18 Hours First Renewal Bonus CE Package with Suicide Training
Price: $216.00

This package meets the 18 Hours First Renewal requirements for the California BBS LMFT, LPCC, and LCSW license and includes an additional 1 hour of Continuing Education.

*BBS-required courses for the 18 Hours First Renewal include 7 hours HIV Awareness, 6 hours Law & Ethics, and 6 hours Suicide Risk Assessment and Intevention.

Included courses:







CE Hours - 19

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Course Reviews

In my personal opinion, no other training has ever come close to this course. I believe every mental health provider should be familiar with the Edge of Life model as it includes Spirituality as a protective factor- which is an absolute necessity to provide effective treatment that truly provides hope and "does no harm." 5 stars all around; I will be referring this source to every colleague.

This course has motivated me to take additional courses on suicide.

I know WAY more now about treating suicidality after this course and my first thought now would be, "you got this and you know what to do here" whereas before this course I would have thought, "oh no" and just felt anxious as if the only answer is to commit someone involuntarily who mentions suicidal ideation.

A very comprehensive audio course! I highly recommend this course for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of suicidality and develop some concrete strategies to assessing and treating suicidal clients.

This is was a great beginner course of Suicide.

A wonderful and sensitive course that truly opened my eyes to the benefits and importance of being competent in suicide risk prevention, assessment, and treatment. This course was a great introduction to encourage me as a provider to continue gaining knowledge on this topic.

It was very informative class regarding HIV

This was a fabulous course. I really enjoyed it. A big surprise because I had been dreading the requirement. Thank you. Very inspiring. I will certainly recommend it to others.

Very helpful information when working with suicidal clients.


The TDC helped me through my licensure process and now CEU process. It was super helpful, relatable and helped me have a better understanding in the material with the way the course is provided.

This is a phenomenal training in assessing and managing suicidality in clients. It is clear, understandable, incredibly relatable, and moving. I now have a clearer sense of what to ask, what to be looking for, and how to break down the continuum when working with suicidal clients. This is exactly what I was looking for and the humanistic, biopsychosocial +spiritual model goes hand in hand with my education from The California Institute for Integral Studies. Thank you! I feel very inspired.

Great program! A very practical and humanistic approach for working with clients experiencing suicidal ideation.

Amazing course. Unlike anything else I've taken on suicide assessment and the first course that offered management strategies.

Great training!

This was very informational and helpful. Really rich information. Thank you so much!!

Excellent Course!

I really appreciated the heart felt tone along with the very robust coverage, statistics and overviews of the models, the gaps, and why the ELM has been created. I am going to take seriously your invitations on all fronts: role playing, getting a consult group on board, getting us all CAMS trained, getting connected to psychiatrists and various services in the area for clients, making sure my own self care / community care is in place and integrate these handouts and material into ongoing review and practice. Thank you so much for all you do, and your authenticity and vulnerability. It made everything that much more visceral and real and as always encourages me to continue on a path of ongoing learning and excellence in the spirit of service to our clients.

Excellent course! Super helpful and relevant. I feel so much better prepared now to work with clients. Loved the James Hillman recommended book as well as the book mentioned during the hermeneutics section. As always, courses through TDC are super high quality and worth taking, and confirm that my idea/approach to therapy and grounding in humanism is a good choice.

Top notch suicide training. Aligns perfectly with putting the human first that is right in front of you, which is my number one rule in therapy. Thank you for giving me the words and framework that I have been looking for- a more humanistic approach to those on the edge of life.