CA COMBO: MFT Law & Ethics and Clinical Exam

CA COMBO: MFT Law & Ethics and Clinical Exam
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CA COMBO: CA MFT Law & Ethics and CA MFT Clinical

Looking to become a California MFT and planning to take both the MFT Law & Ethics Exam and the MFT Clinical Exam with the BBS? By purchasing the combo package now, you’ll receive both of TDC’s California MFT Exam prep programs at a big discounted rate. The MFT Combo Package includes online access to everything you need to PASS WITH CONFIDENCE including, audio workshops, step-by-step study plans, practice exams, coaching and more. Both the MFT Law and Ethics and the Clinical Exam programs are designed to maximize learning and minimize stress.

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CA MFT Law & Ethics Exam Prep         CA MFT Clinical Exam Prep 


California MFT FAQs

How Do I Become a Licensed CA MFT?

Outside of California, MFT licensing is overseen by the Association of Marriage and Family Therapist Regulatory Board (AMFTRB), but the state of CA has its own governing board, the Bureau of Behavioral Sciences (BBS). After graduating from a masters degree program, one must register with the BBS as an Associate MFT and then take and pass the MFT Law & Ethics Exam. Once the L&E examination is passed, each candidate must accrue supervised work experience. California requires 3,000 hours over a minimum of 104 weeks in order to qualify for MFT Clinical licensure. When the hours have been completed, it’s time to take and pass the MFT Clinical Test with the BBS. And that’s it! By completing these steps, you can become an LMFT in the state of California. However, if you do decide to pursue this license, we highly recommend connecting with the Bureau of Behavioral Sciences directly as there may be additional details and steps you will need to know during this process. Here is the link to their website:

Do I need both MFT Exam Prep Programs now?

Since you’ll need to take both the MFT Law & Ethics and the MFT Clinical exams with the BBS to become a clinically licensed MFT, you might as well get both programs up front and save money. In fact, you'll save $50 with the combo package! Scroll down to read what others have said who’ve used our CA Law and Ethics and CA MFT Clinical Exam prep programs.

What is the Difference Between the MFT Law and Ethics exam and the MFT Clinical exam?

The first exam that associates are required to take is the MFT law and ethics exam. The exam’s name gives away the content--it solely tests your knowledge on the legal and ethical issues that guide our profession. The BBS requires you attempt this exam prior to renewing your associate registration. The clinical exam also tests your knowledge of law and ethics, but it also covers topics such as crisis management, treatment, treatment planning, and evaluation. Each of our programs are comprehensive and cover all of the content and strategy you will need to PASS both exams!

Is the topic of Law and Ethics tested during the CA MFT Clinical Exam as well?

Yes. In fact, questions pertaining to law and ethics make up more than ¼ of the CA MFT Clinical Exam! The BBS recognizes that a significant amount of time is likely to pass between the time applicants pass the law and ethics exam and when they are able to sit for the CA MFT Clinical exam. Therefore, they want to ensure applicants continue to stay up-to-date with relevant laws and ethical guidelines.  

How does the CA MFT Clinical Exam compare to the National AMFTRB Clinical Exam?

While the intent of both exams are designed to produce the same results, and that is to ensure public safety within the practice of therapy, there are some nuanced differences between the two MFT Clinical exams themselves.

  • Test Items: The CA MFT Clinical exam consisted of 170 test questions, with 20 of them no being counted towards scoring. Those unscored 20 are put on the exam as experimental questions to be considered as part of the scored items in future exams. On the National AMFTRB Clinical Exam there are 200 test questions, all of which are scored.
  • Content: The difference is slight, but the CA MFT Clinical focuses on testing your knowledge around treatment planning, clinical evaluation, treatment, crisis management, law and ethics, and treatment. The National AMFTRB Exam content focuses more on practice of systemic therapy (assessing, hypothesizing, and diagnosing), designing and conducting treatment (including the evaluation of the process and termination), managing crisis, and maintaining ethical, legal and professional standards.
  • Testing Windows: In California, the BBS offers the MFT Clinical Exam on an ongoing basis of five (5) times per week, while the the National MFT Exam is only offered one week per month, and you must sign up the first of the month during the month prior to you intended exam date.


