CA COMBO: MFT Law & Ethics and Clinical Exam
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CA COMBO: CA MFT Law & Ethics and CA MFT Clinical

Looking to become a California MFT and planning to take both the MFT Law & Ethics Exam and the MFT Clinical Exam with the BBS? By purchasing the combo package now, you’ll receive both of TDC’s California MFT Exam prep programs at a big discounted rate. The MFT Combo Package includes online access to everything you need to PASS WITH CONFIDENCE including, audio workshops, step-by-step study plans, practice exams, coaching and more. Both the MFT Law and Ethics and the Clinical Exam programs are designed to maximize learning and minimize stress.

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CA MFT Law & Ethics Exam Prep         CA MFT Clinical Exam Prep


Since you’ll need to take both the MFT Law & Ethics and the MFT Clinical exams with the BBS to become a clinically licensed MFT, you might as well get both programs up front and save money. In fact, you'll save $50 with the combo package! Scroll down to read what others have said who’ve used our CA Law and Ethics and CA MFT Clinical Exam prep programs.


Outside of California, MFT licensing is overseen by the Association of Marriage and Family Therapist Regulatory Board (AMFTRB), but the state of CA has its own governing board, the Bureau of Behavioral Sciences (BBS). After graduating from a masters degree program, one must register with the BBS as an Associate MFT and then take and pass the MFT Law & Ethics Exam. Once the L&E examination is passed, each candidate must accrue supervised work experience. California requires 3,000 hours over a minimum of 104 weeks in order to qualify for MFT Clinical licensure. When the hours have been completed, it’s time to take and pass the MFT Clinical Test with the BBS. And that’s it! By completing these steps, you can become an LMFT in the state of California. However, if you do decide to pursue this license, we highly recommend connecting with the Bureau of Behavioral Sciences directly as there may be additional details and steps you will need to know during this process. Here is the link to their website:


While the intent of both exams are designed to produce the same results, and that is to ensure public safety within the practice of therapy, there are some nuanced differences between the two MFT Clinical exams themselves.

  • Test Items: The CA MFT Clinical exam consisted of 170 test questions, with 20 of them no being counted towards scoring. Those unscored 20 are put on the exam as experimental questions to be considered as part of the scored items in future exams. On the National AMFTRB Clinical Exam there are 200 test questions, all of which are scored.
  • Content: The difference is slight, but the CA MFT Clinical focuses on testing your knowledge around treatment planning, clinical evaluation, treatment, crisis management, law and ethics, and treatment. The National AMFTRB Exam content focuses more on practice of systemic therapy (assessing, hypothesizing, and diagnosing), designing and conducting treatment (including the evaluation of the process and termination), managing crisis, and maintaining ethical, legal and professional standards.
  • Testing Windows: In California, the BBS offers the MFT Clinical Exam on an ongoing basis of five (5) times per week, while the the National MFT Exam is only offered one week per month, and you must sign up the first of the month during the month prior to you intended exam date.

Yes. In fact, questions pertaining to law and ethics make up more than ¼ of the CA MFT Clinical Exam! The BBS recognizes that a significant amount of time is likely to pass between the time applicants pass the law and ethics exam and when they are able to sit for the CA MFT Clinical exam. Therefore, they want to ensure applicants continue to stay up-to-date with relevant laws and ethical guidelines.  


The first exam that associates are required to take is the MFT law and ethics exam. The exam’s name gives away the content--it solely tests your knowledge on the legal and ethical issues that guide our profession. The BBS requires you attempt this exam prior to renewing your associate registration. The clinical exam also tests your knowledge of law and ethics, but it also covers topics such as crisis management, treatment, treatment planning, and evaluation. Each of our programs are comprehensive and cover all of the content and strategy you will need to PASS both exams!

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I am so blessed and thankful for this program! I didn't pass my test the first time, utilizing a different study program and I walked out devastated! I was ignorant to what it would take to endure a 4 hour test! I went through this program twice and listened to every detail and suggestion provided! The most helpful aspect for me was eating my protein bar and juice during the break! I felt a boost of energy and was able to finish strong the second half of the test! Amy covered all of the material, leaving not one topic uncovered! In fact I felt the mock tests were actually more difficult then the exam! I am so thrilled to finally say I have passed! Thank you TDC!

