California LCSW Law & Ethics Exam
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The Therapist Development Center is proud to report that 95% of our customers pass the LCSW Law and Ethics Exam using our LCSW exam prep study system. The LCSW Law and Ethics Exam was created to ensure that unlicensed social workers understand the California laws and social work ethics that govern clinical practice. Passing the LCSW Law and Ethics Exam is required in order to obtain your license as a clinical social worker in the state of California. The California LCSW Law and Ethics Exam must be taken annually until you pass in order to maintain your status as an Associate Social Worker, which is necessary to accrue your clinical hours.  If you fail this exam, the California Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) will require you to wait 90-days, pay a $100 re-examination fee, and complete an additional 12-hour Law & Ethics CE course to be eligible to retake the Law & Ethics Exam. Our LCSW Law and Ethics Exam Study System includes INSTANT online access to:

  • An organized, step-by-step LCSW exam prep study plan for the LCSW Law and Ethics exam
  • 15 online AUDIO workshops with downloadable handouts
  • A complete review of essential content areas in law and ethics
  • Effective study tools for the California Law and Ethics exam
  • Clinical examples from social work professionals to help you learn instead of memorizing
  • Clear test-taking strategies to help you stay organized and focused on exam day
  • 5 Law and Ethics Practice Exams with audio rationales created by experienced exam prep coaches
  • Tools to manage test anxiety
  • Coaches who are available for ongoing questions and support

The California LCSW Law and Ethics exam is weighed 40% Law and 60% Ethics. Within the Law portion, there are three (3) subtopics: Confidentiality, Privilege, and Consent (14%), Limits to Confidentiality / Mandated Reporting (16%), and Legal Standards for Professional Practice (10%). Within Ethics the three (3) subtopics are Professional Competence and Preventing Harm (18%), Therapeutic Relationship (27%), and Business Practices and Policies (15%).

Our exam study system will address each and every one of these topics in an organized and weighted fashion to give you exactly what you need to pass. This online study program is designed to maximize learning and minimize stress. The California LCSW Law and Ethics exam program takes approximately 35 hours to complete once and can be repeated as needed as many times as you want! Access is set for 4 months, but extensions are FREE. We are with you until you pass the LCSW Law and Ethics Exam!

And don’t just take our word for it. Read some of the testimonials below from those who have used TDC to pass their California Law & Ethics Exam and are now one step closer to becoming a California LCSW. Our program will give you the knowledge, skill set, and confidence you need to ace this exam!

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Course Reviews

Biggest shoutout and thank you to TDC!!!! This program is so worth it. Every part of the program allowed me to be prepared and feel confident going into the L & E exam. The audio rationales were so helpful and really helped me learn from my mistakes for the mock exams. The TDC Coach, Asya, was quick to respond to my questions. I was feeling disappointed with my mock scores, but Asya really helped and challenged me on how to think with exam questions. I really like how this program helps you understand the material and not just memorize the information. I can't wait to use TDC for my clinical exam! Thank you TDC!!

Nailed it! Thank you, TDC. The materials were very comprehensive. The repetition and extensive explanations, as well as the "quick tip" sheets, made all the difference. On the day of the exam, I reviewed the quick study guides, listened to the final pep talk, and passed the test. Highly recommend this study program.

If you're visiting this website, save yourself the headache of comparing it to other courses and prolonging the decision: just purchase this course. I have yet to find another course that provides all of the information you need to pass this exam in an organized way that allows you to put your stress to bed. I moved from Texas, so everything was brand new to me but this test adequately prepared me for what I need to know to pass, as well as practice ethically and legally in California.

Therapist Development Center was the difference in me passing and failing this exam. I went in a lot more confident than I would have had I not prepared with them!

I usually have a lot of anxiety when taking exams. I took all the advice TDC provided and it helped me so much on test day. I just kept swimming through it and passed my first time!

Although I felt very prepared to take the exam, anxiety began to get the best of me a week leading into it. I especially began doubting myself after taking Final Exam I because I received a 60%. I even thought about rescheduling it, which I'm glad I did not! Instead, I decided to schedule a coaching appointment with Asya four days before my exam, which I found helpful. In addition to reviewing some of the vignettes, she ended the call by acknowledging that she could tell I was anxious and reminded me on the importance of grounding myself. On the day of my exam, I was very nervous and woke up with a bad headache, so I took Asya's advice on grounding very seriously and I did just that. I reminded myself, I knew what I knew at that point and to just do the best I can. Once I began the test, I was amazed that the questions were not only similar but not as complex as the ones by TDC. There was a moment where I did get a few complex questions, and I began to doubt myself, but I answered those and flagged them. The final recording by Amanda was so helpful on reminding me to keep moving on answering the vignettes and not get stuck, instead flag those and only change the answers if I had an "Aha moment." It seemed like I had flagged several vignettes but with 10 minutes left of the test, I realized I had only flagged five. I only had one Aha moment so I changed one answer, but left the others alone. The TDC program really prepares you, if I can do it, you can too!

I cannot say enough good things about TDC law and ethics program for social workers. I feel that the program prepared me extremely well for what was covered on the exam. I look forward to using TDC again when it comes time to study for my clinical exam. The company was also very accommodating with extensions, as my test was delayed due to the global pandemic.
Thank you to everyone at TDC for this program.

I can't say thank you enough to The Therapist Development Center for helping me prepare for the California Law and Ethics Examination! With all the tasks I juggle in my life, I needed this program to keep me focused and grounded. After I passed the exam (Yay!), I realized that the program more than prepared me for the exam and I appreciated that. I will be back for my Clinical exam and will highly recommend TDC!
Ps) Amanda, I did take you into the exam with me, lol! Thank you for the guidance!

