California LCSW Law & Ethics Exam
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The Therapist Development Center is proud to report that 95% of our customers pass the LCSW Law and Ethics Exam using our LCSW exam prep study system. The LCSW Law and Ethics Exam was created to ensure that unlicensed social workers understand the California laws and social work ethics that govern clinical practice. Passing the LCSW Law and Ethics Exam is required in order to obtain your license as a clinical social worker in the state of California. The California LCSW Law and Ethics Exam must be taken annually until you pass in order to maintain your status as an Associate Social Worker, which is necessary to accrue your clinical hours.  If you fail this exam, the California Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) will require you to wait 90-days, pay a $100 re-examination fee, and complete an additional 12-hour Law & Ethics CE course to be eligible to retake the Law & Ethics Exam. Our LCSW Law and Ethics Exam Study System includes INSTANT online access to:

  • An organized, step-by-step LCSW exam prep study plan for the LCSW Law and Ethics exam
  • 15 online AUDIO workshops with downloadable handouts
  • A complete review of essential content areas in law and ethics
  • Effective study tools for the California Law and Ethics exam
  • Clinical examples from social work professionals to help you learn instead of memorizing
  • Clear test-taking strategies to help you stay organized and focused on exam day
  • 5 Law and Ethics Practice Exams with audio rationales created by experienced exam prep coaches
  • Tools to manage test anxiety
  • Coaches who are available for ongoing questions and support

The California LCSW Law and Ethics exam is weighed 40% Law and 60% Ethics. Within the Law portion, there are three (3) subtopics: Confidentiality, Privilege, and Consent (14%), Limits to Confidentiality / Mandated Reporting (16%), and Legal Standards for Professional Practice (10%). Within Ethics the three (3) subtopics are Professional Competence and Preventing Harm (18%), Therapeutic Relationship (27%), and Business Practices and Policies (15%).

Our exam study system will address each and every one of these topics in an organized and weighted fashion to give you exactly what you need to pass. This online study program is designed to maximize learning and minimize stress. The California LCSW Law and Ethics exam program takes approximately 35 hours to complete once and can be repeated as needed as many times as you want! Access is set for 4 months, but extensions are FREE. We are with you until you pass the LCSW Law and Ethics Exam!

And don’t just take our word for it. Read some of the testimonials below from those who have used TDC to pass their California Law & Ethics Exam and are now one step closer to becoming a California LCSW. Our program will give you the knowledge, skill set, and confidence you need to ace this exam!

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Course Reviews

I was very nervous to take the Law and Ethics exam. After completing the test prep program with Therapist Development Center, I felt prepared and ready to conquer the exam questions. The pre-recordings and rationales thoroughly cover the material you need to know to pass the exam and the practice tests are an accurate representation of what the actual exam questions look like. Plus, Robin was super supportive and always got back to me in a timely manner whenever I reached out for a little extra help. I definitely recommend taking this course. Not only did it help me pass the exam, but it has made me a more seasoned and knowledgeable social worker. I will be back for the clinical!

I previously took the LMSW course to take the Oregon licensing exam, which I passed, so it was a no-brainer to use TDC for the California Law and ethics exam. I passed that, as well! I have not practiced in several years, so I began this process worried about having a huge relearning curve. Still, TDC presented all the information needed in a concise, easily digestible, and organized format. Thank you for making it possible to get my ACSW license reinstated after so many years!

Passed my first attempt. Study materials are great

Thank you so much, TDC, for your help in passing the CA Law & Ethics exam on my first try. Having only worked in the field outside California, I was anxious about this test, but taking your course gave me the chance to really LEARN and UNDERSTAND (not just memorize) the material. By the time I took the test, I was confident that I knew the material even though I wanted my practice test scores to be higher. On test day, even though I was nervous, I felt a lot steadier and was able to understand the point the questions were getting at. I think that knowing the difference between legal and ethical requirements helped me a lot, because a lot of times the answers to the questions had aspects of both sprinkled in, which made several of the answers seem reasonable. I heard Amanda's voice in my head asking me if they were looking for LEGAL or ETHICAL obligations and that helped me choose. Again, thank you so much for preparing me for what could have been a much more anxiety-provoking experience had I not purchased this course.

TDC prepped me and help me pass my Law & Ethics exam. I followed the advice of when to study and how to study. I didn't allow myself to be discourage when I saw low test scores, I listened to the rationales to help me better understand the reason behind the choice. I highly recommend TDC

I am from out of state where a L&E exam isn't a requirement so I was concerned because I wasn't familiar with CA law. I went over all the materials and took practice exams within 3 weeks of my test and passed. Thanks for the help!

