clear tasks to prepare for the ASWB Masters Level Exam. This makes your studying efficient and effective.
  • Audio lectures with printable handouts – listen and learn at your convenience. When you attend a workshop, you only get to hear that information once.  Real learning requires repetition. With our lectures, you can listen and take notes as many times as you need.
  • A thorough review of all essential content areas on the 2020 LMSW exam - we took the ASWB Masters Level Handbook and organized our course in a way that makes all the information accessible and covers it in a way that will actually be tested on the ASWB Masters level exam.
  • Multiple, effective study tools - we learn best when the material is presented in different formats.  Our program does just that. We review the Top 50 Topics tested, provide multiple handouts, lectures, and quizzes to reinforce concepts.
  • Our clinical examples from professional social workers help you learn instead of just memorize the information, which is essential for successfully answering the reasoning-based questions that make up the majority of the exam.
  • Clear test-taking strategies and anxiety management you will use on exam day.
  • 600+ ASWB Masters Exam practice questions with audio or written rationales
  • Experienced exam prep coaches available via email for questions and support - our coaches have passed the ASWB Masters Level Exam with a score of 90% or higher!  They know the exam and will always email you back to you within two days (if not sooner!). 

This ASWB Exam Prep program takes 50 hours of study time to complete once. We recommend studying 2-12 weeks for the ASWB Master Exam. Access to the program expires after 4 months, but extensions are FREE. We mean it when we say that we are with you until you PASS!

Still unsure if our ASWB Masters Level Exam Study Guide is right for you?

For many social workers, taking the ASWB Masters Level Exam can be very intimidating, and that is understandable. The ASWB Masters Level Exam covers a massive amount of content. With so many options - books, workshops, apps, and other online options, finding the right ASWB Masters Level Exam Study Guide can be daunting.

It has been our experience that many social workers come to us after using other ASWB Masters Level Exam Study Guides and failing.  Frustrated and defeated, they worry that they won’t ever be able to pass the exam. Many report they were overwhelmed with books or the app that they bought was nothing like the ASWB Masters Level Exam.  We totally get it. That’s exactly why we created this program. As social workers who have actually successfully passed the ASWB Masters Level Exam Study Guide who had seen the other study guides out there, we knew there was a very real need for a better program for test takers. That is why we created a robust, but concise study system that provides a clear plan and multiple learning methods so your brain can truly learn and absorb the material. When it comes to passing the ASWB Masters Level Exam, you are in good hands with the Therapist Development Center team.  We look forward to helping you pass!

(Please note that for the Michigan LMSW exam, you want to sign up for our Clinical LCSW program, as this is the study system that will prepare you for the Michigan LMSW exam. Our LMSW exam prep is for a Masters level exam that is NOT required in the state of Michigan.)

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Course Reviews

Great program. I felt prepared and confident going into the test. Not only did I pass the exam, but I feel better able to practice these skills within the field.

The program is part of my success in passing my test. When the time comes to study for the LCSW test, I plan to use the program once again.

TDC was a thorough program that breaks down the ASWB content into manageable sections that can be interpreted and retained. The audio lectures helped a great deal in explanation, and reasoning. Quick studies were SUPER helpful, as well as diagnosis differentiation. I appreciated that the questions in all of the mock s were realistic to the actual test, from question stems to answers. Very thorough program, I'm going to recommend to everyone I know eligible for the exam.
I originally started with the Apgar book, and though full of relevant and necessary content, did not bring questions that were comparable to the actual exam.

The information provided was outstanding. I learned a lot from reviewing all of their materials and listening to the recordings. I really enjoyed how the information was laid out in such a professional and easy to understand manner. The mock exams were the most helpful in understanding how to approach difficult questions (this was critical to passing the exam). It's clear that this program works hard to make sure all of their materials are written well and provide accurate information.  

I have taken my LMSW Exam many times before and I usually would use a study guide. I even gave up and thought that my dream of becoming a social worker would not ever happen. I was encouraged by my coworkers to try again. Someone referred TDC. I prayed about it and made the decision to use TDC. I spent two months studying, listening to the recordings, and praying to God to help me to pass. The website is extremely user friendly!! I am an auditoral and visual learner so this program was perfect for me. I reached out to Coach Heidi for additional guidance and was very patient and practical. She was INCREDIBLE!!!! Today I just took my LMSW and I PASSED!!!!!! I am EXTREMELY GRATEFUL FOR THE TDC PROGRAM!!! God used Amanda, Emily, and Heidi to help me to manifest my dream!!!!! I plan to highly recommend TDC to everyone!!!! Thank you very much for making a difference in my life!!!!!

This course absolutely helped me pass my LMSW exam! I went into the exam with a strong inner sense of the correct answers. I can certainly attribute this to the many practice questions that the TDC offers. These questions were very on target with the type of questions I saw on the exam. Thanks for your help!

I felt that TDC helped me prepare well for my master's exam. I found walking through the questions helpful and the techniques on how to answer each question. The practice tests and quizzes helped me practice the skills learned through the course. I felt prepared walking into my exam.

