CA COMBO: MFT Law & Ethics and Clinical Exam
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CA COMBO: CA MFT Law & Ethics and CA MFT Clinical

Looking to become a California MFT and planning to take both the MFT Law & Ethics Exam and the MFT Clinical Exam with the BBS? By purchasing the combo package now, you’ll receive both of TDC’s California MFT Exam prep programs at a big discounted rate. The MFT Combo Package includes online access to everything you need to PASS WITH CONFIDENCE including, audio workshops, step-by-step study plans, practice exams, coaching and more. Both the MFT Law and Ethics and the Clinical Exam programs are designed to maximize learning and minimize stress.

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CA MFT Law & Ethics Exam Prep         CA MFT Clinical Exam Prep


Since you’ll need to take both the MFT Law & Ethics and the MFT Clinical exams with the BBS to become a clinically licensed MFT, you might as well get both programs up front and save money. In fact, you'll save $50 with the combo package! Scroll down to read what others have said who’ve used our CA Law and Ethics and CA MFT Clinical Exam prep programs.


Outside of California, MFT licensing is overseen by the Association of Marriage and Family Therapist Regulatory Board (AMFTRB), but the state of CA has its own governing board, the Bureau of Behavioral Sciences (BBS). After graduating from a masters degree program, one must register with the BBS as an Associate MFT and then take and pass the MFT Law & Ethics Exam. Once the L&E examination is passed, each candidate must accrue supervised work experience. California requires 3,000 hours over a minimum of 104 weeks in order to qualify for MFT Clinical licensure. When the hours have been completed, it’s time to take and pass the MFT Clinical Test with the BBS. And that’s it! By completing these steps, you can become an LMFT in the state of California. However, if you do decide to pursue this license, we highly recommend connecting with the Bureau of Behavioral Sciences directly as there may be additional details and steps you will need to know during this process. Here is the link to their website:


While the intent of both exams are designed to produce the same results, and that is to ensure public safety within the practice of therapy, there are some nuanced differences between the two MFT Clinical exams themselves.

  • Test Items: The CA MFT Clinical exam consisted of 170 test questions, with 20 of them no being counted towards scoring. Those unscored 20 are put on the exam as experimental questions to be considered as part of the scored items in future exams. On the National AMFTRB Clinical Exam there are 200 test questions, all of which are scored.
  • Content: The difference is slight, but the CA MFT Clinical focuses on testing your knowledge around treatment planning, clinical evaluation, treatment, crisis management, law and ethics, and treatment. The National AMFTRB Exam content focuses more on practice of systemic therapy (assessing, hypothesizing, and diagnosing), designing and conducting treatment (including the evaluation of the process and termination), managing crisis, and maintaining ethical, legal and professional standards.
  • Testing Windows: In California, the BBS offers the MFT Clinical Exam on an ongoing basis of five (5) times per week, while the the National MFT Exam is only offered one week per month, and you must sign up the first of the month during the month prior to you intended exam date.

Yes. In fact, questions pertaining to law and ethics make up more than ¼ of the CA MFT Clinical Exam! The BBS recognizes that a significant amount of time is likely to pass between the time applicants pass the law and ethics exam and when they are able to sit for the CA MFT Clinical exam. Therefore, they want to ensure applicants continue to stay up-to-date with relevant laws and ethical guidelines.  


The first exam that associates are required to take is the MFT law and ethics exam. The exam’s name gives away the content--it solely tests your knowledge on the legal and ethical issues that guide our profession. The BBS requires you attempt this exam prior to renewing your associate registration. The clinical exam also tests your knowledge of law and ethics, but it also covers topics such as crisis management, treatment, treatment planning, and evaluation. Each of our programs are comprehensive and cover all of the content and strategy you will need to PASS both exams!

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Course Reviews

Thank you for coming in to the room to take the test with me. I kept thinking how you would answer the question and that brought a sense of peace.