This was my first time taking the California Law and Ethics exam and I passed.

Big thanks to TDC!!! Your program rocks!! The practice questions are so close to the actual L & E exam, and the rationales are super helpful. The audios helped me a great deal to understand the concepts and key points. It's not about memorization, but truly understand the reasons behind the questions. I am also beyond thankful for the coaching and support. Every time I e-mailed the coach my questions, he/she is always quick to respond and answer clearly. Without TDC, I would not be able to pass!! Thank you TDC!!

Passed on my first try with this program. I never had a dedicated law and ethics class in my grad program so this was all pretty new to me. Being able to ask a coach questions and confirm my understanding was really helpful. I felt supported all the way up to test day. I think I learned the most from the practice tests since they go over the rationale for each question and answer.

TDC is the best program out of others that my friends shared with me. TDC is focused on the test topics, drilling the understanding of the concept and principle for me to gain the understanding to rationalize and select the correct answer. TDC designed this study program logically and supported by brain science. TDC even go the extra mile with the topic of self-care, anxiety management, and preview of what to expect on day of the exam. The formate of the program is perfect in terms of the audio, practice test, and the computerize test taking formate--flagging of questions etc. which is similar to the real exam. This is my first time taking this test and passed. I was absolutely amazed with the success. I am excited and look forward to signing up for part two of the study program, the Clinical part.

Great prep for the real exam. After all of the practice tests, when I got into the exam room, I felt totally comfortable.

I really loved this study guide! Every penny was worth it!

I loved the program. The test, study sheets, and examples, definitely prepared me. The pep talk and tips were also helpful. I recommended it to two people. One person purchased it after my recommendation. My other friend stated she used other programs and did not pass. Since I passed on my first try, she is going to purchase the program as well. I will definitely use this program when I take my LCSW exam.

I am so impressed with this program. I have terrible test anxiety and a fear of test. I followed the program instructions, took all the practice test and listened to the rationale. I listened to the last of the feedback while sitting in my car waiting to take the test. When I heard “ lean into the test and don’t be afraid” I literally did exactly that. By doing so, I felt confident and reassured that all my studying and listening to the rationale over and over again, was going to pay off.. with my God by my side and help of the Therapist Development, I passed that test!!

I am not a strong test taker, but taking the course to heart and trusting in the guidance of the instructors, I feel made a huge change while I was taking the exam. Thank you !!!

The Therapist Development Center prepared me very well for this test. Sometimes i have anxieties and a little difficulty to focus on the questions, some I had to read twice, or three times to understand, also because English is not my primary language. I mostly studied the concepts instead of the course questions, I wanted to understand the issue and how to solve it. My TDC helper always answered my questions. Thanks Amanda and team for preparing me adequately for the test.

This is the real deal!! I was hesitant to purchase this program and I'm so happy I did! I knew studying for this exam was going to be tough and I didn't know where to even start. A colleague recommended this program to me and yes it's a little pricey, but Amanda really made me feel MORE KNOWLEDGABLE. I remember the beginning of the program when I took the pretest and first practice exam and failing so hard, I lost motivation and felt so discouraged. BUT TRUST THE PROCESS. This program goes through lots of information in detail. I then took the next two practice exams and still didn't pass (67% and 69%) but knew what I struggled with and studied those topics more. My tips are to actually write out your notes and really listen as to why some of the answer choices were the answer or why they weren't. I took the Mock Exams and scored 75% on both, but I felt more confident because, in the beginning, I knew nothing, or at least it felt that way! Overall, I would use them again for my LCSW exam! Thanks so much, TDC!! I PASSEDDDDD on my first try! I definitely had anxiety going into the test, during the test, and AFTER the test. When I found out I passed, I knew it was because of this program!

I loved the program. I feel that I learn more through this course than I did in some of my graduate school classes. I felt challenged and was able to learn the material. This is a great program and in the future I will invest in study material for my LCSW exam.

This course was amazing because it really helped me prepare for what to expect on test day. I have slight test anxiety, but felt confident after going over my materials a few times! I highly recommend this, and passed the exam on my first try! Woohoo!

Highly recommend TDC!!! I will def be purchasing again for my LCSW clinical exam. Thank you TDC for assisting me on my journey as I become a fully competent social worker.