Florida Social Work License

Florida Social Work License

Earn Your Florida Social Work License

The Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, and Mental Health Counseling is the governing body in which candidates can received their Florida Social Work License through. We recommend visiting their website here, or calling them at (850) 488-0595. It is always best to check with the Board directly to make sure you’re headed in the right direction to becoming a Florida LCSW, but here are the steps in an easy to follow format.

One thing to note as you finish your MSW in Step 1, is candidates must complete 24 semester hours or 32 quarter hours in theory of human behavior and practice methods as course in clinical oriented services, including a minimum of one course in psychopathology.

Courses NOT considered to be clinically oriented are:

  • Policy
  • Administration
  • Organization
  • Communities

Also during your MSW program, candidates should have completed a supervised field placement which they provided clinical services directly to clients.

STEP 2 - Qualify for the Florida Social Work License

  • Part of the Florida LCSW requirements is completing two (2) years of post-master supervised experience under the supervision of a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW).
  • Before beginning your supervised hours, you must first register with the Florida Board as a Registered Clinical Social Worker online here.
  • Next you will need to find a supervisor and put together a supervision plan.
  • The supervised hours must consist of:
    • At least 1,500 hours providing psychotherapy face-to-face with clients for the profession for which the license is sought, and shall accrue no less that 100 weeks.
    • At least 100 hours of supervision per 1,500 hours of psychotherapy face-to-face with clients provided by the intern.
      • At least one (1) hour of supervision per fifteen (15) hours of psychotherapy, with a minimum of one (1) hour of supervision every two (2) weeks
    • If the applicant obtains group supervision, each hour of group supervision must alternate with an hour of individual supervision.
      • Individual supervision is defined as one supervisor supervising no more than two (2) interns and group supervision is defined as one supervisor supervising more than two (2) but a maximum of six (6) interns in the group.

STEP 3 - Get Florida Board Approval to Take the Clinical Exam

  • Once you’ve completed your supervised hours, the next step is applying for approval to take the exam by the Florida Board. The application can be found here.
    • The Florida LCSW Board application has a $100 application fee and a $105 licensing fee. So don’t forget to include your check.

STEP 4 - Register and Start Studying!

Once you pass… CONGRATULATIONS! You’re now a Florida LCSW! Best of luck on an inspiring and impactful career.