CA COMBO: MFT Law & Ethics and Clinical Exam
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CA COMBO: CA MFT Law & Ethics and CA MFT Clinical

Looking to become a California MFT and planning to take both the MFT Law & Ethics Exam and the MFT Clinical Exam with the BBS? By purchasing the combo package now, you’ll receive both of TDC’s California MFT Exam prep programs at a big discounted rate. The MFT Combo Package includes online access to everything you need to PASS WITH CONFIDENCE including, audio workshops, step-by-step study plans, practice exams, coaching and more. Both the MFT Law and Ethics and the Clinical Exam programs are designed to maximize learning and minimize stress.

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California MFT FAQs

How Do I Become a Licensed CA MFT?

Outside of California, MFT licensing is overseen by the Association of Marriage and Family Therapist Regulatory Board (AMFTRB), but the state of CA has its own governing board, the Bureau of Behavioral Sciences (BBS). After graduating from a masters degree program, one must register with the BBS as an Associate MFT and then take and pass the MFT Law & Ethics Exam. Once the L&E examination is passed, each candidate must accrue supervised work experience. California requires 3,000 hours over a minimum of 104 weeks in order to qualify for MFT Clinical licensure. When the hours have been completed, it’s time to take and pass the MFT Clinical Test with the BBS. And that’s it! By completing these steps, you can become an LMFT in the state of California. However, if you do decide to pursue this license, we highly recommend connecting with the Bureau of Behavioral Sciences directly as there may be additional details and steps you will need to know during this process. Here is the link to their website:

Do I need both MFT Exam Prep Programs now?

Since you’ll need to take both the MFT Law & Ethics and the MFT Clinical exams with the BBS to become a clinically licensed MFT, you might as well get both programs up front and save money. In fact, you'll save $50 with the combo package! Scroll down to read what others have said who’ve used our CA Law and Ethics and CA MFT Clinical Exam prep programs.

What is the Difference Between the MFT Law and Ethics exam and the MFT Clinical exam?

The first exam that associates are required to take is the MFT law and ethics exam. The exam’s name gives away the content--it solely tests your knowledge on the legal and ethical issues that guide our profession. The BBS requires you attempt this exam prior to renewing your associate registration. The clinical exam also tests your knowledge of law and ethics, but it also covers topics such as crisis management, treatment, treatment planning, and evaluation. Each of our programs are comprehensive and cover all of the content and strategy you will need to PASS both exams!

Is the topic of Law and Ethics tested during the CA MFT Clinical Exam as well?

Yes. In fact, questions pertaining to law and ethics make up more than ¼ of the CA MFT Clinical Exam! The BBS recognizes that a significant amount of time is likely to pass between the time applicants pass the law and ethics exam and when they are able to sit for the CA MFT Clinical exam. Therefore, they want to ensure applicants continue to stay up-to-date with relevant laws and ethical guidelines.  

How does the CA MFT Clinical Exam compare to the National AMFTRB Clinical Exam?

While the intent of both exams are designed to produce the same results, and that is to ensure public safety within the practice of therapy, there are some nuanced differences between the two MFT Clinical exams themselves.

  • Test Items: The CA MFT Clinical exam consisted of 170 test questions, with 20 of them no being counted towards scoring. Those unscored 20 are put on the exam as experimental questions to be considered as part of the scored items in future exams. On the National AMFTRB Clinical Exam there are 200 test questions, all of which are scored.
  • Content: The difference is slight, but the CA MFT Clinical focuses on testing your knowledge around treatment planning, clinical evaluation, treatment, crisis management, law and ethics, and treatment. The National AMFTRB Exam content focuses more on practice of systemic therapy (assessing, hypothesizing, and diagnosing), designing and conducting treatment (including the evaluation of the process and termination), managing crisis, and maintaining ethical, legal and professional standards.
  • Testing Windows: In California, the BBS offers the MFT Clinical Exam on an ongoing basis of five (5) times per week, while the the National MFT Exam is only offered one week per month, and you must sign up the first of the month during the month prior to you intended exam date.


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Course Reviews

I can't believe I can finally sign LMFT after my name! Thank you so much TDC for your expertise in preparing me for this beast of an exam! This program does not compare to anything else in the market. Hands on, personable, and super easy to follow.! I felt super prepared for the actual exam and completed well before the 4 hour mark. Thank you for helping me build my confidence and attack the exam TDC fam!

Wow TDC prepared me so well for the exam! Not only with the actual content but with the emotional component as well. The mock exams were great and the rationales provided were SO so helpful! It really trains you how to think for the exam. And how to prepare emotionally to not get tripped up on hard questions. I am so so grateful! I passed on the first try!!! Thank you!

I think TDC prepared very well for me to take the test. After reviewing the mocks and final mocks, reviewing the previous material one more time. It helped me to pass the final exam. Robin helped me with some really good strategies like "focus what you know in the vignette", and focus on reviewing the final mocks before you go on to your exam. By going through the course, it trained me how to think (the way exam wants you to think) in the exam. I feel during the exam, after I read the first few sentences, I can guess what they are trying to test. I definitely see a lot of familiar questions on the real exam. The real exam is more easier than what we have been practiced in TDC. It is very easy to rule out answers after TDC training. There is so much to say more to say about how TDC helps me pass the test. It just very get-to-the-point, I feel.

