California MFT Law & Ethics Exam
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The California MFT Law and Ethics exam is comprised of 40% Law and 60% Ethics. Within the Law portion, 14% is dedicated to Confidentiality, Privilege and Consent, 16% to Limits of Confidentiality / Mandated Reporting, and 10% to Legal Standards for Professional Practice. Within Ethics, 18% is dedicated to Professional Competence and Preventing Harm, 27% to Therapeutic Relationships, and 15% to Business Practices and Policies.

Passing this Law and Ethics exam on the first attempt is very important, as the Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) will require you to wait 90 days after failing the exam before you can retest, and you will need to take a 12-hour Continuing Education Law and Ethics course in addition to having to pay a $100 processing fee. That is time and money wasted; TDC can help give you the tools and skills you need to get that passing score on the first try.

The Therapist Development Center supports California’s Marriage and Family Therapists in preparing for their CA MFT Law and Ethics exams, and is proud to say that 95% of our users PASS!

MFT Law and Ethics Exam Prep Study System

Includes INSTANT online access to:

  • An organized, step-by-step study plan
  • 15 on-line audio workshops with downloadable handouts
  • A complete review of essential MFT Law and Ethics Exam content areas
  • Effective study tools
  • Clinical examples that help you learn rather than memorize
  • Clear test-taking strategies you will use on exam day
  • 5 Full-length MFT Law & Ethics Practice Exams
  • Test anxiety management
  • Coaches available for ongoing questions and support

Our program not only addresses each of these content areas, but mimics how the BBS weighs the content to ensure you’re focusing on the right content for the right amount of time. TDC’s California MFT L&E Exam Prep is designed to maximize learning and minimize stress. It can be completed in approximately 35 hours and can be repeated as needed. Access is set for 4 months, but extensions are FREE. We are with you until you pass! Please note: this program is for SINGLE users only. Want to SAVE $50 on your California exam prep materials? Buy the CA COMBO!

Scroll down to read real, amazing testimonials from our users about how TDC worked for them to PASS their MFT Law and Ethics exams.


MFT Law and Ethics Exam Prep FAQs

What is the structure of the California Law and Ethics exam?

The California Law and Ethics exam consists of 75 multiple-choice questions. 50 questions are scored, and 25 questions are considered experimental and will not count toward your final score. The experimental questions can appear anywhere on the exam; the BBS does not indicate which questions will count and which are experimental.

How much time do I have to complete the exam?

Test takers are granted 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete the exam. Accommodations for extra time can be requested through the BBS for test-takers with mental or physical health conditions that qualify under the Americans with Disabilities Act or for English as a Second Language (ESL) test-takers. Here are the forms for each accommodation: ESL accommodations form and disability accommodations form. Additional accommodations can be requested based on individual needs (i.e. separate room, reader, paper exam).

What is the current passing score for the CA MFT Law and Ethics exam?

In 2018, the BBS discontinued publishing the passing score for all of their licensing exams. However, during the first two years the exam was administered the scores were published. Between 2016 and 2018, the passing score was typically in the range of 33-36 out of the 50 scored questions (upper 60s% to lower 70s%). The 25 experimental questions do not count in the final score.

When will I be eligible to take the California Law and Ethics Exam?

Once you receive your associate registration number you are eligible to apply for the exam. The good news is this application for the California MFT Law and Ethics exam is the easiest application you will find on the BBS’s website! All you need to do is complete the one-page application and submit it along with your check to the BBS. Here is the Law and Ethics Exam Application. You can expect the processing time for the application to take 4-6 weeks. If you are applying for accommodations, submit that application at least 90 days prior to your anticipated exam date.

How much time should I give myself to study with the Law and Ethics Exam prep program?

TDC’s California MFT Law and Ethics exam prep program includes approximately 37 hours of content, including 5 full-length mock exams. We are strong advocates of maintaining a healthy balance of studying alongside all of the other responsibilities and joys in your life. If you are able to devote 8-10 hours each week to your studying, you can complete the California MFT Law and Ethics exam prep program in 5 weeks. Some people prefer to move through the program more quickly, while others feel they need more time. Our program is adaptable to meet your needs.

What happens once I pass the California Law and Ethics Exam?

You only need to pass the California Law & Ethics Exam one time. Once you pass the exam, you have fulfilled this requirement and will not be required to take it again. The next exam you will be required to take is your California MFT Clinical Exam.

Can I take one Law and Ethics exam if I am working toward my LPCC and LMFT?

The answer to this question is no. The BBS requires you to take the Law and Ethics exam specific to your license. If you are working toward dual licensure, you will need to complete the California MFT Law and Ethics exam and the California LPCC Law and Ethics Exam. Many people have successfully passed both of these exams using our California MFT Law and Ethics exam prep program. If you fall into this category, please reach out to a TDC coach for additional guidance.