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Course Reviews

The course was amazing! Lecture was helpful and easy to understand. I would listen to the lecture while doing my daily tasks of cleaning or cooking when ever i had the chance. I would also like to note that having the 2nd mock exam was extremely helpful. Thank you!

I liked the program. I thought it came with quality preparation materials and THEY MADE SENSE!!! I was able to listen to some of the other test preparation materials from other companies, and I liked the way Amanda explained things. For me the way she explained the material just made sense. The quizes and tests were good as well. I also did a phone coaching session which really helped. I wish there would have been more quizes to pracitce. But one of the things I did notice, was that the mock tests on TDC felt more difficult and I felt had longer vignette's than on the actual test. Which I actually really appreciated, because it felt better going into the test expecting longer vignettes, and getting shorter ones, then doing it the other way around, in other words, when all was said and done, the tests that TDC did include I felt over prepared me for the real test, which I really appreciated.

I have major exam anxiety on top of attention issues. TDC supported me and extended my study times way past their expiration and I was finally able to get to the point to pass the first time around.

The Therapist Development Center prep courses came highly recommended from many different people I know who took the course and passed the first time. I purchased the L&E prep course, studied it twice and passed the LMFT L&E exam the first time! Four years later, my hours were approved by the BBS and I was approved to take the LMFT clinical exam. I purchased the prep course, studied it twice and passed the LMFT clinical exam the first time! I haven't taken another prep course so I can't compare. However, I know interns who have taken other prep courses and failed the exam. I always recommend them to try the TDC course and share my experience. The courses not only prepare you for the exam but, prepare you to be a skilled, ethical professional.

I started this course when I had barely 7 days left to prepare for my upcoming exam.
One thing came up after another and I thought it was too late to study & pass; nearly gave up.
A friend recommended this program to me and it was my last resort. I was frustrated and panicky.
However, by the time I completed the first course, I was newly motivated and had regained confidence.
You guys provided me with the determination to study hard and pass this test on my first attempt.
Not only did I pass the exam, but I am a better therapist now. Thank you!

Thank you TDC for helping me pass my LMFT licensing exam! I found the structured step-by-step approach very helpful in attaining, and retaining knowledge necessary for the exam. TDC prepares your brain for test taking success as well as test-day anxiety management tactics. I felt confident and going into test day, and I came out feeling perhaps almost over-prepared. So, I passed the exam! Yay! More Importantly, I have the necessary knowledge and skills to make informed/sound clinical judgements when presented with difficult issues with clients. Thanks TDC, You help people help people;)

All the reviews about how this study program is amazing are all true! I took the test on 3/25/19 and passed on my first try. This program is the way to go. I went in feeling nervous but as soon as I started taking the test I felt a little better as I felt that the program prepared me for the content and how to look at the questions. Asya helped me with breaking down the vignettes so as not to get overwhelmed. The timing breakdown that they give you is gold! I am a very slow test taker and so this helped me with making sure I was on schedule during the exam. There were a few questions where I was stuck but I remembered how some questions don’t count towards the score and this helped me to not feel discouraged. Even with those questions I felt pretty confident going through the test and was so absolutely relieved and ecstatic to see the “pass” on my results. I am so thankful for this program and I will recommend this to all my friends, coworkers, and colleagues. Thank you so much TDC!! I still can’t believe it!

The mocks are on point and a great indicator-don’t let the scores discourage you-they over prepare you! Keep track of your pace and keep going. Passed on the first try-only used TDC to prepare

I am so grateful to TDC. I did not pass my first exam, but I stuck with TDC's study material, I was determined to pass.
The individual coaching I had with Aysa helped me tremendously. She could see what I could not see. Aysa helped me control my anxiety and just basically answered every question I had. The exam was very similar to TDC's practice exams.
I am thrilled I passed! Thank you TDC and Aysa!

Using TDC as my study material was definitely the best decision I made. TDC helped me prepare well for the exam. I passed on my first attempt. I admit that taking the mock practice exams made me at one point think that I was not going to pass. On the day of the exam I was able to remember the useful tips provided in the program. I would totally recommend TDC as the study material for the MFT Law and Ethics exam!

Well done on the final mock! It approximates the real exam more closely than the previous ones.
Thank you for all you do for AMFTs!
Can't remember much now. I'm exhausted, but still feeling very grateful!