TDC helped me pass my Law & Ethics exam, so I decided to go with TDC again for the MFT clinical exam, which I passed BOTH the first time. I am definitely a non-traditional learner that is prone to high test anxiety, so I definitely appreciate TDC's approach on how to learn the concepts, reason your way through the questions, and manage anxiety. I've had other colleagues that had additional materials on top of TDC, but for me, there wasn't any reason to add anything else because I thought it would be excessive to learn extensive concepts beyond what TDC offered. I was definitely really discouraged by both of the final mock exams thinking I would not pass this test, but was relieved discovering that both those final mocks were harder than the actual test. From those mocks I learned from my mistakes, discovered errors I've made with how I read the vignettes, and reached out to a coach when I had questions. I would definitely highly recommend this course to anyone taking this exam.

TDC does an incredible job of going over every single topic that you will need to know without making you feel completely overwhelmed. I was very nervous going into the exam, but I knew that I was well prepared. I took Amanda's calming voice into the room with me and I PASSED on the first try! Thanks so much for all of the help, TDC!

I was BEYOND prepared with this program. The multiple angles from which each topic was covered was extremely helpful. In addition, going over the test rationales was also helpful in understanding how to think and what to pay attention to. The how to study and test taking tips were also very beneficial when I was actually taking the exam and helping work through answer stems. Could not have felt more prepared! Thank God for TDC!

This program was so helpful in passing the test!!!

Thank you for the organized study materials TDC provided for us. The LMFT exam questions are very similar to the first three mock tests. I wish BBS would consider a break time for this exam because timing is very limited. Time management skills for the tests would be beneficial if it is provided by TDC for the future exam candidates. Thanks!

I’m so thankful for TDC and the attention to details that helped me pass.

I was seriously worried about passing as I had already taken the exam twice before! I took the practice tests and the mocks and scored really low so I didn't go in with much confidence. But the very first question was so similar to the practice and mock exams I thought I might just be able to pass! I am so thankful for this program and the study methods involved. Since the test is a reasoned based test it was nice to be able to learn the logic behind some of the reasoning! Thank you!

I felt well prepared for the MFT Clinical exam using TDC. The actual exam is significantly less difficult than the TDC Final Mock exam, so it gave me more confidence when I took the actual exam. The practice exams were helpful and studying the rationales made me feel prepared. The manner in which Amanda presents the content made it easy to recall and review what I’d already learned in grad school. As I took the exam, I felt confident in my answers and knew I was passing the whole time. Thank you!

I was originally supposed to take the exam in April, but due COVID-19 my exam was cancelled and rescheduled for June and then cancelled again and rescheduled due to testing center working at half capacity. TDC were extremely flexible and understanding and extended my subscription. I reached out to the coaches to ask them tips about time management as I was always running out of time during the mockup tests. Robin response within a few hours with some great tips that I used. I still ran out of time but just for the last 4 questions, which was a tremendous improvement for me. During the exam I could hear Amanda’s voice in my head helping me to quickly figure out what the question is asking. It was especially helpful to pay attention to goals vs intervention questions and reminding myself to “putting things in order” when a few answers sounded correct. A few times during the exam I felt I was failing, but then I remembered again that she was warning about that in the lectures and reminded myself that “tolerating uncertainty” is something to overcome and that you should lean forward and tackle the exam. So I did. I passed the exam on the first attempt! Thank you TDC!

TDC was very helpful! Studying with TDC helped me to feel confident, and helped me to best understand the question, look at the answer set, and determine the best answer. The tests in TDC were difficult for me, which I am now thankful for as the actual exam seemed easier in comparison. Thank you

This program helped me a ton! After finishing I was able to identify key words in stems and know what to look for in an appropriate answer.

Thank you, I am so happy I passed! I passed both the MFT and PCC Law and Ethics Exams on the first try. For anyone taking both, don’t be nervous the program will prepare you for both simultaneously!

This was my 3rd time taking the exam but the first using TDC. I feel it helped soo much to prepare and to knock out the nerves that were plaguing me!

It's a great program! Perfect combination of focus on how to answer exam questions while integrating important material as a therapist. Absolutely recommend!

TDC did a fantastic job preparing me for the exam. The exam felt so much easier than the mocks (which to me was a great thing). Thanks for walking me through this. I completed the entire program in 3.5 weeks. It was intense but I just wanted to slay the beast...and I did. Thank you.

Wonderful! Helped me feel competent, calm and fully prepared to sit for the exam! Thank you!

Thank you so much for this study program. It had been recommended since I was in graduate school at San Francisco State University, then by colleagues. In all honesty, I was initially worried because of the results on my mock exams, but colleagues encouraged me and would often give me the feedback that the mock exams really over-prepare you of for the real thing. I am so glad that I did not let that discourage me and the pep talk at the end of the course before the test was honestly the best thing to set me to have a more confident mindset. Thank you again.