I had originally spent way to much money on another study system which required a ton of memorizing and gave no help at all on how to actually study for, prepare for, and actually take the test. I felt doomed. I had been out of practice for nearly 4 years and my original Registration number was going to expire in a few short months, so it was now or never. I had already renewed it the most times allowed. I submitted my paperwork in July 2020, and my new supervisor suggested Therapist Development Center to me. I still felt my time was running low and starting back in practice after a four year break meant I had a lot of information to brush up on. TDC was so easy because they helped me lay out my exact plan and when I would study. I would listen to the post casts in my car and as I fell asleep every night. The information was sinking in. When I got to the First of the final mock exams I scored a 58. I was mortified! I had previously been scoring in the 70's and 80's. I reached out to the online coach and she got back to me right away. She assured me the final two mocks were very difficult. I made sure I had enough time to do the second mock and go through all of the rationales prior to my big day. The computers were down when I arrived for my test time and I didn't start till an hour after my appointment. They had given us a dry erase board to use during our test so I used that time to write down all the tips I had remembered Amanda telling us regarding taking this test. There were also some Dx criteria I wrote down that I know would be hard to remember if I was under stress. I wrote as much down as I felt I needed to and then I was ready to start. I followed all of Amanda's guidance on food, and taking a break etc. I finished with 5 minutes left even after taking my break and having some food (the clock is still running even though I stopped to eat), and I'm glad I did because I was recharged and ready to go. The final 15 questions were so hard because I was realizing I was almost DONE! My anxiety was high at this time. I just kept breathing and staying calm, and reading each stem word by word. Relieved was an understatement when the proctor handed me that piece of paper that said "Congratulations." I sat in my car and just cried for a few minutes, tears of joy, and happiness and relief. I know I never could have passed if it were not for these study materials. Thanks to this entire team for creating such an amazing course to help us achieve our goals of licensure! Also, I was able to go onto Breeze and input my info and upgrade my license and it was done instantly after paying with a credit card. I was licensed that very same moment!

Kimberly Dunn, MA, LMFT
CA License # 122763

Complete the program and you will feel prepared. Plus, you come out of the program really having a stronger foundation embedded in your mind around law and ethics. Thank you TDC for the learning experience and test-taking preparation that allowed me to pass the exam!

TDC helped me feel confident heading into the test and taught me tricks to look at the questions in a way that led to my success. Thank you TDC!

I love the audio format. This format really works for my learning style and as a busy person being able to bring them with me totally saved me. I really do wish they were available offline, maybe in an app? I really appreciate this program.

After taking both TDC final mock exams I was anxious, even though I passed both, but barely, But once I got to the actual exam and started answering questions I felt much more relaxed and confident as I started working my way through the exam. And, even though some questions were confusing, I felt a growing sense of confidence that I was working my way through the exam efficiently and answering questions correctly.

I just took the LMFT Clinical Exam and PASSED on first try!!! Such a relief and I am so glad I chose TDC because it was very easy to navigate and so structured providing a study plan. I love it that it was specific and straight to the point and did not provide whole bunch of information that is not needed. I followed their study plan and found it so helpful and did all the steps twice for 3 months. I would definitely recommend TDC because I believe it prepared me so well before the exam that I passed on my first try! Thanks TDC :)

TDC prepared me extremely well with the most cohesive and coherent approach currently available on the market. What I genuinely appreciated was that there was just the right amount of content and plenty of strategy/tactics to keep you learning, being, doing, and executing on the road to success.

I have earned a JD and have done similar exams in the past, but took nothing for granted. I leaned in, and fully engaged with my learning and will say that TDC's materials and approach are all that I used and quite frankly, currently, all that was necessary. It is a complete and integrated program that works, provided you commit to executing your plan and approach. I made two full reviews of all of the materials and designed the program to work for me and my own ways of learning and I would encourage you to deeply think about your own personalized approach to working with TDC's materials. However, I will still say that the universe of content that you will draw upon from is comprehensively provided by TDC in a way that, unlike other companies, will not bury you with irrelevant minutiae (a 250 page text book, for example).

