CA COMBO: MFT Law & Ethics and Clinical Exam

CA COMBO: MFT Law & Ethics and Clinical Exam
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CA COMBO: CA MFT Law & Ethics and CA MFT Clinical

Looking to become a California MFT and planning to take both the MFT Law & Ethics Exam and the MFT Clinical Exam with the BBS? By purchasing the combo package now, you’ll receive both of TDC’s California MFT Exam prep programs at a big discounted rate. The MFT Combo Package includes online access to everything you need to PASS WITH CONFIDENCE including, audio workshops, step-by-step study plans, practice exams, coaching and more. Both the MFT Law and Ethics and the Clinical Exam programs are designed to maximize learning and minimize stress.

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CA MFT Law & Ethics Exam Prep         CA MFT Clinical Exam Prep 


California MFT FAQs

How Do I Become a Licensed CA MFT?

Outside of California, MFT licensing is overseen by the Association of Marriage and Family Therapist Regulatory Board (AMFTRB), but the state of CA has its own governing board, the Bureau of Behavioral Sciences (BBS). After graduating from a masters degree program, one must register with the BBS as an Associate MFT and then take and pass the MFT Law & Ethics Exam. Once the L&E examination is passed, each candidate must accrue supervised work experience. California requires 3,000 hours over a minimum of 104 weeks in order to qualify for MFT Clinical licensure. When the hours have been completed, it’s time to take and pass the MFT Clinical Test with the BBS. And that’s it! By completing these steps, you can become an LMFT in the state of California. However, if you do decide to pursue this license, we highly recommend connecting with the Bureau of Behavioral Sciences directly as there may be additional details and steps you will need to know during this process. Here is the link to their website:

Do I need both MFT Exam Prep Programs now?

Since you’ll need to take both the MFT Law & Ethics and the MFT Clinical exams with the BBS to become a clinically licensed MFT, you might as well get both programs up front and save money. In fact, you'll save $50 with the combo package! Scroll down to read what others have said who’ve used our CA Law and Ethics and CA MFT Clinical Exam prep programs.

What is the Difference Between the MFT Law and Ethics exam and the MFT Clinical exam?

The first exam that associates are required to take is the MFT law and ethics exam. The exam’s name gives away the content--it solely tests your knowledge on the legal and ethical issues that guide our profession. The BBS requires you attempt this exam prior to renewing your associate registration. The clinical exam also tests your knowledge of law and ethics, but it also covers topics such as crisis management, treatment, treatment planning, and evaluation. Each of our programs are comprehensive and cover all of the content and strategy you will need to PASS both exams!

Is the topic of Law and Ethics tested during the CA MFT Clinical Exam as well?

Yes. In fact, questions pertaining to law and ethics make up more than ¼ of the CA MFT Clinical Exam! The BBS recognizes that a significant amount of time is likely to pass between the time applicants pass the law and ethics exam and when they are able to sit for the CA MFT Clinical exam. Therefore, they want to ensure applicants continue to stay up-to-date with relevant laws and ethical guidelines.  

How does the CA MFT Clinical Exam compare to the National AMFTRB Clinical Exam?

While the intent of both exams are designed to produce the same results, and that is to ensure public safety within the practice of therapy, there are some nuanced differences between the two MFT Clinical exams themselves.

  • Test Items: The CA MFT Clinical exam consisted of 170 test questions, with 20 of them no being counted towards scoring. Those unscored 20 are put on the exam as experimental questions to be considered as part of the scored items in future exams. On the National AMFTRB Clinical Exam there are 200 test questions, all of which are scored.
  • Content: The difference is slight, but the CA MFT Clinical focuses on testing your knowledge around treatment planning, clinical evaluation, treatment, crisis management, law and ethics, and treatment. The National AMFTRB Exam content focuses more on practice of systemic therapy (assessing, hypothesizing, and diagnosing), designing and conducting treatment (including the evaluation of the process and termination), managing crisis, and maintaining ethical, legal and professional standards.
  • Testing Windows: In California, the BBS offers the MFT Clinical Exam on an ongoing basis of five (5) times per week, while the the National MFT Exam is only offered one week per month, and you must sign up the first of the month during the month prior to you intended exam date.


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Course Reviews

I failed the test twice and came home the day of the second fail and purchased TDC. Love how it is layer out. Love how it walks you all the way through step by step. Passed clinical on my third try but was the first with TDC.

I love how Amanda makes everything so relevant and personal. I love her style and audio personality!

