California MFT Clinical Exam
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CALIFORNIA MFT Written Clinical Exam Study System Key Features:

  • An organized, step-by-step study program DEVELOPED BY MFTs
  • On-line audio workshops with downloadable HANDOUTS
  • Complete review of essential content areas for the MFT California Written Exam / Clinical Exam
  • Effective study tools designed by California Marriage and Family Therapists who have passed the MFT California Clinical Exam by 90% or higher.
  • Top 50 Topics Tested, Law & Ethics Quiz, DSM 5 & Theory Review
  • Clinical Marriage and Family Therapy examples that help you learn instead of memorizing
  • Essential test-taking strategies you can use on exam day
  • 850+ ON-LINE MFT practice exam questions with audio rationales
  • Test anxiety management tools
  • Experience MFT test prep coaches available for questions and support

    The California MFT Written Exam study program is designed to maximize learning and minimize stress. (Also known as the LMFT Written Exam) The course takes approximately 65 hours to complete once and can be repeated as needed. Access is set for 6 months, but extensions are FREE. We are with you until you pass the LMFT exam!



    The BBS provides accommodations for the California Clinical MFT Exam. If you have a physical or mental health disability you may request accommodations such as additional time, a private room, or a written version of the exam. The BBS will determine which accommodations you qualify for based on the information provided in your request for testing accommodations application. The BBS also provides additional time (time and a half, 6 hours) for the MFT Clinical Exam for English as a Second Language (ESL) applicants who meet the requirements enumerated on the ESL accommodations application.

    1. Celebrate this awesome achievement!
    2. Submit application for your initial license.
    3. Continue receiving supervision until your license is issued.

    The MFT Clinical Exam covers a broad range of subjects including treatment, treatment planning, law and ethics, clinical evaluation, and crisis management. Not only do you need to know the subject matters, the BBS wants to ensure you know how to apply this knowledge in different clinical situations. The majority of questions on the MFT Clinical Exam are considered reasoning-based questions. Therapist Development Center’s program provides a streamlined approach, teaching you the all of the information you need to learn and how to apply this knowledge to the questions that are likely to appear on the exam.


    The application processing time for the California Clinical MFT Exam can vary based on volume of applications and staffing levels at the BBS. In recent months, the BBS has kept processing time for the MFT California Clinical Exam down to 1-2 months. If you are applying for accommodations (see below), processing times can vary and it is important to begin this process as soon as you submit your application for the MFT Clinical Exam.


    The BBS publishes the pass rates for all licensing exams in their quarterly Board Meeting materials. The most recent data available shows the pass rate for first time test takers of the California Clinical MFT Exam in the first half of 2018 was over 70%. Since the new MFT Clinical Exam was launched in 2016, Therapist Development Center pass rate has remained above 90% for individuals who used our comprehensive program!


    The BBS no longer publishes the passing score for any of their exams, including the MFT Clinical Exam. However, based on the published scores that were shared in prior years, the passing score was typically in the range of 97-103 out of 150 scored questions (mid-60%). The passing score will fluctuate up or down based on the level of difficulty; the passing score will be lower if the exam is considered harder and higher if it is considered easier. In addition to the 150 scored questions, the MFT Clinical Exam will always include 20 questions that are considered experimental and will not count toward your final score.


    The MFT Clinical Exam is a standardized 170 question multiple-choice question test. 150 of the test questions are scored, and 20 are experimental and do not count toward your final score. Test takers are granted 4 hours to complete the exam questions. Accommodations for additional time can be requested through the BBS for English as a Second Language (ESL) test takers and those with physical or mental health issues who qualify through the Americans with Disabilities Act.


    The MFT Clinical Exam is the final step on the path to licensure. The following requirements must be satisfied to be eligible to sit for the California MFT Clinical Exam:

    • Obtain qualifying master’s degree and complete additional coursework
    • Completion of  3,000 hours of experience over the course of 104 weeks or more
    • Take and pass the CA Law and Ethics Exam (once you pass, you do not need to take the exam again)
    • Submit application for licensure and examination to the BBS:
    • You must take the exam within one year from the date you receive initial approval. If you do not complete the exam in this timeframe, your application will be considered abandoned. If an application is abandoned, you would need to re-apply and would lose any hours of experience that are more than six (6) years old (with exception of 500 hours accrued as trainee)
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    Course Reviews

    One thing that set TDC apart from some of the other exam prep courses or study materials I used was that I found myself actually enjoying learning the material. The morning of the exam I was able to say to myself, "regardless of what happens today, you have learned a ton in your test prep" (which I think is the point). Luckily I passed on my first try; which felt great!

    TDC was AMAZING! I have never in my life used a test prep program, so I had no idea what to expect. I went with TDC because everyone says it's the best and I am SO grateful I did. This is a very thorough, but digestible and very manageable program. I loved the lectures because I do better with listening, but I also really loved and appreciated the supplemental write-ups.
    Amanda is so thorough. By test day, I felt like we were friends! I definitely had her in my head during the exam and it was so helpful. The best thing about this program is it teaches test-taking strategies that will lead to your success, but it also provides refreshers and even teaches new things I didn't know.
    I didn't even feel nervous going into the exam because I felt so prepared. I was a little uncertain about the 2021 changes to the test since I didn't have much time to prepare, but it was totally fine. Everything you need to know is in the strategies. This was 100% worth the investment. Thank you Amanda!!!

    Tdc is VERY thorough! I felt stressed at times because I didn’t follow the program exactly how it’s recommended but honestly I still felt over prepared by the time I sat for the test.

    Excellent study guide that was extremely helpful in me passing the exam for LMFT. I highly recommend Asya for any additional support /couching needed to assist in the passing of this exam.