Thank you so much for developing this study program. I had paid for two other study programs but found them useless. I learned from your program that I am an audio learner which helped me a great deal to learn the material and implement strategies.

I don't think that I could have passed my test on my first try if I had not used this program. I've highly recommended it to others!

Thank you, TDC, for your guidance through this process. The materials were concise yet thorough and comprehensive. The audio was super helpful. And the coaching of test taking techniques and strategies perhaps the most valuable (for me.) I took Amanda's advice and allowed myself to imagine her in the room with me as I was taking the test and would get stuck on a question, felt fatigued, or that there was no way I would finish on time (I finished with one minute to spare), or pass. As Amanda says repeatedly throughout the course, having the a positive attitude is critical and perhaps the deciding factor for passing the exam. Many times during the exam, I had to literally take a deep breath, make sure both feet were on the ground and shift my perspective and attitude to remember to "lean in." I finished the exam with 1 minute to spare.

TDC was a tremendous help to me for my entire clinical experience, from Law & Ethics and all the way through to the end of my CCE! I took Law & Ethics and passed on my first attempt. I took the clinical exam twice within one year, and passed on my second attempt. I missed the clinical on the first time around by ONE point, and I had run out of time with about 20 questions and 10 minutes left. That being said, I was very aware that time management and anxiety management were the two areas that I needed to practice working through the most. I did just that through my second round of studying for the clinical. I passed each of my three mocks with not just high scores, but with plenty of time left over. One thing that was VERY effective for me the second time around, also, was committing to studying for no more than two hours at a time, much self-care following my studying, and positive affirmations. This is JUST a test. It doesn't define me as a person or a clinician. It's just ONE more silly thing that the BBS requires all of us to do in order to become licensed. Another thing that was super helpful to me was printing out and reading through many of Robin's and Asya's blogs about anxiety and time management. I read through some of them many times a week. The Narrative Therapy Blog was especially useful to me! Since I was feeling a little nervous five days before my scheduled exam and had scored pretty low on the first/final mock exam, I elected to do a private phone session with Asya. This made the difference, truly, in me feeling unconfident and defeated, and powering through this exam with the knowing that I can and will get through it. She especially helped with time management techniques. I finished my CCE with ZERO stress related to time management, moved along at a steady pace, finished on time...and passed! I have been very happy with TDC overall, and with the wonderful support offered by each of the coaches. I cannot thank you all enough for having my back from day one!

Thank you for the study materials and practice quizzes. I believe they really helped me pass the exam!

I attempted the MFT clinical exam two previous times with another program and did not pass. I was discouraged and frustrated prior to using the TDC program. The verbal explanations and review of the material was key for me to remember the concept rather than the question. I can not thank you enough for this program!
Kyle C. May, LMFT

I forgot to mentioned in my last testimonial piece that TDC makes it really possible to have a study plan that can be done while being a full time clinician (work that requires often overtime) and being a mother of a 5 year old. Thank you so Much ! Blanca Mihedji

I am finally qualified for LMFT, after an arduous years of hard work and sacrifices TDC has been a big part of this process since passing my Law & Ethics with your support and now passing the BIG LMFT Clinical Exam- that I thought almost impossible to pass !
In the last months as life threw me a lot of challenges but I try to stayed focused with the TDC guide study... then due to work I was not able to take a day to take the exam as planned, I had to postpone it and even people encouraged me to postpone it for months given all the stressors in my life but personal experiences and the confidence that TDC gave me since I used them for the Law & Ethics gave the courage to take the exam. I did a quick review the day before the exam and I was able to pass the first time. I was at the edge of burnout from work and personal stressors and not doing well with the timing on my Final Mock Exams (scoring 71% but going over the time limit for 30mins and int he second try, I scored 50% which really freak me out). I reached out for support to TDC- Asya and Amanda voice really gave me the confidence I needed that day to pass my exam. FOREVER THANK YOU because thanks to you I have accomplished a personal and family dream. MUCHAS GRACIAS! Blanca M. Mihedji

This program adequately prepared me and replicated questions on the actual exam SO well. I cannot thank this program enough for being able to prepare me so well. The test rationales are so incredibly useful. I will be recommending TDC to everyone. I used it for both exams and passed both on the first try. Amazing program.