Thank you so much TDC. I went into the test feeling really prepared and confident and passed on my first attempt. The techniques taught on how to take the test were invaluable. Having the audio and visual study aids made it that much more effective. I can honestly say that I learned more in this study program than I did during school. LOL

For me, the clinical exam needed to be more than a standard review. I finished grad school 30+ years ago but decided to put my therapy career on hold until i was older (and perhaps wiser). As such, i counted on the TDC methodology to provide me with everything i would need to know to pass the exam, and it did. In particular, Aysa was available to answer the many questions i had after taking the practice exams. I cant thank you enough for getting me through the ordeal (Strategic therapy). :)
Andy Lavick

I am so glad to be introduced about TDC. I purchased mock exams at other site to have more practice right before the real exam. I noticed many questions of actual exam are similar to questionnaires shown in TDC mock exams while the other materials make me confused. I recognized I did not need other materials at all. TDC was enough.

1) Although I felt like I was tested on 30% of what I studied, I felt very sure that I had studied the full spectrum of material that could be on the exam. 2) The other portion of taking this exam is the skill of reading the question stem carefully and answering the question asked, which TDC does a great job of preparing you for. 3) It is an endurance exam. Get your brain and body used to concentrating at 4 hours stretches. 4) Lastly, I followed TDC's advice and kept swimming, marked answers that seemed too long to devote 4 mins deciphering, moved on, kept track of my clock and had 17 minutes to spare to remove marked answers. I did not leave my chair, but took many breaks in chair stretching, rolling eyes and neck, then went back on task. Good luck.

I felt very prepared!

Exactly what I needed to contain my anxiety with the structure and test strategies. My coaching session with Asya was extremely helpful! I learned a ton and feel like I will be a better therapist as a result of having done this program.

Excellent program! I definitely learned a lot maybe even more than my entire grad program. The lectures were very clear and easy to follow. The final mock exam was significantly harder than the actual exam so I felt very prepared during the test. I spent 5 weeks with the program before sitting for my exam.

TDC really helped me get organized and study in the most efficient manner over the span of one month. The materials provide a good balance in that the topics broadly covered all the essentials while being specific enough without overwhelming me with too much extraneous information. With TDC's testing strategies, I understood what the exam was testing for, and I began to think like "test-writers" in terms of what they were looking for in a correct answer. It felt really nice and mentally reassuring to have the support of TDC throughout the preparation process as well as on exam day. I would definitely recommend this program to all my colleagues.

If you’re a procrastinator like me, don’t worry because TDC will extend your program availability until you get life together enough to actually sit down and study. Don’t skip any sections, there are bits of helpful information scattered throughout the all lectures. I highly recommend this study site!!!

Thank you TDC for helping me pass the LMFT Exam the FIRST time!! You not only prepared me for the exam but made a better therapist. I am much more confident in my abilities as a therapist after taking your course. Thank you!

I was able to through the study material twice and felt like I was pretty well prepared with the information given to me! I had so much anxiety but was able to follow all tips + strategies and made it through the test, passing on the first try. Thank you so much! So worth it to use TDC study material.

One of the areas I like most about the TDC program is that the content of the materials are up to date, rules and regulations are very informative and explained well ( to the student's level) It has support available to help the student to fully understand, analyze, and answer each question, Wow! a complete cover all!! Thanks TDC

I appreciated the structure of the exam and the opportunity to take full length exams to practice the pace and timing required to finish the test.

The TDC center helped me learn how to think effectively on the exam. I kept finishing the mock exams after the allotted time which invoked anxiety. I contacted a TDC coach and they helped me develop a time management schedule which helped me reduce my anxiety during the exam. I passed the exam on my first attempt and finished on time. TDC helped me prepare for the exam effectively and let me know exactly what to expect , which all contributed to my success on the exam.

TDC is an excellent training program geared toward all types of learning styles. Amanda's lectures are engaging and extremely helpful in incorporating the exam material into one's frame of reference. Studying becomes easier when the learning process is enjoyable! Amanda and the TDC family have constructed one such program in the CA MFT Clinical Exam Study Course. Thanks, TDC! We did it!! Diane S. Santa Barbara, CA.

The study material helped me stay focused. I like the variety of approaches, listening to tapes, reading, quizzes. I feel better prepared to become a therapist one day because of this study course.

TDC helped me pass this test! The information I learned was not too much, but just right. This program also makes you a better therapist. Thank you Amanda for all the helpful tips and sharing your knowledge. Thank you Asya for answering my questions. The strategies learned were essential in passing this test! I highly recommend TDC!

All topics covered by TDC were present on the clinical exam, so I felt wholly prepared to sit for the marathon of a test. I did have to devise a few creative ways to study theories and diagnoses outside of the quizzes and lectures, but that was simply due to my learning style. As promised, I heard Amanda's voice in my head throughout the program and during the exam. It was a welcomed presence of gentle and steady encouragement. In addition, I took advantage of coaching. Asya was incredibly kind, understanding, and helpful during the hour she and I spoke.
I recommended TDC to a friend and I'm now coaching her through the program. Life has changed now and I'm ready for the adventure that awaits!