LCSW Exam Prep: ASWB Clinical Level Exam

LCSW Exam Prep: ASWB Clinical Level Exam
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Our 2019 LCSW Exam Study System prepares social workers to pass the CLINICAL Level Exam administered by the ASWB. Our 2019 LCSW Exam Study System is fully updated to reflect the new 2019 ASWB exam. Our online study system includes access to:

  • An organized, step-by-step study plan that allows you to create a personalized, easy to follow schedule.  Many people waste valuable time trying to figure out what to study and often miss out on key topics OR end up over studying topics that are unlikely to show up on the exam.  Our plan keeps you focused and efficient - covering exactly what you need to know for the ASWB's Licensed Clinical Social Worker Exam and nothing you don’t.
  • Online audio workshops with downloadable handouts – listen when you want and how much you want.  This means you can study on the go - in the car, on a walk, at the gym, or cleaning your house. The audio and visual study materials work for all types of learners.
  • Effective study tools for the ASWB Clinical Exam — Top 50 Topics Tested, Law & Ethics Quiz, DSM 5 Audio Lectures and Outline, Quick Studies and Quizzes for key terms and content.
  • Clinical examples that help you learn instead of memorize. To pass this exam you need to understand how to approach the reasoning-based questions that make up the vast majority of the LCSW exam, including being able to identify what the key clinical concept of each question is. Our program brings content alive with real life examples like the ones you will see on the ASWB Clinical Level Exam.
  • Clear test-taking strategies you will use on exam day to figure out what they are asking and what the best answer is.  Our strategies also focus on anxiety management to keep you thinking clearly.
  • ASWB practice exams with over 750+ practice questions that include detailed audio or written rationales, & reflect the actual kinds of questions you will see on the ASWB Clinical Level Exam.  Our questions were written by social workers who passed with scores of 90% or higher on the ASWB Clinical Exam, so the questions accurately reflect what you will see on the test (unlike many other practice tests and programs you will find out there in the test prep world).
  • Coaches available for questions and support who will always get back to you within two business days (but are often able to get back with you even sooner!).

Our LCSW Exam Prep/Clinical Exam Prep program takes 57 hours of study time to complete once. We recommend studying between 2 and 12 weeks. Access to the program expires after 4 months, but it is FREE to extend or repeat the program. We are with you until you PASS the Licensed Clinical Social Work Exam! Once you sign up, you can access the program immediately. Nothing is shipped - it is all on-line. Get started now to prepare yourself to PASS the ASWB Clinical Exam with confidence!

Still unsure if our LCSW Exam Prep is right for you?

Here at the Therapist Development Center, we understand that taking the ASWB Clinical Level Exam can be very daunting.  Many of you have jobs that are dependent on you passing this LCSW exam.  Others have been out of graduate school for a long time and feel out of touch with the broad amount of content tested on the ASWB Clinical Exam. Finding the right LCSW Exam Prep can be challenging with so many options - books, workshops, apps and other on-line options.

Many social workers come to us after using other LCSW study guides and failing, finding themselves feeling defeated and hopeless. They report that they were overwhelmed with a pile of books, that the day long workshop only covered a small portion of the content tested, or that the online program they went through didn’t teach them how to answer the types of questions that showed up on their exams.  We totally get it. We created a robust study program for the ASWB Clinical Exam that offers multiple learning methods, so your brain can learn both the content you need to pass, and the strategy needed to break down the unique types of questions that show up on this exam. The good news is, once the social workers who previously failed started studying with us, they quickly found themselves with a renewed sense of confidence and were able to successfully PASS their ASWB Clinical Level Exams.

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Course Reviews

I originally paid for AATBS practice tests. What a waste of money that was! The questions were ridiculous and contradicted each other. There was no logic to their correct answers. After a couple of weeks of studying with that system I was LESS CONFIDENT! I counted my losses and did my research, and ended up paying for therapist development center. They had excellent reviews. After just 3 weeks of studying the materials I felt confident I would pass. After one month of studying passed the exam with no problem on the first try! I got 127 correct answers out of 150 scored questions.

I first came across TDC in late 2016 and only wish I had come across it sooner..I can not thank Amanda, Heidi (my tutor) and the entire TDC team enough for finally helping me PASS the LCSW EXAM on my FIRST TRY w/the TDC program!!! Please, please believe me when they say this is all the info you will need to pass the exam! I know the heartache, frustration and stress studying for this exam creates, as I received my LMSW (then CSW) over 15 years ago, and, after having graduated 20 years ago, I finally have my clinical license.!!! There are many, many programs out there which I have tried, however TDC is the only program I came across which not only helped with content, but more importantly, prepared me to understand the different types of questions-fact, procedural, situational and application- and exactly how to process test information and think critically. As I heard Amanda's/Heidi's voices, I was able to line up questions quickly and effectively on the exam. In addition, and most importantly, the program entirely alleviated and dispensed any and ALL DOUBTS, INSECURITIES and ANXIETIES I had as I was able to go into the test feeling well-prepared (which I believe is the key to lessened anxiety and success)...A HUGE shout-out to the entire TDC family ...This program really worked for me and will work for you as well..remember it is never too late...and .NEVER, NEVER give up!!!

