LCSW Exam Prep: ASWB Clinical Level Exam

LCSW Exam Prep: ASWB Clinical Level Exam
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National LCSW Exam Study Program

Our 2020 Licensed Clinical Social Worker Exam Study System prepares social workers to pass the CLINICAL Level Exam administered by the ASWB. This LCSW Exam Study System is fully updated to reflect the content on the 2020 ASWB exam. Included in the online study system is access to:

  • An organized, step-by-step study plan that allows you to create a personalized, easy to follow schedule.  Many students waste valuable time trying to figure out what to study and often miss out on key topics OR end up over studying topics that are unlikely to show up on the exam.  Our plan keeps you focused and efficient - covering exactly what you need to know for the ASWB's Licensed Clinical Social Worker exam and nothing you don’t.
  • Online audio workshops with downloadable handouts – listen when you want and how much you want.  This means you can study on the go - in the car, on a walk, at the gym, or cleaning your house. The audio and visual study materials work for all types of learners.
  • Effective study tools for the ASWB Clinical Exam — Top 50 Topics Tested, Law & Ethics Quiz, DSM 5 Audio Lectures and Outline, Quick Studies and Quizzes for key terms and content that will appear on the LCSW test.
  • Clinical examples that help you learn instead of memorize. To pass this exam you need to understand how to approach the reasoning-based questions that make up the vast majority of the LCSW exam, including being able to identify what the key clinical concept of each question is. Our study program brings content alive with real life examples similar to the ones you will see on the LCSW exam.
  • Clear test-taking strategies you will use on exam day to figure out what they are asking and what the best answer is. Our study program for the national LCSW exam also focuses on anxiety management to keep you thinking clearly.
  • ASWB practice exams with over 750+ practice questions that include detailed audio or written rationales, & reflect the actual kinds of questions you will see on the ASWB Clinical Level Exam.  Our questions were written by social workers who passed with scores of 90% or higher on the ASWB Clinical Exam, so the questions accurately reflect what you will see on the test (unlike many other practice tests and programs you will find out there in the test prep world).
  • Experienced coaches available via email for questions and support who will always get back to you within two business days (but are often able to get back with you even sooner!).

The LCSW Exam Prep program takes roughly 57 hours of study time to complete once. We recommend studying between 2 and 12 weeks. Access to the program expires after 4 months, but it is FREE to extend or repeat the program. We are with you until you PASS the Licensed Clinical Social Work Exam! Once you sign up, you can access the program & digital resources immediately. Nothing is shipped - it is all online. Get started now to prepare yourself to PASS the ASWB Clinical Exam with confidence!

Still unsure if our LCSW Exam Prep is right for you?

Here at the Therapist Development Center, we understand that taking the ASWB Clinical Level Exam can be daunting. Many of you have jobs that are dependent on you passing this LCSW exam.  Others have been out of graduate school for a long time and feel out of touch with the broad amount of content tested on the ASWB Clinical Exam. Finding the right LCSW Exam Prep can be challenging with so many options - books, workshops, apps and other on-line options.

Many social workers come to us after using other LCSW study guides and failing, finding themselves feeling defeated or hopeless that they won't find the help they need. They report that they were overwhelmed with a pile of books, that the day long workshop only covered a small portion of the content tested, or that the online program they went through didn’t teach them how to answer the types of questions that showed up on their exams.  We totally get it. We created a robust study program for the ASWB Clinical Exam that offers multiple learning methods, so your brain can learn both the content you need to pass, and the strategy needed to break down the unique types of questions that show up on this exam. The good news is, once the social workers who previously failed started studying with us, they quickly found themselves with a renewed sense of confidence and were able to successfully PASS their ASWB Clinical Level Exams.


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Course Reviews

thank you for helping me pass my test.

I found that out of all the study material I've come across, TDC was the best in preparing me for this exam. The test questions provided by TDC were the most similar to the exam. Also, I found the coach feature most beneficial. Coach Heidi did really well at explaining the rational from a different perspective for questions I struggled with & her turnaround time was amazing! I would say for those who are looking for an effective but easy to read/follow material, go with TDC. It was definitely worth the shot for me.

I thank you all so much for creating this program! Not only did it prepare me for the exam, but it also taught me so much that I needed to know to work as a clinical social worker. I have worked in mental health for 10 years but the well rounded information was so valuable! I took the exam twice before, failing by 3 points and then by 1 point. I then decided to purchase TDC and I felt much more confident and prepared! Thanks again!

