I am amazed at how well the strategies this program provides work! I passed both SWE and CVE the first time with just TDC! Coaches Asya & Robin were accessible with all questions I had via email and my coaching session with Robin 3 days before my test helped boost my confidence. The CVE was just like the practice exams on the CVE study materials--I felt confident moving through the test with both my knowledge and my strategy. I have already recommended TDC to at least 20 people and will continue to do so. This is THE BEST program out there and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to pass each test with confidence. THANK YOU TDC!!!


I used AATABS for my first test and I took it 4 times and finally passed.  I still did not feels like they prepared me for the test.  I started studying using AATABS for the second test and felt lost.  My co-worker was on the same boat, but decided to abandon AATABS and decided to go with the Therapist Development Center.  She passed on the first try.  She promised me that the study materials and lectures will really prepare me.  I waited it out and finally gave up on AATABS and ordered TDC's materials.  The first time around I scored 70%! Then 90%. On the test day I felt 95-98% confident the other part was just the nerves.  But TDC helped with that too. Thank you TDC you are awesome!!!!!!


I was dreading taking this exam, because the thought of waiting another 6 months to get licensed if I failed was hanging over me like a dark cloud. I took it this morning and passed on the first try! I was able to weed through all the extra material in each question and figure out just what was being asked. I'm not going to say it was easy, but I finished with plenty of time and felt fairly confident in my answers. Thank you!


I appreciated the extra help; when I had a question it was answered quickly. The coach even called me when I was panicky a week before the test. I was grateful I had extra juice and fruit for the second half of the test. I used TDC's strategies and I passed. THANK YOU. Now on to test two.


I used only TDC to pass both MFT exams and would make the same decision if I had to do it all over again! I loved how easy and concise the study process was. The test taking strategies were as valuable as the content part of studying! Coaches were also very helpful with any questions I had about logistics or test material, and they were always very quick to respond! Thanks TDC!!


The process of studying with TDC was most valuable in giving me the confidence I sorely needed on test day. I walked in with a clear head and straight-ahead strategies and that made a world of difference. Also, along the way, I believe I developed as a therapist as I learned what the BBS wants me to know. In that regard, it's sharpened my skills as a clinician.


Besides brushing up on the content of the exam, the preparation materials assisted me in HOW (a strategy) to answer the questions on the exam.  The exam would have been mind melting without it!  Thank you!


I loved how the material is not overwhelming, and I was WELL equipped for the exam!  Thank you!


I just want to show my gratitude in all the positive words and the great materials you have provided through my journey; without you, your staff, and the program this was not possible for me. I had studied GG but your program was far superior. Thank you again for all your support.


Using TDC kept my pre-test anxiety very low. My confidence continued to build as I went through the well-organized and thorough material. At the end of the process I had the felt experience of "I am ready and I can do this!" It was also extremely helpful in managing my anxiety during the test to have been told that I will feel like I'm not passing during the exam, because that was indeed the way I felt. I was able to set aside that scary thought and keep leaning in and "attacking the test" with confidence and gusto. I am so grateful for the TDC program. Thank you for your expertise and support!


TDC completely prepared me to pass the written exam. TDC techniques were invaluable. As difficult as this exam was I felt completely prepared for the exam and felt TDC behind me the entire way saying WHAT WOULD YOU DO FIRST. Also, TDC was right --I felt like I had not passed--BUT I DID!!!!! Very difficult exam but COULD NOT HAVE SUCCEEDED WITHOUT TDC. THANK YOU TDC!!


I loved using the TDC materials. It felt like I was taking a class for studying, and I didn't have to figure out "what" to study because it was all laid out for me in an easy lecture, worksheet, and practice test formula. I actually enjoyed the studying process instead of being completely overwhelmed by it. Thank you, TDC, for helping me pass my first MFT exam!


I very much enjoyed the study material, which was well organized and contained. Apart from studying for the exam, TDC's materials helped me to deepen into my responsibilities as a therapist.  I felt like I had the skills and knowledge to pass this exam.


I am so grateful for TDC's preparation for the exam. The important strengths were: making friends with the exam (i.e., trusting myself and the questions themselves), managing anxiety and expectations, being prepared for the experience itself rather than memorizing a bunch of content. A friend sent me the AATBS materials, which I didn't end up using, but it was amazing to compare the amount of overwork I would have done had I used them. To say it again, I am so grateful!


Thanks so much to TDC for developing this!  And thank you to the team for the back-up support!  Another happy client for your growing list :)


I kept hearing Amanda's voice in my head, coaching me through the exam!  It worked. This is a very helpful program and I am really glad that I used it to study. Thank you!


Hands down these study materials were exceptional and helped me pass the test. Amanda's voice was with me the whole time and helped me finish strong. I used all the strategies and I'm so grateful to you TDC for spending the time to really put something together that was so organized, thorough, thoughtful and supportive. I feel proud of myself and learned a lot about my own thought patterns around test taking, which is invaluable.


Wow! I passed! I was stunned I passed. I knew the test would be hard, but not that hard. I used all the techniques in the study materials, and can definitely say I am glad I did not spend hours memorizing information that would not be tested. It IS a reasoning based test, and I was exhausted at the end. It is true, you will feel like you are failing while taking the test. I can say with confidence that the strategies helped prepare me for how to handle the questions and how to reason through them quickly enough to not be drowning without a life raft during the test. I am starting to study for the 2nd test today and feel like if I can pass that 1st hard test in one try, I can pass the 2nd test in one try as well. Thank you Amanda & TDC.


There are so many benefits to using Therapist Development Center to prepare for the licensure exam. Studying can be overwhelming but TDC gives you a schedule for studying. I felt I knew all of the information that was tested. There were no terms or questions that I had never heard of. The main challenge was choosing the best of the 2-3 correct answers (which the program prepared me for). Overall I know I would not have passed without the help of TDC. Thank you!


This program is very well designed. The materials presented were adequate for passing, not too much unnecessary details. The strategies for taking the exam were right on, just what was needed to pass. I really liked the availability of help that was immediate and though I did not need the coaching, it was nice to know that was possible. After becoming disappointed with the other exam prep companies, TDC is far superior.


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