I am so thankful for your program. I went through the program twice while recovering from my lumbar spinal fusion surgery. I was well prepared and ready to take the clinical exam. I took it on December 27th, 2018 and passed! The examination was challenging and at times I felt like I may not pass. In those moments, I had to refocus and follow the guidance by TDC. I also did not go back and change any answer unless I had that "Ah hah" moment. That was great advice. I have already recommended TDC program to my colleagues at work. Again, thank you for everything! As of January 14th, 2019, my LCSW License is official with the California BBS!

This was a great source of information!! I was able to feel confident and organized with all the information I had to absorb. Thank you for helping me pass my LCSW exam in NY state!!

TDC was so easy to use and follow. The program uncomplicated the whole exam process for me and helped me to really focus on what to study and how to get into the right mindset. I felt well prepared for the exam even though I did not have as much time as I would have liked to prepare for it. I felt so relieved passing the exam at 9 months pregnant. Baby is here and I can be fully present with her during this special time. Thank you TDC!

I passed the LCSW clinical exam! I remained positive and trusted the process and completed every single step Amanda and her team recommended. I think what really helped was the fact the Amanda’s material is anything but dull and listening to audio recordings made up the majority of the study prep which made it easy to bring along on my long drives to work. Thanks for developing such a wonderful, thorough and comprehensive program!

I came to the US when I was 17 so English is my second language. Since I moved here I always felt like I had to work twice harder than everyone else to overcome the language barrier, so I was really anxious about the exam. The course took care of my anxiety with it’s helpful tips on how to prepare for the exam and guide me through what I had to study so I wouldn’t get overwhelmed. The mock test made me feel confortable about doing a four hour test, and knowing that TDC will stay with me until I pass made me confident that even if I didn’t pass I could continue to try. I’m also diabetic so the recommendations about getting extra time and be able to bring snacks where life savers. I followed every recommendation and passed. I have recommended this program to many, many friends because it’s worth every penny.

I'm so excited! To God be the Glory, I PASSED on 1/10/19. It's been a long journey but TDC stay with my me. When I first used TDC my points went up 17 pts but wasn't enough for the exam I had. I use other materials but at the end my foundation was TDC and I came back to the program and insight from my previous learnings were amazing. When reviewed lecture I learn something new and gain confirmation. And I'm to say through the anxiety I breath, I prayed, I had my scripture and I kept speaking positively. I know this stuff and I'm going to pass. It's I change my date of the exam from 1/4 to complete the last to Mocks Heidi my coach suggested and I remember I'm glad I did because I gain insight from the mocks as well. Thank you TDC family

I was so nervous to commit to taking the exam. Initially, I told myself that I wasn’t ready so I kept delaying taking the exam. Once I finally committed to signing up for the exam, I listened to the audios to and from work and reviewing the quick studies any moment I had. I believe with the help of TDC, I felt well prepared when I finally took the exam. Thank you for the help along this journey.

This was a great study guide!

I am a social worker who has been in the field for 2 years after receiving my MSW. I had procrastinated signing up for the clinical exam until it was the last thing standing between me and my LCSW. I was worried I had been out of school for too long and that I wasn't up to speed with terminology, theory, DSM, ethics, everything! TDC helped me not only feel better prepared, but far more organized in my approach when it came to studying, preparing, and thinking about the exam. I also really appreciated the different test taking strategies, as well as the variety of materials offered. Because of this, I was confident when I walked in to take the exam, and for that, I am so thankful for TDC!

I PASSED!!!! The feeling you get when you see that on the screen is overwhelming. I would not have been prepared if it wasn’t for these study materials. Thanks to Therapist Development Center for the amazing study plans, continued extensions and overall structured materials that allowed me to pass on the first try! I started the study materials way in advance, hit a road bump with my first request to sit for the exam and TDC stuck with me and didn’t hesitate to give me extensions. If you work for the program, the program will work for you!

This study system is the only one I used. After hearing about it from co-workers, I thought that it sounded too good to be true. But after hearing about it time and time again, I thought there's no way a study system could have this kind of reputation and NOT be beneficial. So I took the test and passed it on the first try.

I am thrilled to have TDC! Everything about this study program was perfection from the lectures to the quick exams to the mock exams - each portion of the exam was precisely and efficiently broken down to empower and prepare me for the examination. I truly felt like I had the voices of the instructors in my ear on the day of the exam, which helped me to stay calm, present and fully prepared to take on the exam in it's entirety. I completed the entire series in 3 weeks, which I know might be fast for some people, but was completely manageable for me and showed me exactly what I needed to do (in order) to feel confident for the exam. Thank you so much, TDC!

I am glad I chose this program because it was rigorous and that makes you well prepared.

TDC provides a wealth of knowledge.

I’m a mom of two kids under 4 and I needed structure to study because my time was limited. TDC helped me focus and broke down the questions so that I could understand better. I have bad test anxiety and I waked into the test not as anxious as I usually do and felt confident throughout the test. Thank you so much for helping break things down so I could remember and not read too much into the question.

Great program! Super thorough and organized!

After failing the first time by 5 points using other materials I decided to take the jump and buy TDC. It was the best decision I made. It prepared me to really learn how to answer the questions and apply my reasoning skills. It helped me feel confident and equipped to take the exam and PASS!

This study guide was absolutely amazing. I felt confident and prepared