TDC has been integral to helping me refine and organize a study plan that ultimately led to the outcome I desired - passing the clinical exam (and, before that, the law and ethics exam)! Moving through the program topics and two extremely helpful coaching sessions with Asya were key to easing my test anxiety, uncovering places I needed to support my attention span and learning how to be an effective test taker. Through each step of the program I felt my confidence and competence grow.

This is the best study program ever. Incredibly thorough and helpful.

I'm highly satisfied with TDC; the entire program is very thorough, encouraged me to pace myself, and allowed me to feel as prepared as possible for the exam. I passed on the first try, and could not have done so without TDC. My sincerest thanks to the team!

So glad I used TDC. The lectures were essential in helping me master the material. I could not have passed the test with them.

I certainly felt prepared going into the exam. Ultimately, the difference was learning rationales, which made my clinical, ethical and legal decision making process much stronger and process oriented. I highly recommend this program!

I passed my law and ethics last year and just passed my MFT clinical using TDC! A friend recommended TDC to me, and I am so happy I used this program to study. It was difficult at first to get into the "zone" of studying, but once I set my goals and followed the program using the study guide, it made it easier for me to study. I highly recommend this program. There was still uncertainty during the actual MFT test, but I used everything I learned during the program, I listened to myself and my experience, and I read every word in the vignettes (which I believe helped me narrow down my answers). and it worked! The lectures, the quizzes and explanations were so helpful during the studying and during the actual test.
Thank you TDC for helping me become a LICENSED MFT!!!

TDC made studying manageable by breaking down key topics. The combination of audio and quick study guides solidified the learning process. The schedule forced me to hold myself accountable to study every week. Thank you TDC for making the studying process simple. Your test taking tips were invaluable!

TDC helped me get me get in the right frame of mind to study for the exam in every way possible: physically, mentally, and to understand how the exam is testing us. The positive talk, the rationales, and the way they approach how to take the test made the difference because this test is not only knowledge based, it's based on reasoning. Their program definitely prepared me to tackle this test and not the other way around! And it worked because I passed with confidence! Thank you TDC!

This program was so helpful and I feel it really prepared me to ATTACK my clinical exam! I loved that I could listen to the lectures in the morning while I got ready for work, and in the car. The best part is the ask a coach option, if I had any questions I always received a speedy response. I really think this program helps with understand the concepts and reasoning behind clinical information, and not just memorizing facts.

I want to thank TCD for supporting me thru my entire journey while studying to pass my test. Staff is very supportive and encouraging. It took my 3 tries to pass my Clinical Exam, but I did it. TDC helped me work thru my test anxiety and was always there for me with a quick turnaround whenever I needed anything administratively. They also understood that I needed more time and provided me with multiple extensions to be able to continue having access to my Study Center. Thanks TCD!!! We made it!!!

I wanted to provide with the great news that I passed my LMFT Clinical Exam!!! Thank you so much for everything. It sure has been one of the longest marathons that I have done but so worth it. I could have not done with without you both... I greatly appreciate it. Thank you once again!

I want to give my thanks to TDC for helping me through it. I went through the entire course, repeating lectures over and over to prepare, and I'm thrilled to say I passed on the first try!

I heard Amanda in my head and I really felt like I had it the whole time. Thank you!!!

I got my Master's Degree 20 years ago, so I needed a big refresher before taking the LMFT exam. This course prepared me extremely well. Having the audio lectures helped me learn, and having the print-outs helped for review as well. I passed the exam on my first try and I know without a doubt that there are questions that I would not have known the answer to if I had not prepared with this course. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement!

TDC definitely helped me pass the LMFT exam on the first try. The test was very difficult, and I know I would NOT have passed it without doing the TDC program.

This program was tremendously helpful in preparing for the exam! The materials were exactly what was on the exam and the questions were nearly identical! I would definitely recommend. I did the 7 week pass through one time and utilized a coach at the end to tailor the materials to my needs after the final mock exam. The coach was extremely helpful and I am very grateful for this course as it is the most thorough one I researched on the market and the only one with a 95% pass rate! I would definitely recommend.

A truly one stop shop for studying for the LMFT Law and Ethics. This program offers great study advice, routines, material, pre-tests, and will have you ready for the exam. Should have used this program the first time around but very happy to have used this and passed my exam.

You're great!

So helpful with content but also building self esteem :)