California LCSW Law & Ethics Exam
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The Therapist Development Center is proud to report that 95% of our customers pass the LCSW Law and Ethics Exam using our LCSW exam prep study system. The LCSW Law and Ethics Exam was created to ensure that unlicensed social workers understand the California laws and social work ethics that govern clinical practice. Passing the LCSW Law and Ethics Exam is required in order to obtain your license as a clinical social worker in the state of California. The California LCSW Law and Ethics Exam must be taken annually until you pass in order to maintain your status as an Associate Social Worker, which is necessary to accrue your clinical hours.  If you fail this exam, the California Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) will require you to wait 90-days, pay a $100 re-examination fee, and complete an additional 12-hour Law & Ethics CE course to be eligible to retake the Law & Ethics Exam. Our LCSW Law and Ethics Exam Study System includes INSTANT online access to:

  • An organized, step-by-step LCSW exam prep study plan for the LCSW Law and Ethics exam
  • 15 online AUDIO workshops with downloadable handouts
  • A complete review of essential content areas in law and ethics
  • Effective study tools for the California Law and Ethics exam
  • Clinical examples from social work professionals to help you learn instead of memorizing
  • Clear test-taking strategies to help you stay organized and focused on exam day
  • 4 Law and Ethics Practice Exams with audio rationales created by experienced exam prep coaches
  • Tools to manage test anxiety
  • Coaches who are available for ongoing questions and support

The California LCSW Law and Ethics exam is weighed 40% Law and 60% Ethics. Within the Law portion, there are three (3) subtopics: Confidentiality, Privilege, and Consent (14%), Limits to Confidentiality / Mandated Reporting (16%), and Legal Standards for Professional Practice (10%). Within Ethics the three (3) subtopics are Professional Competence and Preventing Harm (18%), Therapeutic Relationship (27%), and Business Practices and Policies (15%).

Our exam study system will address each and every one of these topics in an organized and weighted fashion to give you exactly what you need to pass. This online study program is designed to maximize learning and minimize stress. The California LCSW Law and Ethics exam program takes approximately 35 hours to complete once and can be repeated as needed as many times as you want! Access is set for 4 months, but extensions are FREE. We are with you until you pass the LCSW Law and Ethics Exam!

And don’t just take our word for it. Read some of the testimonials below from those who have used TDC to pass their California Law & Ethics Exam and are now one step closer to becoming a California LCSW. Our program will give you the knowledge, skill set, and confidence you need to ace this exam!

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Course Reviews

I was extremely nervous the morning of the exam. I asked God to provide me guidance and support to pass the exam. Most of the answers to the scenarios are good, but what helped me narrow down the BEST answer was to focus on “what would you FIRST do?”

I highly recommend this program! Not only is this program a great way to study for the test, it is also a GREAT refresher. Thank you for the thorough study material.

I'm a true believer that this study system works. Thank you Amanda and to ALL the TDC coaches for your support!

This study course was well organized and allowed me to incorporate studding into my hectic scheduled without feeling overwhelmed. TDC dose an excellent job at preparing you for the exam as well as calming an nerves you have regarding test and helping you to feel confident and well prepared. 10 out of 10 would recommend!

I was really nervous about the exam. I had not taken an exam in about 12 years and since I needed to transfer my license i needed to find a great resource and found it through this site. I highly recommend it and the explanations of the why were so valuable in helping me pass. Thank you!!

Thank you for all your help. My anxiety at the test was high because the answers sometimes were so close. The time was ticking and it is so important not to spend a lot of time on one question. The rationale for putting tings in order and truly looking at what they were asking helped me to pass.

I had roughly 3 weeks to study so the first thing I did is made a study plan, suggested by Amanda. I studied every day, except weekends. Since I am not a native English speaker, I listened to the course and the feedback after each practice exam 3 times, by using regular speed first time and 1.50x speed 2 last times. I have to admit, I kept hearing Amanda's voice all the time during the test, especially when I was hesitating in between 2 answers, I would always think what would be the right thing to do first and what could be done later. I passed the test from the first attempt and will definitely use TDC for my clinical exam. Thank you Amanda and the team!