    I highly recommend TDC!! TDC reviews all of the critical information required to pass the exam. TDC made it possible for me to retain critical information to pass the exam. I am very pleased with TCD and I am so happy I passed the LMFT Clinical Exam!! To Amanda and the TDC Family, I did it!! I did it!! Thank you so much!!- Richard M.

    TRUST IN TDC AND AMANDA!! The program is so helpful and the strategies are everything! When my anxiety would get high, I had Amanda’s voice in my head to help me stay calm and on track! Thanks TDC!

    Thank you TDC community for your support and well thought out program.

    I really appreciate all the effort that TDC put into their materials and their continued efforts to improve their program. Thank you for helping me feel confident I could pass this exam!

    I went through the course two times and completed all of the Mocks. I realized that I did better when I read the last question of the question stem before reading the vignette so that I was aware of what to look for. I felt the final Mocks were much more difficult than the actual test. This helped me to feel confident and really attack the test.

    TDC was phenomenal. I learned SO MUCH through this course and would not have been able to pass the LMFT clinical exam without it. Amanda Rowan has a great way of explaining things in a memorable manner. Her examples are great! I also loved all of the test taking tips this program provided. I felt confident going into the exam after preparing with this study program, and I am so glad I chose it over the other program options. The mock exams were also VERY challenging, but over-prepared me for the actual test. It felt like a breeze in comparison. Thank you TDC and thank you Amanda Rowan!

    I went through the TDC program the first time in August 2020 but I rushed through it and did not adhere to the suggestions from TDC regarding helpful tools to retain the information. I ended up failing the test the first time in August. I used TDC once again after taking a break. This time I took the time to apply every skill mentioned in TDC program. I learn by writing things down. So I printed the sheets out as instructed and I kept writing until I could remember the material from scratch. I passed the clinical exam and only used TDC and prayer from my faith. I'm grateful for this program! Thank you TDC community!

    TDC absolutely prepared me for the test. Follow all of the tips and tricks; they were incredibly helpful.

    The Therapist Development Center Program and team were an amazing support to help me pass the LMFT Clinical Exam. The training program well exceeded the informational knowledge the lessons learned during my MA MFT. More importantly, it helped me to assess what the exam questions were really asking, e.g. the treatment unit, client comments, and crisis situations. These combined skill sets were essential to my ability to pass the difficult exam. Seven MFTs took the exam at the same center, and I was the only one blessed to pass it. I am grateful for the support I received from Therapist Development Center and Team!

    In my limited experience about prep programs, I've recommended this program to anyone wishing to prep for their clinical in what I think is in the best way possible; for the clinical MFT exam. TDC is very user friendly and they appear to address different learning styles, which I truly appreciate. I needed an extension due to some mix-up in my dates, etc, TDC, I feel, made it easy and accommodated my needs immediately. I am speaking from my experience. I am learning different; with a few of my own "work-arounds" I managed to pass on my first attempt, with this material.....very thorough and helped me go into the exam very strong.

    I PASSED!!!!!!!! Whew, I will just say that I only had about 45 days to study once I signed up for my exam. I submitted my hours SEPT 1, they were received SEPT 2, they were approved NOV 13, and I immediately signed up to take my exam DEC 28. I only had about 45 days to study, but after being in the field for the past 8 years, I either knew the information or I didn't. TDC was able to help me review all of the information I already knew, but the MOST VALUABLE LESSON given by TDC is HOW TO TAKE THIS TEST. Once I learned HOW to take the test, I continued to see a rise in scores. Thank you TDC!!!! I wish you all had test prep for LPCC, because I'm on to the next, but DEFINITELY celebrating this milestone first! CHEERS TO EVERYONE ON THE JOURNEY! Your time is coming! Thank you again TDC!

    TDC has been a life saver study program for me. I was uncertain about which test prep program to choose, but I remembered how TDC helped me prepare and pass the Law & Ethics Exam ( I only had three weeks to study!). I am grateful for this program, Amanda who is amazing with the way she structures the study material, and to Robin/Asya who are both wonderful coaches to consult with, and were with me every step of the way. I cannot begin to tell you how much anxiety I had in preparing for the LMFT Clinical Exam, but I trusted the coaches and Amanda's guidance with the material, and followed their suggestions. Thank you so much to Amanda, Robin, and Asya for sticking with me and being available to answer my questions until I passed! I would definitely recommend this study program for anyone, and if you're questioning whether or not to select TDC as your support through exams- JUST DO IT! You will not regret it, and remember: "they are with you until you PASS, and you will PASS with TDC!"

    The TDC program broke down the content into small easy to manage tasks. What was most meaningful was the support they offered outside of the material. Thank you so much for creating a concise and comprehensive program with heart. I appreciate it.

    I could not be happier with TDC! I used it to pass my CA MFT Law & Ethics test my first try & I knew without a doubt I would be using TDC again to prepare for my CA MFT Clinical Exam. It takes all the guess work out of studying & you know each time you are studying you are being productive & adequately covering everything you need to know to learn how to not only take the exam but also know the material. I am always highly recommending TDC to all my friends/coworkers as study prep & let them know the program is so well put together they dont even need to supplement it with anything else. Thanks to TDC I was able to pass my CA MFT Clinical Exam my first try as well! Beyond worth the money...without question!

    I feel like this study program prepared me well for this exam. Amanda was definitely in my head helping me stay calm and come to the best answers. Great study program and questions were very similar to the actual clinical exam. Thank you!

    A friend had recently passed the test and recommended this prep course. I am glad I followed suit and enrolled with Therapist Development Center. I completed the test materials and passed my clinical exam at first attempt.