15 Hours Clinical Supervision: Foundations
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15 Hours Clinical Supervision: Foundations 

This course meets the California requirement of 15 hours of training for the clinical supervision of ACSWs, AMFTs and APCCs.


This course will help both current and aspiring supervisors in developing and strengthening their supervisory skills. With the proper level of knowledge and competencies, supervisors can assist newer mental health professionals build their skills and preserve a higher level of professionalism in the field. This course is divided into five parts.

The first part provides an overview of supervision and will review the role of a supervisor, expected competencies, and helpful/harmful characteristics of both the supervisor and supervisee.

The second part will explain the importance of adopting a supervisory model and provide a detailed overview of the Integrated Developmental Model. The Integrated Developmental Model provides a roadmap for supervisors that enhances their understanding of their supervisee’s stage of development and assists the supervisor develop realistic expectations, build compassion and understanding, and allow them to offer interventions that align with their supervisee’s developmental needs and abilities. Following the in-depth review of IDM, there is a review of different theoretical approaches to supervision as well as how to use technology in supervision.

The third part of this course provides a review of a benchmark law and ethics test that can be completed by new supervisees to help supervisors understand the supervisee’s knowledge level and identify what additional support or training the supervisee will need. This section also includes an overview of documentation requirements and best practices in supervision.

Part four covers the art of giving feedback, with a focus on the importance of corrective/constructive feedback. Many supervisors experience difficulties in offering this type of feedback; however, research shows that it is highly valued by supervisees and it is necessary for their professional development.

The final section of this course will teach supervisors how to assist their supervisees identify and manage countertransference in their clinical relationships.


Sharon Greene is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Sharon has been adjunct faculty at the University of Southern California and California State University Northridge in the Graduate Social Work Departments for the past 5 years. She is currently the training director at Providence Saint John’s Child and Family Development Center which is a nonprofit that provides mental health services to children and their families. She has been providing mental health services to children and their families for over 15 years. She is a certified therapist, supervisor and trainer in Interpersonal Psychotherapy by the Interpersonal Psychotherapy Institute. She has been providing training and supervision in this model for 5 years and has seen its efficacy in treating clients with multiple psychiatric disorders.

Amanda Rowan is an LCSW and the founder and CEO of the Therapist Development Center. Amanda graduated with honors from Dartmouth College where she majored in Neuroscience. She earned her Masters in Social Welfare at UCLA. Since founding the Therapist Development Center in 2008, Amanda has prepared more than 50,000 therapists nationwide to pass their state licensing exams. She is a certified Gestalt Therapist who has worked with a wide variety of clients in a range of settings over the past 20 years. She is a highly effective instructor who has a passion for collaborating with seasoned therapists who understand what works because they do it every day.


This workshop is designed for mental health clinicians with two or more years of post- licensure experience who are interested in developing or enhancing their clinical supervision skills.

Therapist Development Center, provider 1449, is approved to offer social work continuing education by the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) Approved Continuing Education (ACE) program. Organizations, not individual courses, are approved as ACE providers. State and provincial regulatory boards have the final authority to determine whether an individual course may be accepted for continuing education credit. Therapist Development Center maintains responsibility for this course.

ACE provider approval period: 5/30/21-5/30/24. Social workers completing this course receive 15 continuing education credits.


As a result of participating in this training, participants will be able to:

  1. Articulate the main role of a supervisor and their expected competencies

  2. Articulate the importance of a supervisory model

  3. Explain the Integrated Developmental Model and how it can be applied in the supervisory setting

  4. Define the four different levels of supervisees according to the integrated developmental model

  5. Articulate what a supervisor needs to do to meet the needs of supervisees at each level

  6. Describe best practices for documentation

  7. Articulate the areas that a supervisor needs to assess in order to understand their supervisee’s developmental level

  8. Explain how the benchmark law and ethics test can be beneficial to administer with new supervisees

  9. Integrate the use of constructive feedback in the supervisory relationship

  10. Assist supervisees to recognize and manage their countertransference


  1. Introduction to 15 hour course

  2. Overview of Supervision

  3. Introduction to the Integrated Developmental Model

  4. Overview of the four different levels of supervisees

    1. Level 1
    2. Level 2
    3. Level 3
    4. Level 3i
  5. Review of Assessment Domains

  6. Theoretical Models of Supervision

  7. Technology in Supervision

  8. Interview Questions for Supervisees

  9. Law & Ethics Supervisee Benchmark Test Review

  10. Review of Documentation

  11. The Art of Feedback 12.Addressing Countertransference

REGISTRATION: Please register online at www.therapistdevelopmentcenter.com

PRICE: $180

HOW TO ACCESS THIS COURSE: Once registered, participants will be able to download the Powerpoints, handouts, and listen to recorded audio lectures.

CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION: The participant will be able to print their certificate of completion immediately after receiving a score of 80% or better on the posttest and completing the course evaluation.

CANCELATION POLICY: If you contact us prior to completing the post-test, you will receive a tuition refund less a $10 cancellation fee.

ADA NEEDS: We are happy to accommodate your ADA needs, please email: help@therapistdevelopmentcenter.com.

CE Hours - 15

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Course Reviews

I like TDC, I used them to pass my two tests. Now I am using the CEU course to be a supervisor. It was nice to hear the main person and a new supervisor. It was very informative and I like that I was able to go at my own pace. I would highly recommend it.

I was looking for a good Clinical Supervision course, as I would like to start providing clinical supervisor to AMFT's. As soon as I saw that TDC had such a course, it was an easy decision. I had amazing success with TDC for my licensing exam, so I knew this material would be good.

I used TDC for my licensing prep and am so glad I returned for this 15hr supervisory course. One of the reasons I chose this course over others is because I appreciated the way that content was shared and discussed in relatable ways during my exam prep and was hoping this course would be similar - it was!! I found myself enjoying listening to the conversations the two trainers were having as if I were sitting around talking with beloved colleagues over brunch. ;) This made the material WAY more enjoyable to engage with and easier to retain. Thanks Amanda and Sharon!

TDC courses are great and count for continuing education units! I love the self-paced study accommodates my learning disabilities and lessens the anxiety I have around reading and writing.

I appreciate your courses. The audio only keeps my attention better and I find that I take more notes and thus retain the information better. For this course in particular, I greatly appreciate the quality of exploration and description on the processes of supervision. This will better prepare me in managing a variety of content effectively.
Thank you!

Very informative and concise review of an important topics! Every new supervisor should take this course!

I have been working in the mental health field for 16 years, which includes practicing mental health therapy for 11 (licensed for almost 6 of those years). This is my first go at supervision and really appreciated this course. The division of topics in the audio and the supplemental handouts went well together and was very easy to navigate and follow. This has been a great introduction to my supervisory journey and feel I have the skills necessary to provide quality supervision. I would not consider myself an expert in this specific role but I look forward to continuing my education around supervision and I will definitely use the Therapist Development Center for ongoing learning and growth.

This course was informative and the 15 hours goes by quickly!! The experience and knowledge shared by both clinicians were very helpful and made me reflect on my own clinical skills. Take this supervision training, you will not be disappointed!!

So glad that TDC offers clinical supervision foundations! Love the format and trust that TDC will teach me what I need to learn in a format that makes sense to me. Thanks again!

This course gave me the information I need to feel competent as a clinical supervisor. It was very organized and straightforward. Thank you for this course!

I used TDC to study for my licensure, and coming back to the site for my supervisory course felt like home. Thanks, Amanda and Sharon!

Great program, really helpful and also helped me to re-sharpen my skills as a therapist. I love TDC, it's been really helpful and this program was no exception. Thank yhou!

In general, I really love how TDC accommodates to visual and auditory learning. Sharon was excellent and provided appropriate, real-life examples of working with supervisee's. I feel like this training has given me a solid foundation that I can build upon as a supervisor. Thank you again TDC for providing relevant and excellent training!!!

Great course! Easy to access, very relevant. and affordable. I felt course addressed a lot of questions I had in how to be a competent supervisor.