California LCSW Law & Ethics Exam
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The Therapist Development Center is proud to report that 95% of our customers pass the LCSW Law and Ethics Exam using our LCSW exam prep study system. The LCSW Law and Ethics Exam was created to ensure that unlicensed social workers understand the California laws and social work ethics that govern clinical practice. Passing the LCSW Law and Ethics Exam is required in order to obtain your license as a clinical social worker in the state of California. The California LCSW Law and Ethics Exam must be taken annually until you pass in order to maintain your status as an Associate Social Worker, which is necessary to accrue your clinical hours.  If you fail this exam, the California Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) will require you to wait 90-days, pay a $100 re-examination fee, and complete an additional 12-hour Law & Ethics CE course to be eligible to retake the Law & Ethics Exam. Our LCSW Law and Ethics Exam Study System includes INSTANT online access to:

  • An organized, step-by-step LCSW exam prep study plan for the LCSW Law and Ethics exam
  • 15 online AUDIO workshops with downloadable handouts
  • A complete review of essential content areas in law and ethics
  • Effective study tools for the California Law and Ethics exam
  • Clinical examples from social work professionals to help you learn instead of memorizing
  • Clear test-taking strategies to help you stay organized and focused on exam day
  • 5 Law and Ethics Practice Exams with audio rationales created by experienced exam prep coaches
  • Tools to manage test anxiety
  • Coaches who are available for ongoing questions and support

The California LCSW Law and Ethics exam is weighed 40% Law and 60% Ethics. Within the Law portion, there are three (3) subtopics: Confidentiality, Privilege, and Consent (14%), Limits to Confidentiality / Mandated Reporting (16%), and Legal Standards for Professional Practice (10%). Within Ethics the three (3) subtopics are Professional Competence and Preventing Harm (18%), Therapeutic Relationship (27%), and Business Practices and Policies (15%).

Our exam study system will address each and every one of these topics in an organized and weighted fashion to give you exactly what you need to pass. This online study program is designed to maximize learning and minimize stress. The California LCSW Law and Ethics exam program takes approximately 35 hours to complete once and can be repeated as needed as many times as you want! Access is set for 4 months, but extensions are FREE. We are with you until you pass the LCSW Law and Ethics Exam!

And don’t just take our word for it. Read some of the testimonials below from those who have used TDC to pass their California Law & Ethics Exam and are now one step closer to becoming a California LCSW. Our program will give you the knowledge, skill set, and confidence you need to ace this exam!

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Course Reviews

I was very doubtful when purchasing TDC. I failed previously before and I was very down on myself and didn’t think I can retain any more information. There are many ups and downs while using this and it was all worth it. Coming out of the exam and finding out that I passed I knew I couldn’t have done it without TDC.

The program really helps with the format of the exam. The material will definitely bring up your clinical confidence. Happy I took this course.

Excellent prep. I passed the L and E exam on the first try. Final pep talk especially helpful. I went through the course twice because of COVID-19 delays in testing. Take all the quizzes. Review mistakes, that helped a lot.

I am so appreciative of TDC. They were with me until I passed. Thank you so much. I recommend TDC 100%

Thank you TDC for the exceptional study guides and resources. The quizzes where very helpful and the quiz reviews, which explained the rationale for each answers, where especially helpful.

THANK YOU! Fantastic practice questions that are very similar to the actual exam. I passed because your program taught me how to break down the questions properly and compare the stem to the answers. I passed the test the first time because of your program. THANK YOU!

The program is super helpful. I used TDC to take my ASWB Clinical Exam for my initial licensing in New Mexico and then again to take the CA LCSW Law & Ethics Exam in order to be licensed in California. I passed each exam on the first try! While I'm not an auditory learner (books on tape are not my thing), I did appreciate the detailed analysis of each question's possible answers and how to eliminate choices that may in fact be correct but are not the most correct answer and why. I also appreciated all the quizzes and testing. Mock tests really help familiarize yourself with being in the mindset of testing so come test day while you're still nervous, you're prepared. You've done this several times, know the flow, have planned breaks, etc. Thanks, TDC!