Do I need to take the 12-hour Law and Ethics course?

The only time you are required to take the 12-hour Law and Ethics course is if you have not successfully passed the MFT Law and Ethics Exam prior to renewing your associate registration. If you renew your registration and need to retake the MFT Law and Ethics Exam, you will need to complete the 12-hour course before becoming eligible to sit for reexamination.


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Course Reviews

I finally PASSED after more times then I care to remember, let's put it this way I started when the fee was only $100.00 dollars each time you took it. I've learned.. that sometimes you have to follow instructions instead of pushing your own agenda. My biggest mistake was not trusting the process and following the directions until I began doubting my own abilities in this field. I did everything different this time down to where I took the test, the time, preparation, and confidence that came from feeling truly prepared. I guess like they say better late the never. this was a truly memorable course study, and I look forward to studying for the licensing.

If I had known Therapist Development Center was worth the investment, I would have made a much better choice in exam prep courses, and probably would have avoided having to take the Law and Ethics exam a second time. After TDC, I felt I was able to select an answer, flag if I wasn't 100% confident, and move on. I finished the test with 10 minutes to review my flagged questions. During the test I found myself able to identify what I thought may be the questions that wouldn't be scored, and I did not waste precious time trying to answer something I hadn't been prepped for. I'm actually looking forward to studying with TDC for my MFT exam because I understand and trust the TDC approach to learning. Thank you!

This program was amazing! The practice tests were more difficult than the exam was, so I felt prepared and passed the first time.

The study system did a great job at helping me become familiar with the format and language of the test. The rationales and test taking strategies helped me break down each question. Although I did not fully follow the recommended study schedule, the mock tests and study materials helped me study in 3 weeks! This was worth the pruchase.

I was able to process the scenarios better after studying with the program. It was helpful the information given and presented in a way that I was able to comprehend the material.

This is the best test prep program ever!! I was very scared to take the MFT Law and Ethics test, due to my peers and their triggering stories. I've learned more from TDC, than in grad school. The TDC helped me pass the test and I'm excited to use them again for clinical test in the near future.

This study prep program definitely honors their word, you do pass. I utilized the MFT program for my LPCC ethics exam and passed. I recommend specifically for those who need structure. The audios and organization made it 10x easier to get started and be consistent.

I was very nervous before I started utilizing this program. I had heard about how difficult this exam can be, and I was not sure how to best study for it. I knew that I only wanted to take it once, so when a colleague told me how great this program was, I got the CA combo immediately. I am very glad I did. I was able to pace myself, without feeling rushed, and study when I had time. Everything worked out for me, and that is thanks to this program. I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs to take this test!

The program helped me feel confident during test day and shaped me into a better clinician.

This program is more rigorous than the actual exam. I was well prepared the exam.

The TDC program helped me prepare for my Law and Ethics. Well worth it!

It was great and helped to simplify the experience and made my life so much easier and less stressful.

Loved this program and I felt I was able to feel confident when going into a test that I had no clue how to study for before TDC

Prior to purchasing this program, I attempted the L&E twice. I recently passed and want to thank the entire team however, I want to send a special thanks to Asya, who provided a detailed list of feedback that was very helpful when I did not do well on my first final mock; Including how to manage my testing anxiety. After reviewing the feedback and following the recommendation, I took the second final mock and passed. Now I'm off to prepare for the MFT state exam, also using the TDC program. Thank you!

Thank you for the step by step process that took me from fearful of not being prepared to feeling well prepared. As challenging as the exam was for me, I was able to trust the process and I know that I studied hard, and was going to give the exam my best shot. There were definitely times in the exam that I felt that I was struggling but I soldiered on and had time at the end the exam to review the flagged questions.. Anyway by following the process I passed first time. Thanks for your help TDC, it was a massive relief to pass. Onto the clinical...

TDC is the best testing material. I enjoyed having the flexibility of listening to the materials anywhere. It really helped because I am always on the go.

Honestly, TDC really helped me pass my test. Clear and straight to the point. I couldn’t recommend it enough!

TDC was a thorough program that prepared me to not only understand the law and ethics, but taught me how to think, in order the pass. I couldn’t have asked for a better program to study with!

The way I learn best is through auditory and repetition. I found the audio portion and rationales most helpful.

I feel that TDC prepared me well because you taught me how to think about the concepts and how to take the exam. Your voice really was in my head when I was taking the exam! :) I highly recommend this program and will come back and purchase the full MFT licensure study program once I’m ready to study for that part. Thank you!