This program was fantastic! I loved the variety of methods the program utilized to relay information. I found it helpful to take notes of my own while listening to recordings, in addition to printing the materials provided and reviewing them. The lectures were very clear and thorough and I felt well-prepared for the exam. The exam even felt a little easier than the practice tests, which was quite the relief to discover on test day!

I allocated study time according to their study guide. The audio rationales and practice exams were helpful for me as I have struggled with test-taking before. This study guide is highly recommended to anyone that is looking for a guide to better prepare for this exam.

TDC truly prepared me to pass the LCSW Law & Ethics exam. I cannot emphasize how much investing in this prep course made me feel not only more confident and but also more competent as a new associate. I followed the exam schedule closely over the course of 7 weeks and felt very relaxed on exam day. I really appreciated the variety of challenging scenarios that tested my knowledge and comfort level. I plan to use TDC for my clinical social work exam in a few years!

When it comes to multiple-choice tests, I often freeze up and become very anxious. Two of my colleagues, whom I consider amazing therapists did not pass the exam the first time, so I was very nervous. They did not use TDC. I researched other programs and decided on TDC after speaking to someone who used the program and DID pass the first time. The program not only prepared me for the exam but I feel taught me important things about being a good therapist. The content is thorough and the strategies like, reading aloud the stem and paying attention to what the question is asking, and narrowing down answers through elimination, were all super helpful. Also not getting stuck in the mud and remembering to move on, tracking your time during the exam, and taking breaths between difficult questions were all strategies I used that help me get through. The coaches were attentive and always available. I had an individual session with one of the coaches, Asya, and she was amazing. She was able to highlight where I was getting stuck and gave me strategies for studying and on exam day. I highly recommend this program.

Thank you TDC. I would not be able to pass this exam without your clear explanations, breaking down questions, and to manage my anxiety. Thank You

TDC is an amazing program! I am a nervous test taker, and typically get so anxious on test day! However, I felt so confident taking the Law and Ethics exam. In fact, personally the mock exams in the TDC was even harder then the actual exam! There were moments of uncertainty in the exam, but I pinpointed those questions down to be the experimental ones. I highly recommended using this program- everything covered on this program is on the exam. There will be no surprises on exam day if you use TDC. I will be telling all my coworkers about TDC and will be back when taking my LCSW exam! Thank you TDC!

I had a lot of anxiety during my test preparation. TDC's material helped me break down topics in understandable ways by utilizing multiple ways in the delivery of information. I loved reading the material and then listening to Amanda elaborate on it. I listened to her in the car, while walking, and even in Costco! Even so, I failed the mock exams. Asya, a TDC coach, reached out helping to calm my anxiety. Prior to the exam, I used the scratch pad to write down as many important quick facts which I thought may be helpful as well as few positive affirmations. During the exam, I listened for Amanda's reasoning on the difficult questions. Thank God, I passed. I highly recommend TDC for anyone needing to prepare for the CA Law and Ethics exam. Thank you TDC .

Robin and Amanda are awesome coaches. Email communication with Robin was especially helpful when further dissection and nuanced rationales were needed to understand missed questions. The final mock exams were challenging, but that's good because when I took the real exam it felt easier by contrast. I was sufficiently confident at the end that I did not bother reviewing the flagged questions (not that I recommend that strategy). I immediately submitted and passed. Thanks again

When it comes to any state test I experience severe anxiety, which has been my nemesis when preparing for tests or taking practice tests. I did the 2 month study plan, which allowed me to take my time. I have to say that I appreciate Robin for being my coach because all my questions were anxiety driven however, her patience and tips helped me TONS. I reread her tips up until I had to take my exam. They were a little different than the ones on the managing tips article, which helped because it felt as if they were unique to my situation. I have to say that the material is pretty on point with the actual test. I followed the schedule and made a plan that worked with my schedule, it's important to really follow the program and apply the tools every step of the way. I hit a point where I literally took the 3 practice exams back-to-back because I was focused on a seeing a certain score, which I regret. I recommend if you score low on the 1st practice exam, take a break, review it thoroughly and really try to understand why you got the questions wrong before taking the next practice exam. I honestly scored pretty low in all exams and not because the exam was hard it was because I was in another mindset with my own expectations. I did postpone my test once because I didn't feel ready at all. I had to mentally snap out of wanting to see a certain score in any of the programs practice tests and focus on applying strategies to understand why I would miss questions. Once I found my strategies and rhythm I was able to apply those during the last mock exam and I did fairly well, which boosted my confidence for the actual test. To all my fellow colleagues that experience high anxiety, take a lot of mental breathers, use positive affirmations, if you feel like giving up that's okay take a break, and remember to breakdown sentence by sentence to understand the stem. Lastly, the day of my exam, I wrote notes on my scratch paper for me to keep in mind and I wrote a nice positive affirmation to remember that I was going to pass. This was my process and I hope this helps others.

Excellent study material. Had the chance to study while working and taking care of my children during the pandemic. The delivery and timeline fit perfectly for my busy schedule during the week.

I am so glad that I took this course to study the LCSW California Law and Ethics Exam. Without it, I wouldn't have known where to begin. I appreciate how organized and straight forward the program is and how I was able to stay on track throughout my study process. This course made my goal of passing on the first try possible. I'm sure I would have not passed without this program. Thank you! Thank you!

Follow the program -- you will pass!