12 Hour Law & Ethics Course

12 Hour Law & Ethics Course
Price: $130.00

Our online continuing education course provides INSTANT ACCESS to: 

  • TDC’s signature combination of streaming audio lectures and meaningful, printable handouts

  • Practical information on California topics NOT covered in either version of Confidentiality and Client Access to Records, including fees, supervision, and treatment of minors

  • Practical strategies for minimizing legal and ethical risk in psychotherapy

  • Define and compare “standard of care,” “scope of practice,” and “scope of competence”

  • Discuss how nontraditional methods of therapy are viewed under the law

  • Explain substantive issues to address during informed consent process

  • Using model form, draft informed consent form for therapist’s own practice

  • Identify how dual relationships can be ethically problematic

  • List appropriate precautions regarding boundary-crossing activities

  • Discuss the four basic reasons to document psychotherapy

  • List the components of the CASE method for suicide assessment

  • Explain how to ethically terminate treatment with a client

  • Discuss why a professional will is important and what it must accomplish

  • Compare and contrast occurrence with claims-made insurance policies

  • Discuss California legal requirements on minors consenting to their own treatment

  • Explain when and how to use the “Caregiver’s Authorization Affidavit” 

  • Identify specific disclosures required for therapist’s licensure in all public communications

  • Discuss legal requirements regarding fees in California

  • Summarize the law relating to informed consent for telehealth

  • Identify how a licensed therapist might engage in the “unlicensed practice of psychotherapy”

  • Identify the precise California rules and procedures governing supervision

  • FREE model forms that are easily modifiable to suit your practice needs

  • Online post-test to solidify your knowledge 

  • A certificate of completion once you receive an 80% on the post-test. You must include both certificates of completion when submitting your application to the BBS.

  • This course provides 12 hours of CE 

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