18 Hours First Renewal Bonus CE Package with Suicide Training
Price: $216.00

This package meets the 18 Hours First Renewal requirements for the California BBS LMFT, LPCC, and LCSW license and includes an additional 1 hour of Continuing Education.

*BBS-required courses for the 18 Hours First Renewal include 7 hours HIV Awareness, 6 hours Law & Ethics, and 6 hours Suicide Risk Assessment and Intevention.

Included courses:







CE Hours - 19

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Course Reviews

Good course, straightforward, educational, helpful.

Absolutely adore how you teach, Amanda! And I really validate your level of self-disclosure, as it brought an realness, accuracy and thoroughness to the exploration and fleshing out of this material that I don't believe could have been brought by someone not having had this personal experience. I'm totally blown away by how you contextualized the importance of and need to work on this aspect of clinical practice, and how you really communicated so well about the art/practice of being able to really be with people in their pain and suffering--on the edge-- in suicidality management, not just mere assessment.

I felt like I was handed a gift through the information in this training! It was very helpful and practical, breathing air back into my feelings as a competent clinician within this delicate and vital part of our profession. I would recommend this to anyone!

Yes, please share my feedback, copied again below: Super educational and eye-opening! And heartbreaking to realize the statistics and impact of HIV/AIDS, especially due to stigma and discrimination. Definitely challenged me to be more aware of my biases, unbased fears, etc. and to learn tools and resources for better supporting clients, both with and without HIV. Particularly sobering was realizing how critical the first year after diagnosis is in regards to increased suicidality--makes me mindful to be more alert. The case scenarios were also helpful in imagining how I would practically walk through difficult situations. Thank you for sharing such valuable info and making it so relatable!

Great tool to assist me in my licensing.

The CEU was user friendly, the audio lessons were great and overall valuable presentation.

Wonderful intense training. Thoughtful and thorough approach.

Really enjoyed the emphasis on the human connection and the Edge of Life model!

A great course! I loved being able to conceptualize treating suicide with the Edge of Life model. I also felt like the HIV AIDS course was done so well, the instructor was so knowledgable and shared a lot of personal experience from her treatment history.

Very informative trainings. They will not leave you questioning if you know the information and prepare you well.

Really helpful and thorough, thank you!

The primary instructor is clearly very knowledgeable and passionate about the topic, and I learned a lot that will help me be more courageous in my assessment and management of suicidal ideation. It's important to support yourself well going through this course, because all of the reasons we clinicians avoid addressing suicide with clients are the same feelings and thoughts that can arise while engaged with the course.

Bravo! The instructors genuinely and bravely took the tabo out of the topic of suicide . They brought fresh air into the consulting room offering clients attunement, understanding and acceptance during their darkest hours. Thank you, Diana

Excellent course, well organized with timely and useful information.

The Edge of Life Model is a client centered humanistic approach that removes the negative associations that can lead to prejudice in the clinical setting. TDC has done it again, by providing a training that is tailored to the greater good of the human condition for the purpose of providing best practice.

I would highly recommend this training. I am grateful I took this course, and now feel more equipped in the area of suicide assessment and management from a humanistic perspective.

This was such a helpful training. I feel more comfortable and confident in working with suicidality in the field. Thank you for this wonderful training!

This is an excellent course on working with suicidality. I believe that learning to meet someone where they are is one of our most powerful tools. This course emphasizes learning those tools and more so that therapists can improve their ability to assess and manage someone who is experiencing suicidal ideation with more confidence and hopefully less fears about their own ability to help.

This course was extremely informative and helped me gain knowledge about the subject that I didn't have prior.

I thought this course was excellent. I am so glad I took it and certainly plan to use the Edge of Life Model when working with clients experiencing suicidal ideation. I also intend to continue to take additional trainings in this model, as they become available.