I failed my MSW test 3 times and at this point I was desperate and money didn’t mean anything because my time was running out. I learned so much using the TDC and although it helped me answer the test questions, the test overall is hard. I would recommend this course to anyone even if they don’t need to test. It’s so helpful to ones career development. You won’t regret!

Amazing. I passed my LMSW on my first try and with confidence. This course helped me increase my vocab knowledge but most importantly increased my reasoning skills. Thank you so much!

I took the exam once and did not pass. I heard about giving TDC a try from a friend and I'm so thankful for TDC, I passed the exam!!

I just passed the test on my first attempt about an hour ago. I received a 114 out of 99… This test was extremely challenging and I could not have done it without the TDC program. I highly recommend this program!!! I found it incredibly thorough, I liked being able to hear lectures and re-listen to them at my own discretion, I like the study guides, I loved the quizzes, and most of all I loved the Practice exams because they really got me engaged and prepared for the format of the exam. Thank you so much to TDC for developing this program!

I was very skeptical about this course even after reading the reviews. I studied the course work five weeks prior to my test and I felt more confident this time around after failing my exam for the first time by 6 points. I went in nervous but was able to utilize everything i learned from the course. The top 50 topics was the most helpful for me and the quizzes as well. The quick studie were amazing and helped me with the facts questions. I am happy to say that i passed my LSW exam by 15 points. If it wasnt for this course i would not have passed this time around! 5 out of 5 for me!!

This program prepared me 100% for the types of questions on the test, specifically how to read them and use the question stem to help find the answer. It really helped me understand how to answer the FIRST/NEXT questions. This program prepared me for all clinical questions, I only needed more practice on macro and community advocacy areas. This program is so worth it and I will be buying the LCSW prep when I am eligible for the exam!

Being overwhelmed was my biggest hurdle for preparing for this exam. This study prep helped me organize my studying while maintaining my daily responsibilities. Passed on my first attempt! Definitely recommend this for anyone who needs help with getting organized in preparation for exam.

I suffer with anxiety. Taking test is very stressful for me causing severe nervousness and forgetfulness. The course boost my confidence, something I never had before, reliving me of anxiety and stress. I am grateful

TDC prepared me for my LSW exam. I initially doubted myself but TDC gave the confidence I needed and I PASSED!!!

I struggled taking the exam the first two times due to being a new mom, just graduating and losing two loved ones. I was desperate to find something that would change my perspective from being "I have got to pass" to "I can pass". Finding this program changed my perspective and was what I needed to gain confidence in knowing the material and applying it.

I failed my first testing of the LMSW exam in August of 2019. Wow, I can't explain how it feels to finish the exam and then see the word FAILED! I can just say it was a "gut punch" and reality check. Reality checking being I didn't study. I didn't know where to begin to study. I purchased the study guide off the ASWB website and was overwhelmed by the amount of content which needed to be covered. The study guide only gave the content on the test, but you had to develop your study plan. I had recently graduated, so I was like I'll be fine. I purchased the ASWB practice test and figured that would suffice. Wrong again! I scored 89 and needed 99 on the practice exam. Guess what, I scored 89 and needed 99 on the real exam also. So I immediately came home and started research the web to find a good study program. There is so much stuff out there but I found a lot of it was not developed with proper exam content and was there to obtain your money. I had my reservations about the therapist development center also, so I emailed the site through my personal email and was messaged back by Jess G (one of the exam coaches). I told my wife I still wasn't sure about the site. So my plan was to see if I was getting a carbon copy message or see if the coach was really reaching out to me individually. I messaged Jess back but through my work email. I asked some specific questions and informed her of my reservations. She messaged back to my work email and answered my individual questions. For me, that was enough to give this program a try. Best decision I've made regarding my studying for the LMSW exam. The presentation of the information to study is set up to teach you what you need to know so that you can either pass the test or do well on the test. What happens depends on what you decide to do. What I mean is I wasted a lot of time before I started to study for my exam. I told my wife I wanted to do enough to get the 10 points I needed to pass my 1st exam. I studied hard for the next 3 weeks before my exam. I even took the last week off from work prior to my exam so I could get uninterrupted study time in. I did everything the program requested that I do but I did modify some things to my study style. Again, the program set up is amazing and I haven't seen anything of this caliber being offered by any other company. I procrastinated a bit and I took my exam on 2/27/2020 and I passed it. I scored a 99 and needed a 98. I know that could have gone the opposite direction, but I was confident and felt like I was ready to concur the exam and show that I was in control. After passing the exam, it was like a huge release of anxiety and stress, and I just felt amazing! I'm now in the process of starting supervision for my LCSW license. You better believe that when I take the LCSW exam, I'm coming back to this company to help with my studying. The only difference is that I'm going to actually study for about 3 to 5 months and not "cram study" in like 2 or 3 weeks. I just want to say thank you to the therapist development center and give a special thank you to Jess G. If not for you, I wouldn't have used this program and I probably wouldn't have passed my exam. So again...thank you so very much!!

I studied for 6 weeks for about 30 mins to 1 hour every night. The program was very comprehensive and I like how they break down the questions and I liked the quizzes. I thought they helped to memorize the material. Overall this is a great program to use for studying.

Very grateful for this program! It helped me immensely! Passed on the first try!