A final, and pivotally, important tip: Read every question word-for-word in your head. Parsing the language of the question stem VERY CAREFULLY will make all the difference - from getting it right (or not). Language matters. Parsing matters. Preparation matters. Immensely.

I finished the exam with about ten minutes to spare and did not mark a single question for subsequent review. I was calm, confident, and focused when I went in and felt the same way when I read the report waiting for me as I exited the testing Center. Reading the word "pass" felt so damn good! Thanks to TDC!

Amanda - Good to hear you in my head and Robin, thanks for being responsive and warmly encouraging on e-mail to my questions. Both of you helped me to optimally prepare for this examination.

With gratitude!

I've told all my fellow associates to get TDC as it does a phenomenal job preparing you for the exam! As I was taking the actual exam I thought, "Boy, this is easier than either of those last two TDC mock exams were!"

I highly recommend TDC to our helping professional community seeking licensure. I was able to go at my pace and be able to refresh on skills and knowledge that I needed reminding of. The tips in the study center were very helpful and prepared me to go into the test confident. Thank you Amanda and team for your ongoing commitment to our community!

Outstanding program!

Trust the program. I was nervous because I felt like I knew the material but the quizzes and tests didnt know that I scored below 70 on the quizzes and below 58 on Mock1 67 on Mock1 but I trusted what the program said. One of the things that helped me during the exam was remembering that I would probably have moments of feeling like I had no clue what I was doing or if I was going to pass but I remembered that the ambivalence was normal. I followed the suggestions, lean in, breathe, eliminate two, which of the last two cover everything in the stem?, pick one and move on. Just trust the process and remain calm!!! Thank you TDC

I passed! I got TDC earlier this year and used it for the Law and Ethics Exam and after passing it, I purchased the study package for the clinical exam. What a journey this has been for me and my family. TDC prepares you to the fullest! Listen to Amanda and all that she tells you....remember to not step foot into the "maybe-land." Stay focused and know that you can do it!

Was nervous to take my exam however once I was there I felt over prepared and finished 30 minutes early. Thanks TDC!

This program is amazing! I am all about organization and structure and this program is all about that. I like how it is set up into into different categories and steps that you check off as you complete them. It is true when they say is set to over prepare you for the actual exam. You will not feel over prepared when taking the final mock exams, but once you are taking the real exam you will be relieved. Thanks TDC!

In retrospect I can see how well the course prepared men to sail through the "dreaded exam".
Can't imagine taking the test with out this preparation!

This is an amazing program. I truly believe that it is the reason I was able to take and pass this exam. I am a very anxious test taker and have had a very hard time with testing in the past. This program not only solidifies your knowledge of the material necessary, but it truly prepares you for the actual test taking. The mock exams are extremely hard (I didn't do particularly well on any of them--so don't get discouraged!), but I believe taking the mocks, reviewing the rationales, learning from them, and applying what I learned to the next mock is the reason I PASSED!!! I felt comfortable with the process of reading these questions and managing my time during a 4 hour exam. I also cannot say enough good things about the coaches, they respond quickly and are so encouraging. Thank you so much!!!

TDC is the only thing I used to study. I felt prepared and passed the test on the first try. I have historically had really bad anxiety around test taking, and this program helped me review the material and develop the mindset necessary for success!

This study package will certainly over-prepare you for the exam. You will be ready to pass. I found it helpful to go through the material 2x, once thoroughly (taking notes, pausing, reviewing) and the second time listening throughout the days leading up to the exam (in the car, while doing other things, etc). I found the audio reviews for the practice tests most helpful for exam. The coaches are extremely helpful, ask them your questions.

I am very satisfied with the TDC course for the CA clinical exam. I would absolutely recommend this for anyone taking the exam. I felt very prepared, if not over-prepared which is better than the alternative. I cannot thank TDC enough, especially Robin who coached me through this exam as well as the National Exam that I recently passed. Thank you for it all!