18 Hours First Renewal Bonus CE Package with Suicide Training
Price: $216.00

This package meets the 18 Hours First Renewal requirements for the California BBS LMFT, LPCC, and LCSW license and includes an additional 1 hour of Continuing Education.

*BBS-required courses for the 18 Hours First Renewal include 7 hours HIV Awareness, 6 hours Law & Ethics, and 6 hours Suicide Risk Assessment and Intevention.

Included courses:







CE Hours - 19

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Course Reviews

Great course!

I used TDC to pass the CA MFT exams for licensure in 2015. I appreciate Amanda's clear style, personal and professional examples, visual models and break down into digestable chunks of audio.

Every healthcare provider should listen to this training!

Excellent course. I appreciate and respect Amanda's use of self in conveying the importance of training in the area of suicidality for all mental health professionals.

Great training! It introduced and explored many important topics that we as therapists have on a continuous basis when treating clients. Highly Recommend!

This was such a good course. Amanda adding her personal experience was a wonderful addition and added to the credibility of the course. Thank you for sharing your story! Since taking this course, I had two courage to live clients and your course has been a breath of fresh air. I am still a little wobbly but I feel more confident and directed on how to help my clients.

Helpful and informative training.

Thank you for this training - I wish I would have had it while in graduate school. We need to change our curriculum and licensing requirements; this is such a necessary piece to our practice.

I work with high risk kiddos in an outpatient program. I used the skills learned in this training during an intake with a teen who was recently released from hospital. Thank you for the support. Looking forward to taking the clinical course for my exam .

I can’t recommend this enough. It frames Suicide treatment in a way that feels organic and easy to navigate. It’s really helped me calm my anxiety around treating SI.

As always, Amanda brings a level of clarity and insight that hits the sweet spot of being relevant to my practice and being easily digestible at the same time. I did my licensure prep with Amanda, and this course on suicide went way beyond what other courses offer. With more CE credits needed, I will always look first at Therapist Development Center.

Overall I thought the training was great, it certainly made me interested in a full training. It makes me sad that for my license renewal this is all I would need to take, I feel, as you guys pointed out in your training, the expectation is too low, regarding training in this area. Thank you for doing this.

Fantastic course, thorough and very well planned. So very valuable and definitely increased my confidence in my practice.

Thank you!

I love Therapist Development Center. I was able to pass my LMFT the first time after using TDC Study Prep!!

Such an important and wonderful training. Effective and poignant. Exactly the type of training the mental health profession needs more of!

A wonderful wonderful training package!! I highly recommend this particularly to DBT therapists...this is a huge missing link for our training on supporting clients

The course is beneficial for those unaware of the impact of HIV and AIDS. I recommend this course to anyone and everyone.

I love the model and authenticity of the delivery and engagement.

This course and model presented was incredibly thorough and practical. Amanda's candor and vulnerability about her own struggles immediately drew me in and kept me riveted. It felt so personal and human. I was surprised that it was possible for me to feel so at ease during a training covering such a sensitive topic. It was a reminder of how important it is to really "sink in" and join with our clients. The energy when in the room with a client is what makes this work so dynamic and transformative for the people we serve. Abruptly altering that energy with a worksheet is jarring and can be alienating. As someone that works in both school based therapy and private practice, this course was so valuable and applicable. I have always felt risk assessment and suicide screening tools were such clunky and awkward transitions in real life situations. However, I just didn't have other tools or trainings as "go tos". The Edge of Life model offers such a comprehensive yet humanistic approach. I have already recommended this course to four other colleagues. Thank you so much!