TDC really prepared me to answer the questions the way the ASWB wants you to. The practice tests were the most beneficial part, and it was helpful to take them more than once and we able to review. The study guides were also great as I would take them everywhere. The program really condensed the material into what you need to study, as it was overwhelming to figure out where to even begin.

I took my exam today and I passed on my first attempt! Thank you TDC!!! I graduated more than 10 years ago and to be honest it was very difficult to refocus on studying for many hours. I went through program 2-3 times and took and reviewed practice exams for many times. It's very true you learn something new the second time reviewing. I was very anxious today, but hard work paid off. Trust the program, trust yourself & you will sure to pass your exam! Thank you again TDC!!!

Very helpful, probably wouldn't have passed if it was not for TDC. Thank you TDC!

TDC made studying much less stress free. I dos not have to worry about what to study or feeling overwhelmed as I did when trying to study on my own. TDC lays out all the study materials in several different formats which appeal to all the learning styles. I am so thankful I decided to try out TDC

There are a lot of programs and study materials out there, but NOTHING COMPARES to TDC. The entire program is PHENOMENAL !!!!! I was able to study at my own pace and concentrate on areas that needed more attention. I would HIGHLY recommend this program to all social workers preparing for licensure. Don't waste your time, money, or energy on any other program !!!! This covers every topic on the actual exam and FULLY prepares you to PASS. The other suggestion I have is to REMEMBER to STOP AND BREATHE throughout the test. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL THE SOCIAL WORKERS WHO PUT THIS PROGRAM TOGETHER. With my dedication and perseverance with TDC I PASSED, actually I ROCKED IT !!!!! THANKS TDC!!!

I took my ASWB exam on 10/15/19 and am proud to say that I passed on my first try! I chose TDC's study program because I used it to successfully prepare for the Law & Ethics exam 2 years ago. I decided to stay with TDC for the ASWB exam because I liked the format, the different types of study materials, and similarity to the actual exam (for this exam, the question stems provided far less information than the study materials, but it was enough to tackle the questions in the same manner as the prep questions). I followed the program almost to the letter, including putting study times in my calendar, and I stuck to it. It was not my usual method of studying, but after taking so many years to get to this point, I was all in. I did not want to take this exam again! I went through the entire program twice in an 8-week period, and my exam was cancelled at the last minute due to power outages. UGH! I reset my brain and spent the next 5 days listening to the lectures once more. I took Amanda's advice and took her into the exam with me. If I was unable to immediately make a choice, I selected an answer I thought could be correct, marked the question and moved on. When I went back, I was able to break the questions down and feel more confident in my answers. I had the "AHA" moment on 2 questions and realized I had misread 3 others, so I changed those answers and I resisted the urge to change any others, which is a huge challenge for me. Trust your first instinct! Walk in to the exam with confidence and try to keep calm. I completed my exam in just over 2 hours, including a 10 minute restroom and water break at the halfway point. I strongly recommend taking that break. It helped me reset my brain, and I felt much calmer and more focused when I went back in. I am pleased and proud that I followed the course so closely and was able to pass on my first try! Thank you TDC!!! --Sincerely, Alicia James, LCSW

TDC was very helpful. I did not do as well as I would have liked on the practice exams that TDC offered. I found that the practice exams were extremely helpful and I learned a lot from them. Even though I did not do well on the practice exams I was still able to pass the real exam. I also appreciated the lectures offered through TDC and how they helped me be able to think correctly for the test. I highly recommend this program for those who struggle with test anxiety.

TDC is truly a wonderful program. It breaks down the test topics into manageable pieces. TDC did a great job helping me to learn what to look for during the exam and assist in getting to the right answers quickly. Highly recommend TDC.

I passed my LCSW exam thanks to this amazing program! Thank you, TDC!! I firmly believe that I would NOT have passed without using TDC! I loved that all the topics were broken down simply into understandable terms without feel like I was being too overwhelmed with information. It calmed my anxiety and greatly reduced my stress. I highly recommend TDC to anyone who needs to take the LCSW exam!! The lectures, quick studies handouts, quizzes, and all practice/mock exams were extremely helpful in my learning and studying process. I cannot stress enough how much it helped me pass the exam. TDC fully and adequately prepares you for the various topics the LCSW exam will test you on. Thank you so much!!!