I had a lot of anxiety about having to take this exam during such a stressful time. My energy and mood felt low when I thought about having to prepare. TDC helped me gain focus and confidence to take and pass the Law and Ethics exam! I am really appreciative of the support the program gave me.

After having to re-schedule the Law and Ethics exam twice due to the pandemic, I finally had the date set to take the exam. I studied first with the AATBS program but I did not feel well prepared for the exam. My co-workers recommended me to get the TDC program, I did and I do not regret it! I felt confident that I was well prepared to pass the exam and I did PASS!
I would highly recommend this program to everyone who intends to take their license exams.

Super helpful, easy to use and excellent materials. The practice exams were helpful and truly prepares you for passing the exams. Review all content materials and you will succeed. Take the practice exams those were most valuable and insightful. I passed on my first try with no other materials except those through TDC!

I started the program with all intentions of doing the program over the month. However due to COVID-19 I was unable to stick to my original exam date. Once they opened testing sites back up I selected a date that was about 3 weeks away. What I liked about the program is a gradual increase of knowledge. I look back to when I first started the program and felt overwhelmed about the topic of Law and Ethics and by the end I felt confident when going into the test, still nervous but confident. But I utilized everything I learned about keeping focus as well as the clinical thought process and PASSED the first time!!!!

I definitely recommend this program and for me it was worth every penny to have someone walk through the clinical thought process and rationale of the topics.

This is an incredible and I don't think I would have passed without it.
The practice exams and rationals were extremely helpful. I.was very nervous but I applied most of what I heard from the final pep talk.
Thank you TDC!!

All I can say is THANK YOU. I passed my exam today on the first try. I studied over the course of 6 weeks and felt incredibly confident going into the exam. The actual exam questions felt comfortable and familiar to me because of the likeness to the test guide questions. All the information in the testing guide was easy to comprehend and definitely prepared me for the exam. I am 100% recommending this to my social worker friends who are about to start studying for their law and ethics exam and 100% recommend this to anyone reviewing study guides for purchase. I feel the need to also say I am a real person, this is a real testimonial, and my recommendation is real! Thanks again!

Passed on my first try! Not sure how but if anything, TDC got me prepared for this exam!

This program was so unique because of the audio lectures introducing content, the recordings that explained the rationale behind answers on the tests, and the "schedule" it came with- it gave me a sense of control and helped reduce my anxiety about the upcoming test. I loved that the schedule outlined how long each reading, quiz, exam and review would take... I was able to plan and take the exam in under 1 month while working full-time. Coaches were accessible and so supportive; someone got back to me in under 48 hours on the day of my exam, and I walked into the testing center feeling prepared. The material I absorbed not only helped me pass the exam, but is going to be so invaluable in my practice and I highly recommend this program.

I was referred to TDC by a friend. I am/was in the process of obtaining my LCSW in California and needed to study for the Cali Law and Ethics Exam (I am already LCSW in another state). I gave myself 2 weeks to study for the exam and thanks to TDC it happened. I passed on my first attempt and only used TDC. I loved how TDC provided audio rationale and the handouts was extremely helpful for studying on the go. Thank you TDC and thank you for supporting veterans and those still serving!

This program was amazing. I passed on my first try! I get a lot of test anxiety and this course helped ease a lot of it. I needed to pass this exam to be fully licensed as I recently moved from MI to CA. I already took the Clinical exam so the Law and Ethics exam seemed like an annoyance and another thing to do. But, TDC gave me the confidence to succeed in quick time. I feel so happy and relieved to have passed! Thank you so much TDC! I recommend this program and give it 5 stars!!!

I would rate this course the five stars. The audios are extremely helpful. I would highly recommend this program to my friends and colleagues. I will be utilizing Therapist Development Center in the future for the ASWB exam.

If you are on fence about TDC, I would tell you to GO FOR IT! I earned my MSW in 2004 and I have decided to now pursue my licensure.

Yes. The Therapist Development Center's Law and Ethics Study Guide was very helpful in preparing for the CA Law and Ethics exam. The Top 30 section was very informative and the pep talk at the end of the course provided an effective strategy for conquering the exam. Since I had done so many practice exams, the actual exam felt like another practice exam. I am very glad that I purchased this study guide and recommend it to all of my colleagues. Thank you very much for the expert help and coaching!