Amanda put me at ease and simplified everything to teach me how to get out of "maybe land" (you'll learn about it. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING you need to know is designed in a layout that is user friendly even for the most esoteric thinkers who live in the linear and want to challenge everything. She creates absolutes and and teaches you material and teaches you HOW TO TAKE A TEST. I recommend this far above Grossman and ALL the others. Also, don't go to the dark recesses of your mind and layer TDC with others. I found myself on last night and had a meltdown. Stick to Amanda. On a very special note, my coach was LCSW Robin G (not sure if she wants her last name out there). I consulted with her professionally fee for service and as part of the course she was connected and tapped into me responding to 20's of emails if not more in three months. She is a brilliant clinician, empathetic and encouraging professional and wonderful human being. Whomever is reading this, give that amazing individual a raise and commendation, she saved me :)

This review is an absolute must for me, because I found so much encouragement and gained confidence in myself reading through every testimonial on this site. Yes, I read everything. I am so excited to say that I PASSED this exam on my first try. This truly means a lot, because I have so much fear taking exams like this one. I really started studying for about 6 weeks before the exam. I did not quite follow the guide provided through the program, but loosely made my own, due to my personal schedule. Let me tell you, I have absolutely no regrets paying the amount of money I did to help me study and prepare myself for the exam. Although, Amanda mentioned to "live my life," I was a nervous wreck up until I took the exam. I made no plans with friends and devoted my extra time to studying, because passing in one sitting was my priority. I listened to the last exam day tips on my way to the testing center to help me stay calm. I did not do well on the last practice exam and that almost discouraged me from taking the exam on my scheduled date. I felt so defeated, but I was also confident I knew the material really well. So, I summoned up courage and proceeded to taking the exam. I have no regrets and was so elated and relieved when I passed. Thank you TDC! Like everyone else mentioned, I will be back when I am ready for the LCSW exam.

Therapist Development Center gave me the most confidence I’ve ever had going into any exam! I love the recommended schedule they provided as it allowed me to study the necessary amount but still enjoy my life! Very grateful for this program and looking to purchase again for my clinical exam in the next year or so!

Thank you!!! After failing twice with other study materials, your program made it possible for me to finally pass the LCSW law and ethics exam.

Great program that I would recommend to a friend. I passed on my first try thanks to this program!! Having a coach was wonderful since it gave me support that a textbook.

I found the program very useful and a life-saver! I experience horrible test anxiety and was in search of a comprehensive test prep course that outlines SWs' laws and ethics. It provided scenarios, outcomes, and reasonings as well as helpful study tips. I utilized the tools TDC recommends (even "leaning in to 'attack' the test") and as a result felt prepared for test day! Definitely worth it, folks!

This program is excellent! I used this program to study over the course of 3 weeks for the CA Law and Ethics exam. I passed on the first try. I wanted to utilize a program such as TDC because I was initially licensed in another state. This program made it easy for me to determine the differences in state requirements, especially reporting. I would highly recommend this program for studying for the law and ethics exam in CA!

I truly enjoyed taking this course! It helped me prepare for the test in every way possible. I felt confident the day of my test because I had reviewed this course twice. I appreciate the flexibility with this course in that you are able to look over the material as much as you want and at your convenience. Thank you so much for putting this course out there for us to have. I 100% recommend this course to anyone wanting to pass the exam on their first try.

I passed on the first go after following this study material exactly. I chose to spread the work out over 2 months, studying about 2 days a week. This did feel a little drawn out if you are considering this. Six or 4 weeks would have been better I think. There were some questions that were almost verbatim from the mock exams, but also a lot that really stumped me (hopefully these were the experimental questions?). Remember to "mark" questions on the exam to go back to along the way. They didn't explain this at the test center so I kind of had to figure it out myself, but it wasn't difficult. Ask a tester if you need assistance there.

I used other study material and failed the exam twice. TDC was my last resort and I passed!!

I would 100% recommend TDC to any colleague or friend that is looking to take any type of exams that is offered by TDC. The program overall is very well constructed and developed. I am a visual learner and I have to say that it is not easy to listen to the audio; however, I have learned to appreciate it as I was able to take it every where with me. I took the LCSW Law & Ethics Exam, and I passed on my first try! I am a full time employee and I will say that finding the time to study is very difficult to balance. I am thankful that I was able to complete half of the TDC study materials before going in to take the actual exam (yes, you bet I was nervous!). However, the practice exams that I was able to take really helped me out when I was sitting in the testing center. Everything that I was able to study really helped me eliminate the answers that did not make sense to the question. I am proud to say that I am now one step closer to my dream! Thank you to the entire TDC team. :)

I had my doubts. I thought to myself, I have horrible test anxiety & I will never pass this exam.
I completed this course in ONE WEEK while working FULL time as a Medical Social Worker. This course really helped me understand what I did not much so that it gave me the confidence to feel like I knew exactly what I was doing on the exam. I had taken several other -cheaper- online courses and failed twice. They did not compare.
Thank you so much! This course was worth every penny for me.