I decided to purchase the TDC program after reading many of the amazing reviews from previous users. I had recently purchased the Pocket Prep, but didn't find it particularly useful. I felt overwhelmed in trying to devise a study strategy and actually took out some of my MSW textbooks, but that quickly felt futile. The TDC program quelled this sense of not knowing where to start and what to include in preparing for the exam. I felt such relief in the clear structure of the TDC program and enjoyed studying and learning along the way! I felt as prepared as I think I could have felt at the conclusion of my studying. I did the program twice, but only completed one of the full final mocks and then added the ASWB clinical practice test which I felt closely mirrored the types of questions in the TDC program. This furthered my sense of preparedness heading into the exam. I am so relieved and happy to have passed on my first attempt and I do thank the TDC program for this success!

I was so nervous to take the clinical exam. I had a few friends that had taken the exam and they all had their own opinions on how to best study for the program. I knew that I needed a structured study guide and I had hoped to find something with audio. When I came across this program and read the reviews, I knew that I needed to try this program. When I began reviewing the material, I felt so relieved to see the structure, audio, quizzes, and mock exams. I followed the study program over about 2 months and did "okay" in the final mock exams, scoring a 73 and 74. I was so nervous because the program recommended a 75 prior to taking the exam. I worked with Heidi to build my confidence and retook as many quizzes and reviews as I could. I took the exam on 10/26/19 and when I sat down and started felt a sense of confidence because I knew that I had done everything I could to pass and I applied the steps that the program suggests. I ended scoring well over what I needed and completed the exam in about 2 hours and 45 minutes. THANK YOU, TDC!

I have been in the field of Social Work or 20 years and took the LCSW exam 17 years ago and missed a passing score by two points. I was devastated. I have severe test anxiety and put off for many years due to the stress and anxiety of the thought about taking the test again. Then I decided I would finally take it again about a year ago or so. The feature that you can stay with TDC until you pass is super helpful. I had to delay taking the test due to some extenuating life circumstances more than once. In Sept 2019 I decide to face my fears and set a date for the test which was 11/1/19. I studied for 8 weeks leading up to the test. I was nervous that studying with TDC alone would not be enough. However, I did the entire study system as recommended including all of the mocks. You'll be surprised how much you can learn from your mistakes on the mocks. I went through the program twice and felt throughly prepared. I also utilized the coaching that they have available with questions I had. The response to questions was really prompt and the coach really helped me with choosing the right answer on the first/next questions. I am happy to say that I PASSED!! Every area on the real exam was covered by TDC. I was so pleased with this system. I have already recommended it to a friend who passed his test yesterday. Thank you so much to the entire TDC team. I am beyond grateful. I could not have done it without you.

I Passed ASWB-LCSW Clinical Examination on 11/4/2019. TDC system was very significant in keeping myself organized and study only what is required for the test. TDC gave clear understanding of the 50 topics. I loved the Macro topic which showed in the examination. I highly recommend using TDC study system and follow what Amanda would do for the first, best and least interventions questions. Keep up the great job TDC!

Thank you to TDC for offering this course to Veterans free of charge. I was already licensed in the state of CA since 2007, had been in the military as an Active Duty Social Worker from 2011-2017, and recently PCS'd with my husband to VA for his new duty station. Since CA did not require the National Exam until 2015 and all states do not offer reciprocity, as a military spouse, I felt discouraged about having to restudy and repay for licensure in another state, on top of the study materials for the ASWB exam. Ironically, 3 of my supervisees that I have had in the past few years, all took the TDC and passed all their required exams on the first try. Although I was upset about having to take the ASWB, I found that after almost two decades in Social Work, the TDC study course for the ASWB Clinical Exam was more comprehensive than any education course or study material I had previously completed. I actually enjoyed listening to all the modules and studying! Thank you again TDC for making this process just that much less stressful. The portion on how to think for the exam was life changing and I wish I had taken this course before I started college!

Thank you TDC! I was very intimidated by the thought of the exam. Your course helped me pass on the first attmept. The lectures were very helpful. The information was broken down in a way that wasn't overwhelming. I went into the exam feeling confident and ready. I would highly recommend this course!

I was overwhelmed by the amount of information I felt I needed to study to prepare for the test. I was having a difficult time figuring out how to start getting organized and my friend recommended this program. I really felt the program was helpful and straightforward. The Top 50 and Study Guides were really beneficial. The sample quizzes and tests were helpful although I didn't take the final two mock exams. The DSM 5 "What's the Difference" ended up being pretty helpful for the final exam. I passed on my first attempt! Thank you!

It was a great experience. I was confident going to take the test! I was encouraged by a friend who had used the program and passed the test. I am so grateful for TDC! I heard Amanda’s voice in my head helping me make the right reasoning decision ! Well worth the $$!